Throwback Thursday

17 Apr

With summer approaching, I am getting the itch to hit the beaches and get some much needed sun. I wish we were going on a beach vacation but since I just had Hudson and all, we won’t be going anywhere this summer :) Why not relive one of the best vacations I have ever took in my life: Our Honeymoon to Moorea and Bora Bora! Couldn’t pick just one photo so this one has a few :)

April 2010

Swimming with Sharks and Stingrays in Bora Bora

Bora Bora from our plane

The beautiful island of Moorea

The view from our room in Moorea

Kayaking in Moorea

Does it get much better?

Swimming/Snorkeling right off your room is one of the best things ever

Bora Bora

My hubbs in Bora Bora <3

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

13 Apr

I will tell you this, adding Hudson to the bunch has somehow made the weeks go by even faster now! Here is what we were up to this week.

Hudson and I decided to join Kyler at Grandma’s house for a day. She didn’t seem to care either way.

On Wednesday, we took newborn photos in the morning which meant Kyler stayed home with us. We watched Frozen (I think I have watched this movie 4 times this week) and snuggled on the couch.

Hi big guy!

She loves to walk in Dad’s shoes…. kinda hard when they are half the size of her body.

The next day, my mom headed out to Orlando and we hit up the plant nursery (trying to get ideas for the 3rd phase of the ongoing backyard overhaul). As you can see (wayyyyy down there), Kyler had a great time running through the trees and plants.

We also headed to the tile store because I needed help picking out ideas for the outdoor kitchen.

Hudson had his 2 week checkup too! Big boy weighs 10lbs now. The doctor said he should have gained a 1/3 of that so he is obviously doing juts fine. Our little chunker! I am trying to soak up every minute of this time. Hudson is quickly losing his sweet tiny newborn feel thanks to his dad’s super big genes (I see him every day and can even tell he is growing at rapid speed).

Tummy time!

Love this little onesie his Aunt JJ gave him! Go Pats :)

This weekend, Grandma and Poppa came over to help with the outdoor kitchen. While the boys worked, we took Kyler to the park. She had fun racing Grandma down the slide.

Looking like a kitchen!

We are obviously loving teal around these parts.

We stopped by Jason’s Deli today for lunch went meant free ice cream. So yummy.

She passed out about 2 minutes after this picture.

And this little guy snoozed the afternoon away.

Life is good!!!

Hudson: 2 Weeks

12 Apr

Hudson is 2 weeks old today!

He is a big boy. He weighed 10 pounds at the doctor’s office yesterday. He gained 27 ounces in 9 days! Wowza! He sleeps A LOT and is a great eater (obviously). Love our sweet little guy!

Throwback Thursday

10 Apr

February 2, 2006

Jenn and I at our college hangout The Library. We pretty much spent every weekend there!! Ahh the good ole days :)

Birthday Pranks: Cups

9 Apr

Last time we talked about birthday pranks, I showed you what we did with the plastic wrap. This time, I am talking about cups. This is a pretty straight forward prank and only takes a few cups (okay, maybe more than a few) and some water.

This prank works best if you have a closed or confined area. In this case, this office took over 2000 cups. Start in the back of the room/office and start laying out your cups. If you have other people helping you, it will go much faster. Start filling each cup up with a little bit of water. Keep going until you are at the doorway/front of the room.

The beauty of this prank is that the person can’t just come in and knock all the cups over to get to the desk. They have to take each cup one by one and dump out the water.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

6 Apr

Wow. Where to even begin? Last time I was updating you, it was 2 weeks ago and I was saying how that was most likely my last weekend to get things done. Well…. I was right. So much has happened in 2 weeks so I will try and catch you up!

My last preggo picture <3….5 days before Hudson arrived.

I enjoyed some Spring Training with my work. This is why I love Florida.

My beautiful Princess

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you know that Hudson made his big debut Saturday morning, March 29th.

Hudson Alexander!

You can read his Birth Story here.

He looks so much like Kyler did as a baby!!

Who’s who?

It will be fun to see how he grows and changes

She loves her baby brother

I took Kyler up to the park for a little Mommy and me time

His perfect (but long) feet!

Hudson’s best bud Crosby! Should be interesting to see if they can keep up with their big sisters :)

Hello there!

She’s ridiculous

We enjoyed the pool for the first time this year!

My cutie

Kyler had a good time at Grandma’s. They bought her a play house and Grandma took her to pick out flowers for it.

Planting them in there

So pretty!

We celebrated our anniversary on the 3rd. Bug celebrated with us by eating our wedding cake. Okay well that isn’t OUR wedding cake but it’s the same thing. Red Velvet Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. Yum!

Love when Hudson is awake and alert

So handsome

Always up to no good

My sweet boy!

We took Kyler up to the tennis courts for a little lesson

This girl loves Frozen and loves the song Let It Go

We headed downtown Avalon this weekend. Rolling 3 strollers (2 double) deep!

The girls had a good time playing in the bounce house

Good times!

Afterwards, we went back to The Gilbertson’s for some pizza!

Such goof balls

Can’t get enough of him!!!

Playing with her little brother

More pool time!

While Kyler played in the pool, Hudson slept :)

Afterwards,we met Kenley at the park

Pure joy <3

Well folks, I told you it was a busy 2 weeks! We are so blessed to have such a sweet and healthy baby boy here. We are loving being a family of 4!!!

Hudson: 1 Week

5 Apr

Hudson is One Week old!!!

He is doing great :) Eating well and sleeping like a champ.

He is a long and lean baby. Look at those skinny legs and big feet!

Love his sweet face <3


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