the life of a toddler

21 Jul

I have been thinking. I update everyone on Hudson each week and used to update everyone on what was going on with Kyler. Although she still changes quickly, she doesn’t change nearly as fast as she used to when she was a baby so I struggle on what to write. I was thinking of ways to still update everyone on what Bug is up to (other than the Weekend Update) and decided to start a new blog series: the life of a toddler. I am not sure yet if it will be weekly, bi-weekly or when I have enough material to actually write a post about but I thought I would start it and see where it goes. It will mainly be quotes of Kyler’s, pictures SHE took with her camera, or random videos of her being Kyler So…

Welcome to

the life of a toddler by Kyler Jenkinson

While swimming: Mom, don’t touch my hair in the water, it will turn brown

• Mom: Okay, Kyler time to get off the potty and go to bed
Me: Wahhhh
Mom: What are you doing? Are you crying?
Me: I need to go to time out (time out is downstairs and I don’t want to go to bed)
Mom: What? You aren’t going to timeout. You are going to bed.
Me: AHHHHHH. But I’m screaming.
• Mom: Do you want to go to Toasted or Tibbys, Chris?
Me: I want Tibbys!!
Dad: Has she ever been there?
Mom: No
Dad: How do you know about Tibbys?
Mom: You really want Tibbys?
Me: Yeah I want to go to Tibbys!
Me at Tibbys: This is Tibbys?
Mom: Yeah we are at Tibbys
Me: YAY Kyler’s at at Tibbys!!!!!!
• Me: That is a big lion, roarrrrr
Mom: It kind of looks like a lion but it’s a sun
Me: Oh, that’s a sun?
Fast forward to later that night
Me: Owwww, the sun bit me
•  It’s too hot out, I go get my suit on and go swimming

•  First sound of thunder no matter where we are: Storms coming! Got to get out of the water. It’s raining.

• You hear that? I heard it.

•  Kyler do it

Kyler help

•  Me sitting naked on the potty after bath: Mommy, you got your shoes on?
Mom: Yeah, I am gonna go work out
Me: You’re gonna go work out?
Mom: Yep
Me: Okay (grabs her Nikes) I put my shoes on. Daddy, I put my shoes on and go to work.
Dad: Wait Kyler, put some clothes on first.
Me with clothes on: Mommy, I wanna do pushups
•  I get Yogurt for going potty and keeping dry ALL day! Thank you frogs!

I can spell my name “K,Y,L, E, R- Kyler!

I am going to take a picture of….



Mom, I take your picture


I am going to take a picture of Jake

My green toes

Mom, look up, I see you and Daddy (while sitting on the potty)

Noooo Daddy I don’t want to get off the potty. I have more, I’m not finished

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

20 Jul

Received my desktop drum set for my desk at work. Don’t ask :)

The storms in Orlando are no joke. They happen about everyday in July. This little storm actually ending up missing us for the most part.

However, sometimes after the storms have passed they leave your sky like this. Pictures can’t even do it justice.

Kyler and Grandma hit up the zoo again. I’m jealous!

Fishy kissies with my mini

She loves her doggies

We had a BOGO for Frozen Yogurt and decided to reward Kyler for potty training.

This little man hit up the doctor’s on Friday. Look how happy he is!

Buddy boy’s growth chart for height. Too funny.

Tummy time on the mat!


My little workout buddy

I mean I think she could be the next model for Nike kids… what do you think?

Getting ready to hit the pool

Kyler the fish

She was so kind to let the dogs go swimming with her too

The girl loves the water

popsicles + pool = summer

We hit up Traders Joes for the first time. Letting my super independent, I don’t need help, toddler her  own shopping cart while the place was a zoo was a bad idea.

Another weekend gone to fast and back to the grind tomorrow.

Hudson: 16 Weeks

19 Jul

Sweet Hudson had his 4 month check up this past week. It was a bit early considering her won’t be 4 months for another 10 days but that’s okay. He weighed 17 pounds and 14 ounces and was right under 28 inches tall. Big boy!

Everything is going well with him. As of last night, I stopped swaddling him and he did just fine. I also dropped his feeding in the middle of the night too. Now when he cries, we will just get up and put his paci back in. I am THRILLED about this because now this means Chris can get up and help with him instead of it being all me :)

He is such a sweet and happy little dude. He loves to just watch and copy. This past week he has been really loving on his snuggies and seems to be loving his toys more and more. Still waiting on him to roll over but that will come :)

HomeONE! Baseball Chalkboard Sign

15 Jul

My best friend’s sweet little boy turns One soon and they threw him a baseball themed birthday party. She asked me to come up with a chalkboard sign with some fun facts about Grey. Here is the finished product!

Baseball Chalkboard

It was the first chalkboard sign I have done but just love how it turned out!

Baseball Chalkboard

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

13 Jul

Just love these two

Grandma took Kyler to the zoo this past week

They have a nice little water area too. Perfect for these hot summer Florida days!

You sir are a gentleman and a scholar

I have been doing a pretty good job with working out this week. I am starting to see my abs again, big moment for me haha. I have been doing some running and P90x3 mainly

This kid is always smiling!!!

We wrapped up a full week of NBA Summer League at work

Free slurpees at 7-11 on 7-11! Sugar free Watermelon Punch for me!

On Friday, I decided to run up to the daycare to pick up the kids

We celebrated my best friend’s son’s 1st birthday this weekend!! The chalkboard stats I made for him!

Kyler at Greyson’s 1st birthday party!

Happy early Birthday little guy!

It also happened to be the last time I got to see my bestie before she moves to New York tomorrow. I am going to miss her so much!!!

Our ride home. This happens every. single. day in July here.

While I was looking through some photos I came across some of Chris when he was a little boy. I knew Kyler had his eyes but it’s kind of crazy to see how much she looks like him when he was little! She may be my mini me but she sure looks like her dad too!

Hudson is SO big now! Big boy in his 9 month pjs and standing up… don’t mind all of Kyler’s books on the counter :)

Bath time fun!

Yup, this is the good life. Soakin’ in the spa while the kiddos were sleepin’

Kyler loves to “jump” into the pool. Problem is that she really doesn’t know how to jump. How this doesn’t hurt is beyond me!

Hudson and his buddy Crosby!!

Damn cat! Scared me when I went to go pick up the bag off the ground

Just an afternoon snooze

She loves her daddy

Back to the grind tomorrow. I love my weekends with my little family. Kyler had a great weekend and is going accident free now! More on that subject later but it sounds like potty training is finally clicking!!!

Hudson: 15 Weeks

12 Jul

Hudson is 15 weeks today! So crazy how much time has past so quickly. I just can’t get over how sweet and happy he is. We are so lucky to have such a happy little guy.

He smiles at us constantly and I love it. He loves to just sit back and observe what is going on. He keeps a close eye on Kyler and what she is up to. I have a feeling those two will be pretty close one day.

Haven’t weighed him in  while but if I had to guess I would say near the 18 pound mark. Clothes range from the 6 month to 6-12 month mark, just depends on the brand. Very few of his 3-6 month clothes still fit. For one, his head is too big and have a hard time getting some t-shirts over his noggin’ so that alone eliminates some of the smaller clothes. Who knows, maybe he will slow down sometime soon!?! Time will tell :) Regardless, he is perfect to me!

Weekend Update with the Jenkinsons: July 4th Edition

6 Jul

Indoor go-kart racing for a work outing… so fun!


She loves her baby bro!

Love my sweet boy <3

Reading with Daddy

One of our turtles decided to lay an egg (and now has laid a total of 3). Insert me freaking out here. After some research, we really think we have 2 female turtles which mean there are no babies in the eggs (thank God!)

Hudson is very talkative these days

This happened all weekend…. yup, potty training round 2

Hudson’s first 4 of July!!

Tummy time for the babe

This is what our 4th looked like for the first part of the day: rain, rain, rain….ugh!

We were still able to get some pool time in and celebrate America!

Yummy watermelon

Burgers and Dogs… America


Fireworks!!!! Kyler is obsessed

I mean how freaking cute is he?!?!?

More fireworks after Hudson went to sleep.

Watching Dad set off fireworks

Mommy and Hudson selfie

The Beast taking a snooze

My bestie of 18+ years is moving out of state in a couple weeks :( We had one last girls night before she leaves! I will miss her soooo much!

It was great to catch up with friends I don’t get to see enough!

He thinks Daddy is pretty funny

Sunday errands with Mom!

Kyler LOVES to dance and loves a good beat

This big girl got a cake pop for no accidents at Target!

Getting some sun time in while the kiddos took naps

Play time with the mini mes

Homemade stir-fry for dinner… yum!

Long weekend and awesome weekend with the fam :)


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