Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

30 Aug

2 weeks packed into one post!

Soccer started back up! Sad news- her old team moved up but good news is she is still with Kenley!

Chris is taking a prep class that will get him ready to take his AC contractor’s licence…. yikes!

This has been our view for the last few weeks…..

The kiddos stayed at my parents house Friday and we took advantage and had a little date night at one of my favorite places!

4am came quickly. Up and at the airport by 5:30am for my 6:45am flight to San Francisco…. but this view… oh so worth it!

We spent the day walking by the bay, enjoying the sunny, 70 degree breezy weather.

We had lunch at Boudin and of course had to get the sourdough bread bowl <3

The bread is so cute! Definitely not a sentence I ever thought I would say :)

Later that evening, we had dinner at an Italian place and my dinner was probably one of the best I have had in a while. Plate of spaghetti, a few glasses of red wine, 23 hours of being awake and a day spent walking around in a city…. I was about 2 minutes away from falling asleep right on the table. Thankfully, this cappuccino saved the day!

The next day we loaded up on some sourdough french toast and headed to the stadium. This was work for the day- not bad!

Meanwhile, in Florida, Chris was entertaining these 2 goofs!

Hanging with her pal Kenley

Bug wears uniforms to school now!

Can’t believe how big she is!

My own personal baby banana bread. My person gets me <3 (Thanks Bev!)

Kyler is SO sweet with her baby brother. She wanted to share popcorn and watch a movie with Hudson so she pulled up a chair for him.

Then, of course, he thought he needed more….

She was so patient as he stole all of her popcorn <3

Not too patient though…. she was smart and moved up to higher ground

K had her first soccer game on Saturday. She started off pouting but then she quickly got into it and ran after the ball this time! Big step for her haha

Chris’ shoes take up the whole damn cart!

My baby boy is quickly disappearing :(

I spent the night making breakfasts for the week. Chris and I are getting back into it… time to eat healthy and workout again! Hopefully this time it will last!

Happy Sunday!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

16 Aug

Our power went out at 8pm one night and didn’t come back until 12:30am….I am not going to lie…. I don’t know how people did it back in the day with no power… I mean no AC in August in Florida…. are you serious?

I celebrated my dear friend’s birthday on Thursday

Friday night consisted of a real life cops episode happening outside my house. It started as I was getting home from work and didn’t wrap up until 1am…I don’t really want to get into the details but it was one of the most exciting Friday nights I have had in a while (a. situation wasn’t dangerous- we were all safe and b. yes I am lame).

This guy is getting so big!

One of their favorite things to do is dance so this happen a lot after dinner

Today was a great day for Disney World

These cheeks keep getting bigger and bigger!

Pure love <3 <3 <3

My Minnie Mouse

Hudson sure knows how to stop and pose for the camera

It was a great but short weekend…. here is to another crazy busy week at work for Chris and I!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

10 Aug

We have started walking the dogs around the neighborhood at night to get them some exercise and get some energy out of Kyler.

This guy is SUCH a ham… He sees a camera and instantly says cheese

Watching tv with Dad

Silly guy

On Saturday we went to o2b kids in Oviedo to celebrate a friend’s birthday

The kids had a blast!

Hudson’s favorite part of gymnastics was the blow up machine

Love these 2

Enjoying the playground

This one is all boy… dirt and all :) Also- his eyes are just ridiculous…. definitely does not get that from his mama

Brother and sister…. twins born 2 years apart :)

We also put the kiddos to work this weekend… pulling weeds and they actually loved doing it…. Kyler was a big help and Hudson would grab the weeds I pulled and put them in the bucket for me.

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

2 Aug

Doc McKyler

These cheeks kill me!

Whoopie pies for all

Dinner with friends <3

I love when these bloom <3

We snuck some pool time in between all the rain

Superhero Hudson!

It was a low key weekend that we all needed! I can’t believe it is August already!!! Where is this year going???

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

27 Jul

I was on my own with the 2 kiddos this weekend while Chris was out of town. Lots of QT with the kids but we were all happy to see Chris!

Mommy/Kyler date on Friday started with donuts.

Followed by a movie with one of my own minons

Afterwards, we hit up Old Navy, lunch at Panera, a trip to Target and Publix. We were busy!

I went upstairs to put a load of laundry in and grab the vacuum and came down to this. Sweet girl was tired <3

Story time with her dinosaurs :)

And her biggest dino of all… Hudson

On Saturday, I loaded up the kids and hit the mall before heading to Crayola Experience. To keep them occupied, they split some cinnamon sugar pretzel nuggets…. safe to say they liked them.

Crayola Experience was PACKED…. so packed that we weren’t there long. Too many people= too long of lines= too much craziness to handle alone

Sunday morning was spent playing and waiting for Chris to get back.

Apparently Hudson knows how to take his own selfies now.

My kids LOVE to dance…. Kyler has always loved to jam out but Hudson has recently gotten into it. We are definitely introducing them to some great music, haha!

Chris got home and everyone was sure glad to see him.

It was a long and tiring weekend and I am sure glad Chris is back :)

Animal Zoo: DIY Storage for Stuffed Animals!

21 Jul

My daughter LOVES her stuffed animals. She usually has 10+ of them in her bed and then of course plenty more in the playroom. They are all over the place and it drives me NUTS. A while back, I came across storage on Pinterest that would be cute and perfect for my problem. I put the project on the back burner and sort of forgot about it until I was picking up the playroom this weekend and decided I had enough with stuffed animals all over the place. Later that morning, we were at Lowes buying wood, rope and paint.

I think you could make this project as complex as you want but I wanted to keep it SUPER simple and cheap… this was after all going in her closet and at the end of the day….was just holding her stuffed animals. I have seen a lot of these 6 feet tall, however, I wanted to keep hers under 4 ft on purpose. If we get to the point that we have over 4 ft of stuffed animals…. I can tell you some of them are going to hit the road.

We picked up some pine 1x4s and after a few cuts and screws… we had our frame.

Again, I wanted to keep this project cheap and easy so I bought 2 cans of Valspar Spray Paint and Primer (in the color Nautical)

I bought the wooden letters and animals from the kid craft section at Michaels and already had acrylic paint at home.

We bought rope but I have seen where people use wooden dowels. Chris taped the rope where it needed to be cut (helps with fraying) and then burnt the ends. Since we bought thicker rope, he used his air nail gun to hold them in place.

After that, we loaded it up and it is already working perfectly!

It’s that simple people. She can easily get an animal out if she wants to and I don’t have to see these things laying all over the floor in the playroom. I call that a win win :)

Have questions? Feel free to ask! I highly recommend this project and it’s a great starter project too! Super simple and and easy way to easy into DIY furniture :)

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

21 Jul

I know I have been pretty bad lately at this whole blogging thing… and honestly… I wish I could say I hope it will change soon… but I can’t promise anything!

Chips and Guac at Rocco’s is delish in my book but add sangria and I am one happy girl

Bedtime stories with the stud

and of course my little princess

Friday consisted of a day hanging with a friend… and of course getting a pedicure and holding a phone flashlight up since the power went out.

Hudson needed a haircut… bad.

So we went and took him for his 1st haircut!

He did really well!

After haircuts, we hit up the fam favorite… Chick Fila

and a trip to Lowes… he is developing quite a little attitude :)

Hudson is looking so old these days

Kyler has started to dive and love to practice. Too funny.

Hudson and I just watched on.

I am one lucky momma



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