Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

28 Jun

Good-bye Happy Hour for my dear friend and co-worker Natalie.

After that, we followed up with a girls dinner on Park Ave.

This girl….she is just a mess at bedtime. She sure does love sleeping with her stuffed animals, books, shoes, or whatever else she decides to put into bed at night.

Since we were traveling on Father’s Day, I wanted to make it up to Chris so we picked Wednesday night to celebrate him again. He loves his pizza so we made homemade pizza for him

Relaxing after school. Kyler seems so old to me now :(

Although I couldn’t hang out long, I was super excited to hang out with my girls and celebrate Marissa’s 30th!

Loved seeing this little guy too <3

We threw Natalie a going away bash. I am sure going to miss having this girl sit next to me everyday.

Good times with good friends!

Today, we took in a Rays/Red Sox game.

She is so good to her baby bro.

Hudson enjoyed his first baseball game!

And they even got to see the rays!

It was a jam packed weekend and I am really looking forward to a much more relaxing weekend coming up. Here is to a short work week!

Our Family Vacation to the Bahamas

23 Jun

We just got back from a 4 night/5 day stay in the Bahamas and it was so. much. fun. I have been to Nassau several times but they were only for a day and all while vacationing on a cruise ship. My parents and I had been looking at places to go this summer but hadn’t decided on anything. After our cruise in May, I pitched the idea of going and actually staying at the Atlantis. I have always wanted to stay at the property rather than just visit it for a few hours. After some research and talking to some friends that visit there often, we were booked for June!

For those of you that don’t know much about the Atlantis, it is comprised of 6 different parts; Beach Tower, Coral Tower, Royal Towers, Harborside Marina, The Cove, and The Reef. We opted for The Reef as they had 2 bedroom suites that were equipped with a full kitchen, perfect for the kiddos. They are, after all, resident style rooms. It also shared a private beach and pool with The Cove so it was going to be less crowded and more upscale then other parts of the resort.

The Reef was beautiful. Our room was great! They gave us a crib for Hudson, there was a pull out bed for Kyler, and a king size bed for us. We had our own bathroom and balcony. There was also a main living room and kitchen, and another king size bedroom and bathroom off the living area. It is the furthest tower from the action, however, with the constant shuttles running, we never really found it to be an issue.

The view from our room

We stopped at the grocery store on the way in and stocked up on breakfast and lunch items. We also brought a ton of snacks and dry items with us. Food at the Atlantis is absolutely absurd in pricing. We fully expected it to be expensive, however, it really is just silly. To combat that, the kids had breakfast and lunch in the room and we just snacked on small things until dinner. This helped save some serious $$.

The service was great as well. I had read some not so flattering reviews online, however, our experience was great! Everyone was super friendly and helpful. I am not sure if it was because we stayed at The Reef or what but we were happy!

Shuttle ride!

The kids LOVED the kid water area. It had 4 slides just her size and we spent a lot of time there.

One of my favorite things about the place is their lazy aka not so lazy river. I was so happy that Kyler was big enough to go down it and she loved it!

The pools are great and the kids loved them all!

Big Hud the Stud!

We spent more time on the beach than I thought we would. The beach was covered in tiny little shells so that kept Kyler busy and Hudson LOVES to play in the sand!

The Marina Village was a fun place to go at night for dinner and ice cream.

We usually walked back to the room for dinner and made stops along the way.

We would stop along the way and look at the flowers and pick up the nice ones that fell off the tree

The aquariums at the Atlantis were another highlight for the kids

With a full casino, there was plenty to do at night. It just so happened that I had co-workers staying at the resort down street at the same time we were there so we were able to meet up one night!

Another dear friend and former co-worker of mine actually works down there in paradise so it was so much fun to catch up with her!

We had a dolphin experience included in our stay so my mom and I decided to do it and Kyler was free so that was a bonus. We suited up (even little Hud!) and were ready to go. Hudson was so tired already that he was just too fussy to go. He watched from the beach and seems perfectly fine with that :)

After 5 days in paradise, we headed back home. We loved Atlantis and had a blast. I would definitely go back and we agreed that the length of stay we did was perfect. It didn’t fly by but we were not bored one bit. It was great to have my parents there as my kids are obsessed with them. They would watch the kids and Chris and I would run off, do some of the water parks, then take turns hanging with the kiddos in the pool. The weather was absolutely PERFECT and had sunshine the entire time. We never left the resort as we didn’t feel as though we needed to. Atlantis, thanks for living up to the expectations and hope to see you again soon!!!!



Weekend Updates with The Jenkinsons

23 Jun

Wow have I been slackin’!!!! I have been SO busy I haven’t had time to blog…. I haven’t posted in over 2 weeks so I will try and catch up.

A) I need this Romper in my size B) I mean, look at this little model C) Long hair don’t care

We have been poolin’ it quite a bit this summer. I mean it is 100+ degrees here so why not?

Look at this happy face!

This little guy is so funny. When he is sleepy he grabs the pillow, puts it on the floor and lays down on it.

We had a fun family day at the beach 2 weekends ago.

Time for snow cones!

Cousin fun!

All the little cousins!

We headed to the Bahamas for a fun family vacation. Hudson did great on his first plane trip!

We had 5 days in the sun and it was perfect!

A LOT more pictures to come soon :)

We landed late Sunday night and headed straight back to work on Monday. Happy Tuesday!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

7 Jun

Kyler’s 1st soccer season officially came to an end. She got her very 1st trophy!

The Little Monsters

We had a party at the splash pad with her teammates. Cupcakes were there, of course.

I love these 2 crazy kiddos

We hit up Disney on Saturday and it turned into being a tour of the princesses

Sweet Hudson went along with it but didn’t seem to mind!

We met Mickey too.

It was a PACKED day but we still managed to do a few things… Kyler participated in the dance parade


We bought K an autograph book to start collecting her favorite signatures in.

Having so much fun on the teacups

Hudson is a climber. He gets into everything and on everything and I know it’s only the beginning

Just heading home from Kenley’s pool party

Fun weekend with the kiddos, as always. Even though they are both tough right now (Kyler going into a new “stage” and Hudson is MOBILE), I wouldn’t have it any other way :)

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

31 May

Dinner with Kyler are so entertaining

Hud and Kyler are basically twins 2 years apart.

Just feeding her brother some cheese at Publix

Saturday morning, we had Kyler’s last soccer game of the season

Afterwards, we had a little pool party with some friends

Hudson had a great time after his nap!

Fun times by all!

My twin!!

My little fishy

Food Trucks with friends!

Great weekend hanging by the sun, getting things done around house, and relaxing with some sick kiddos. Hopefully we were able to sleep away the colds today so they are ready to go tomorrow!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

25 May

This was a pretty fantastic week. I had a ton of time off from work which was much needed.

Shopping with Momma and Grandma. Poor guy was a champ and hung in there.

Kyler’s soccer game was on Friday night this week due to the holiday. Kyler only really participates when the coach asks her to throw in the ball or kick if off.

Outside of that, she is usually doing this.

Yep, just laying there in the middle of the game.

We started to look for a new dishwasher because ours just flat out sucked. I know great sales happen around Memorial Day so we were on the look out. Right before we were about to purchase one, we hit up Best Buy to look one more time at them in person. We stumbled across one in the same brand we wanted but was a few models nicer, and it was CHEAPER! Turns out, they changed their handle design so the floor models had to go. 40% off.  We couldn’t pass it up so we purchased it right then and there.

Chris installed it the next more and of course Bug had to help.

Saturday afternoon we played in the pool and cooked out with some friends. We let PB & J walk around the yard and the kids liked that. I am sure the turtles did too.

Sweet Hud!

Both of the kids LOVE the doggies

We had plans to go on my parents boat on Sunday but turns out the river was just too rough. Thankfully, my mom was able to catch us as we were just about the door. We decided to get changed and head to Magic Kingdom. I knew it would be busy but my thought was we could do a couple of rides and be back for dinner. That also meant we had to break down and get Kyler her pass. She was SO excited for get her own ticket to Disney. I am sure she will be thrilled when her MagicBand comes in the mail.

Dumbo was the first stop. It is so fun to watch Hudson there now. He points at everything and loves the rides.

It’s A Small World. Kyler now knows the world so she insisted we ride on it.

With Tigger!

Hudson surprisingly likes the characters. He liked to grab their noses.

Hudson just hanging on by himself!

This video just cracks me up.

I got to meet this little guy today! So happy to meet Bryson!

We had a great long weekend just playing by the pool and getting things done around the house. Another great kickoff to the summer!

Happy Memorial Day! Thinking of all the brave men and women that served this country and paid the ultimate sacrifice. God Bless them and their families!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

17 May

I’ts been about 2 weeks since I updated you last so I will pick up where I left off.

The Monday following the cruise, I had a hair appointment. Kyler insisted that she go with me so I figured why not. She ended up getting her first haircut!

She loves being “twinsies” with Mommy

After soccer cruising around Publix

Came back to work to this…. an empty desk… think they were trying to tell me something? Nah, just another birthday prank :)


Soccer games are turning into this….. ALL ATTITUDE

The fish is back!

We have been getting in a lot of pool time!

Mommy’s cowboy

Just LOVE this face

K LOVES her cousin Emma

Happy kiddos! (Chris included)

My beauty

My buddy…. such a funny little guy

We loves selfies… No really, Kyler asks for them all the time

Fun times at work!!!

Off to school! Hud the Stud is catching up to big sis!

This guy LOVES to play ball

This weekend consisted of LOTS of pool time and getting the backyard cleaned up

New plants!

This has already been a crazy busy start to the summer and I can’t imagine it slowing down. We are having a blast with the pool and enjoying the sunshine!!


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