Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

19 Apr

This has been a great week. Our season has winded down and I feel like I can finally breathe! I have enjoyed a couple happy hours, time with my fam and some fun around the pool.

I love me some World of Beer. Especially the one at Lake Eola. This big guy decided to join the party and out of no where, the Lake Eola Swan People (yes, there is such a thing) popped up, picked him up and brought him back to the lake.

Some of my favorites <3

He is getting so big!

I love watching them play together <3 <3

Pretty sure Hud doesn’t realize that that ice cream is fake

I was really excited to head to Monkey Rum’s bottle release. Chris and I have been watching Zane Lamprey and his shows since he started and we love him!

I picked up a bottle of Toasted Coconut and although I am not a huge Rum fan anymore, holy crap is it good!

I felt really bad that Chris couldn’t make its so I asked if he would sign it for him. We had a quick conversation about Chris being awesome and staying at the house with the kids so he was more than happy to help me out.

I picked the kids up a bit early on Friday and was able to watch K in the middle of her dance class. I distracted her a bit but she loved having me there :)

He loves to tackle and crawl all over you… I don’t mind the snuggles :)

Popcorn and movie with Dad!

Saturday came which meant time for another soccer game

She wasn’t as scared this time around so I am hoping she just keeps improving throughout the season.

Sunday funday at the pool!

Me and my mini!

Lazy afternoon consisted of legos, toe painting, hair braiding, thunderstorm and tacos.

Hope you had a great week as well!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

14 Apr

Back to swim lessons! Kyler was so scared in the beginning of the week but back to swimming great by the end. Thank goodness for Heidi!

These 2 had their 1st soccer game.

There were some tears from Kyler and a lot of pep talks but she finally got out there!

After her game, I headed into work for the last Magic home game of the season! It also happened to be Bring Your Own Cup Day at 7 Eleven

Yup, that happened

And another Magic season in the books!

Love my silly boy!

It was a busy week but we are looking forward to a nice and easy one and I am looking forward to SUMMER!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

5 Apr

K Bug had her first dentist appointment this week and it went great! No cavities!

She also had her first day of soccer too. She definitely wasn’t too into but I hear it’s normal and she will warm up to it.

Regardless, her good pal Kenley is on the team so all is well :)

DIY Network’s Man Caves was on the scene at work this past week. Pretty cool to see the behind the scenes of this show!

Man Caves

Family walk/bike ride/stroll

A boy and his truck

Picking up his buddy Crosby along the way

The Beast had his 1 year check-up Friday…. 32.5 inches tall, 34.4 pounds, and all is well!

The Google Maps car followed me into my neighborhood… Not going to lie, I geeked out for a minute

Friday, Chris and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. It was Good Friday so I had off work and Chris took a half day. After Hud’s doctor’s appointment, we dropped him off and headed out to Disney
I remember when we got married we said we were going to celebrate our 5 years in Europe. I never understood why people, especially in Orlando, would spend their anniversary at Disney World. I mean, it’s for families and such. Fast forward to our life now…. and yup, that’s us. Europe? Would love too but um yeah, not in the cards right now :) Someday! And hey….we only had half a day, are going on a couple of trips at the end of this month and we already pay for Disney passes soooo it worked :) Plus, we have something special planned for a few weeks from now :)

First Stop, Hollywood Studios

We hit up the “big kid” rides that we normally don’t get to do.

After a few rides (and a few drinks), we headed over to California Grill on top of the Contemporary Hotel

Selfies upon selfies :)

The sunset was beautiful!

Dinner was good! It doesn’t look like a lot but there is a lot of food in there.

After dinner, we headed out to the terrace to watch the Magic Kingdom Fireworks <3

After, we made an impromptu trip over to Magic Kingdom.

After a couple rides, we hit up Cheesecake Factory on the way home and picked up our wedding cake. Chris gets it for me every anniversary <3

The next day, we headed back to the Island, picked up the kids and hit the beach! Hud has only been once and he was like 4 months old so I was excited to bring him back. He loved it!

Beach beauty

At first, K wasn’t sure about the water… Hud loved it :)

This helped her get going! Poor Hud wanted to go so bad.

My dude

After a bit, she was fearless and wanted to ride some waves

Surfer girl!

He was a mess…. he didn’t mind one bit either.

My boys <3

After the beach, we decorate Easter eggs… not my favorite thing to do

Easter morning and tearing into their baskets!

Easter egg hunt in Grandma and Poppa’s backyard

Hud’s first egg


Happy Easter from Kyler!

My babes… they love each other <3

It was a BUSY week and another one on the horizon…. we had a great anniversary and a great Easter…hope you had a great holiday too!!!

Superheroes Unite! // Hudson’s 1st Birthday!

30 Mar

We threw Hudson a Superhero themed party for his big day. It was such a cute party to put together. Unlike previous years with Kyler, I had zero time to really put anything together ahead of time. I created the invitation 2 months ahead of time and then really didn’t think much of the party until a week out. Oops.

I printed the invitations out via Catprint.com and they turned out great! If you need an online printer, they are great!

Superhero Invite by This Grey House

Hudson’s superhero backdrop and dessert table.
Blue wallpaper, foam board, buildings made from boxes and tissue poms! The garland was purchased from Amazon.

Superhero Party by This Grey House


Part of his birthday gift were the Fisher Price Little People Superheros…. they made for great decorations too!
Dessert plates from Target

Superhero Party by This Grey House

His AMAZING cake and cupcakes were from Sweet By Holly!

Superhero Party by This Grey House

I mean look at those things! All buttercream and all delicious.

Superhero Cupcakes.... This Grey House

The most perfect Smash cake. Spiderman and Captain America!

Superhero Smash Cake//This Grey House

Batman and Superman (On the back, not pictured)

Superhero Smash Cake//This Grey House

Happy Birthday indeed!
Happy Birthday napkins from Amazon, Itty Bitty Spiderman from Hallmark, and metal H from from Michaels

Superhero Party by This Grey House

The spread. I opted to not go overboard with food considering the party started at 2 in the afternoon.
Superhero tablecloth and red, blue and yellow ribbon banner from Target

Superhero Party by This Grey House

Superhero Party by This Grey House

Cabinets are a great way to include some pictures. Hud’s own comic book :)

Superhero Party by This Grey House

I love to cover up the art in the living room and include it as part of the party decorations!
Cardboard cutouts (6 in total) from Amazon, yellow tissue poms from Party City.

Superhero Party by This Grey House

I created a board to display all of Hudson’s monthly pictures and printed it out from Office Depot.

Superhero Party by This Grey House

On the other side, I created his 1st birthday Superhero Stats :)

Superhero Party by This Grey House

Smash cake area!

Superhero Party by This Grey House

Chris’ Batman Lego set was perfect decor for the table.

Superhero Party by This Grey House

Super “Heros”

Superhero Party by This Grey House

The birthday boy!

I just love him to pieces!

I bought mine and Kyler’s shirt from Target and Hudson and Chris’ shirt from Old Navy.

Love my super family
The masks are from Target

Big sis <3

The dogs got to hang out this time


Checking out his cake….

I think he likes it

Happy guy!

Hudson Smash!

He loved the cake and may have loved playing in it more :)

Messy boy, time for a bath!

The aftermath

Hudson with Grandma and Poppa!

Hudson with Nana and P’Pa!

Time for presents!

It was beautiful out so we spent the day outside.

Hudson and his pal Crosby

It was an awesome day filled with friends and family. I think Hudson enjoyed himself :) Can’t believe my baby boy is ONE now!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

29 Mar

What. A. Week.

Before I jump in, I forgot to update ya on last week…. here it is quickly :)

Impromptu St. Patty’s Day Happy Hour with some of my favs

My crazy mini me

Target kills me. I want it all.


Okay so back to this week.

It started off with working a little Fleetwood Mac. Just me and Alexis burning the midnight oil :)

Just borrowing bis sis’ cart

Lucky Kyler got to hang at the beach with Grandma

We took in a Magic game as a family Friday night!

Hudson LOVED it!

We also inducted Shaq into the Magic Hall of Fame too. Great night!

We celebrated our boy’s 1st birthday yesterday!!!

He loved his cake! Many more pictures to come on this!

After his party, I rushed to the arena as I had to work our Gala.

My peeps!

Our Gala is Black Tie and Tennies, thus the tennies :)

Today, for the big guy’s birthday, we hit up Epcot and oh man, was it gorgeous out!

Afterwards, we had some dinner and celebrated some more. Don’t mind Hud, just chewing away on a crayon.

It has been a great week celebrating Hudson and spending time with Chris’ parents! I am exhausted and am looking forward to April 12th :) That is the day after the last Magic game and my life will finally slow down a little!

Hudson: Twelve Months/One Year/52 Weeks!

29 Mar

Happy Birthday Hudson!!!!! Hudson is 1 year old today!

As you know, Hudson continues to be my little sweetie…. and such a FLIRT! He makes eyes at all the girls and the smile he gets on his face is just ridiculous! I mean I can’t blame the ladies for loving him…. just look at him! <3 He is all about moving right now. He doesn’t sit still for a minute. He climbs, crawls, pushes, smashes and throws just about everything and anything. He LOVES to play ball and that seems to be his favorite right about it. He is also start to “chase” us which he thinks is hilarious.

We tried mashed potatoes again the other day and he actually liked them! I think it was a texture thing and maybe he is over it? He still loves his steak, broccoli, yogurt, and applesauce. He gets by just fine with his 2 teeth. That, however, is about to change but 2 more teeth just broke through so I am thinking within the next month, he will have a few more.

He is still taking his time in walking. He cruises around really well and flies when he pushing something. He can walk pretty good holding onto one hand of ours so I think it will be pretty soon. I also think that when he does figure out the balance piece, he will be quick. Ugh, he gets into enough now, I am sure that is only going to get worse.

He LOVES to play ball right now. He has a pretty good arm too :) He also LOVES his big sister Kyler. He thinks she is so funny and has a good time messing around with her. Which he does… already. I think those 2 will be BFF and fight like cats and dogs all at the same time.

We head to the doctor for his 1 year check-up Friday but last time we checked he was right around 25 pounds. He also measured at 32.25 inches last time at the doctor so I will be eager to see if he has grown at all. He is wearing mostly 18-24 month clothes but can fit into a lot of 2T as well. His feet grew recently so we are in size 6’s now. Big guy!

I am so sad our monthly/weekly photos are over, however, I am not sure how much longer I could have kept this up. He does not cooperate at all and it is so hard to get a good picture!

Hudson, Happy Birthday sweet boy!!!!!! We love you!

Hudson: 51 Weeks

22 Mar

AHHH only one more weekly update left as this one. Hud the Stud is one week away from his birthday and I am in denial. He is cutting 2 teeth right now and his nose is running like crazy.

He. Does. Not. Sit. Still…… EVER. He gets into everything  you don’t want him to get into and he is determined. You can hide whatever you don’t wnat him to have he is hunts for it! He has picked up a few new words in the last week or so. He is now saying bye-bye, uh-oh, and I swear he tried to say Kyler today. He is waving hi and bye, making silly noises with his mouth and blowing kisses…. my favorite <3

My sweet guy, only one more week of being a baby!


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