Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

23 Oct

It’s been an eventful 2 weeks. Hudson ran into a column in our house and busted his chin open😦 I knew instantly he needed to go and he was a trooper until it was time to strap him down. WORST time ever.

Checking out his new 6 stitches

Kyler scored her very first goal at soccer and was SO proud of herself

Best buds❤

This princess fairy had fun hanging out with dad and friends while I was working

I hit up The Coop this past week which is one of my favorite places because I loveee southern food and it’s oh so amazing. Giant tenders, creamed corn, mashed potatoes, and sweet tea. Yeah I don’t care…. I have to loose it all soon anyway right?🙂

The girls at soccer!

38.5 weeks…. getting close!

This weekend brought cool Fall air to Florida and it was AMAZING. The boys can’t wait to play soccer

Last game of the season and the Little Monsters did great!

Again, the weather was perfect so that means lots of outdoor time

Also means it’s perfect smores weather too. Fire while watching Penn State beat Ohio State, only thing missing is a hard cider.

We soaked up some more sun today. Love being able to go outside and not sweat!

Hud’s turn at the wheel!

We headed over later to celebrate Kenley and Crosby’s birthdays!

Prom pose haha

Some pretty cool superheroes if you ask me!

Cupcake face

In other news…. we had a really bad scare this weekend with Ammo. He has always had bad gums and has had teeth pulled over the last couple of years. He hadn’t been eating great but went in for blood work about a week ago for a normal check-up and everything looked good. Thursday night, he was bleeding a tad from his teeth so we took him in Friday and sure enough, he needed 5 more pulled. After he woke up from surgery, he started bleeding everywhere and wouldn’t stop. The vet re-ran his blood work (previous was only 5 days old) and he had no platelets thus was not clotting blood. Turns out he developed an auto immune disease called ITP and it’s very serious. The vet gave him platelets and he stayed at the vet over night with around the clock care (seriously amazing, my vet was texting me every 2 hours with updates). I was a nervous wreck. My fur babies are my babies and Ammo is my first. By 5AM, his PCV levels had dropped low enough for a blood transfusion😦 All day Saturday it was a wait and see game. We thought he would need another transfusion but his PCV levels jumped all on their own! That was great news. Our vet is in Merritt Island so he stayed with my parents to be close in case something happened. Today, he got to come home and his numbers are pretty much the same as yesterday. He will go in every day this week for checks and as long as his numbers stay the same or raise then we are out of the woods. He will be on some serious medication for the next couple of months and potentially the rest of his life.

We are just happy he is doing better and able to come home. Hoping for more good news tomorrow!

Also we are definitely on baby watch! Could be any day (which I would be totally fine with). Hoping by next weeks update maybe there will another addition??? 39 weeks Tuesday!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

9 Oct

Trouble Maker indeed

So the week started out watching Hurricane Matthew. Growing up in Florida, you never know what these things are going to do so it’s also good to keep an eye out when they get close.

By the next day, we knew it was coming our way

It was time to get ready. Chris brought home a couple portable AC units (perks of owning an AC company) just in case we lost power.

Chris hit the stores for the hurricane necessities….

She was happy with his choices

He of course got water and all of the other good stuff🙂

We were able to get our hands on a generator and spent the day Thursday getting ready for Hurricane Matthew to make landfall that night/early Friday morning.

By Thursday afternoon, we were starting to get some feeder bands

This track was making me nervous. Most of my family is in Merritt Island and the track at 5pm on Thursday said it was making landfall over Merritt Island as a hurricane 4. My parents decided to stay and stick out the storm so needless to say, I did not like this track. Plus, was it going to seriously loop back around?

We moved the mattress to the floor in the family room and were going to sleep out there just in case the kids got scared and because there was chance the track would shift west making it a lot worse for us. That said, we slept upstairs because these 2 couldn’t settle down downstairs🙂

By 11pm that night, the track shifted east and it was going to a hurricane 3 instead of 4! Good news for us and great news for the east coast!!

We spent the rest of the morning watching TV (never lost DirectTV through the whole things… weird right?) and never lost power!

Once it moved out, we headed down to our friends house to let the kids run around

Saturday and Sunday were spent cleaning up the pool area. We were going to clean the patio off this weekend anyway and we moved everything off for the hurricane so it worked out.

We needed to clean out the pavers and resand.

It was a family affair

We finally decided to seal our pavers which makes me happy. Hopefully this will help keep them looking better for longer.

The poor kiddos wanted to play outside all day today but we had to wait for the sealer to dry, which when it did, made for some happy kids

She’s a good witch she says🙂

The weather is absolutely PERFECT tonight and we can finally feel Fall in the air. Sure it won’t last for long but it’s a start🙂

Our Pats won with Brady back, the hurricane ended up not being as bad as they thought (so thankful), and I am pushing 37 weeks pregnant. Getting so close and getting so ready.

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

2 Oct

Some of my favorites threw me a sprinkle for baby J 3. You definitely don’t expect anything for your third so that was super sweet!

My social butterfly came and of course talked it up with everyone.

My girl

Maggianos…. my favorite

So much love!

The girls, mainly Kyler, were ripping into the presents so fast. My little helpers!

Hudson thought it would be a good idea to strip his bed and move it to the closet floor. His closet now has a lock on it🙂

Packing for Grandma’s house… pretty funny to see what she thought she needed.

Found Kyler in the baby’s room rocking lullaby Elmo to sleep. She can’t wait for the baby to get here.

My parents took the kids after soccer on Saturday so we could get some things done around the house. We had what will most likely be our last night out before the baby gets here.

We took advantage of Magical Dining at Eddie V’s

This. is. hilarious.

Meanwhile, at Grandma’s…. she found him asleep in the office at 6:30am… Not sure when he moved from his bed but apparently this looked like a good place to go to bed.

Grocery shopping with 2 kiddos is fun… especially when you get home and ask Chris why he bought this… and he says he didn’t… and Kyler says Hudson did… oh cool.

I am almost 36 weeks. Miserable. and getting ready. Can’t wait!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

25 Sep

I work with great people. Audra kicked off Fall with these caramel apple bars made just for me<3

The little man decided to do his hair with my expensive face cream….

Look how happy he is

Oh Hudson

Love not looking at a parking garage anymore

Last weekend we decided to pull the trigger and potty train Hudson. I HATE potty training, mainly because Kyler scarred me for life. Hud is doing much better than she did and after the 1st 2 days, he has only had 1 accident a day and is only wearing pull-ups at night. Ps… 2T boxer briefs are seriously the cutest

He is also moving into the stage where it is taking him longer and longer to wind down. Love checking on him before bed to see what he got into and how he is sleeping

Kyler had a bright and early soccer game on Saturday and did great!

It may be Fall but it’s still hot enough for the pool. The kiddos got a quick swim in before dinner.

Kyler has been asking to go to my parents lately so today seemed like a good day. I told her I wanted to take a picture of her and she instantly went to this pose.

I mean look at her sas❤

Kyler has been playing teach a bit so it was cute to walk in tonight and she her teaching her friends “ABCs, shapes and numbers”

Busy busy week at work ahead for me, 4 weeks left until I go on maternity leave and 5 weeks until we get to meet the newest Jenkinson!!!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

11 Sep

Poor girl wasn’t feeling soccer practice

I don’t blame her, when I got home and took her temp, it was 102.3!

We headed to the doctors the next morning and turns out, she had strep. You wouldn’t know it because she is trooper!

Dippin Dots at work… yes please

Saturday morning brought a hot soccer game. She wasn’t really into it but I am not sure how much better she was feeling.

Almost 33 weeks… getting there!

I hit the stores early Saturday and my favorite candles were on sale!

This kid must be growing. He ate half a basket of chips, 3.5 mini quesadillas (thanks Kyler) and a plate of rice.

We enjoyed the Gilbo’s company… the girls are too funny.

Love these two!

We headed to the bowling alley today for our cousin Parks’ birthday. It was Hudson’s first time bowling and he liked it!

Happy Birthday!

She loves her cousin Emma!

Always fun with the little ones

Hud the stud!

We had fun playing in the arcade afterwards. Kyler did great at Deal or No Deal

We got home and enjoyed some football while Kyler played with her “pet” lovebugs. She said they love her and they are all her friends. Awesome.

I am looking for a SICK free week in the Jenkinson household!!!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

5 Sep

So last week I left you with Hudson having the stomach bug and he was on the mend. And then he woke up Monday. And he wasn’t…..

While on Sunday, he seemed almost back to normal, it was like he started over Monday morning. After a visit to the doctors, he spent the rest of the day resting on the couch.

Doesn’t he look so sad???😦 He was able to get some waffles down… and play with Legos

I had a work conference in town Monday – Wednesday that brought on of my favorite people back into town. Fun times with these two.

Tuesday was a LONG day for this preggo. We capped of the night with Mickey Ears, dinner and Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios.

That said, I woke up Wednesday under the weather, apparently catching whatever Hudson had. I spent the entire day in bed, sleeping on and off. Stomach bug + preggo = not fun.

By Thursday, I braved work as a half human and somehow survived. Kyler woke up and sick and went to Grandmas.😦 That night, I was laid out on the couch, again. Ammo loves to protect my belly towards the end of my pregnancies, he did with Kyler and Hudson too❤

Poor girl was sick and you would never know it.

They loved the Mickey ears!

I had Friday off which I was looking forward to just relaxing but Kyler was still sick so she stayed home with me. It was a long day of snuggling and taking it easy.

This weekend, we thought we would hit up Disney Springs for a couple of hours just to get out of the house now that we were all 90%. It started raining so we found shelter in the Lego store. Kids (and Chris) were happy!

They had their game faces on…. Go Knights and Go Penn State!

She loves her Friends Legos

The day turned out to be a pretty one and we enjoyed the new part of Disney Springs.

While Hudson snoozed, we treated ourselves to dessert at Sprinkles.

Cupcake Sundae, um yes

We rushed home to make the Penn State game. Kyler loves her dad❤

This face…. ice queen when she wants to be

But then a complete angel the next. Go figure🙂

They love each other and I love them❤

The kid is obsessed with Star Wars. I have been keeping all these in the playroom, however, they just end up in his room so I stopped fighting and caved.

Because why not make cupcakes for fun!


Today, Kyler and I snuck out for a girl’s trip and got pedicures. She’s been asking for a while.

Love you sweet girl!!

We also spent a lot of work on the nursery this weekend and it’s done!!! Here is a sneak peak. Now I can rest🙂

Sad my long weekend is over. Loved spending all my time with my family and soaking up some quality time with them. This pregnancy has not been easy on me this last month and I can’t imagine it will get any easier as I approach the finish line so any time I can get just hanging out with them, I will take it!

Weekend Update with The Jenkinsons

28 Aug

Kyler’s first day of VPK, August 15th, 2016!

Sleepy storm trooper

Celebrating cousin Cole’s birthday with some old fashioned PE fun!

Pretty girls❤

Do you not want to just bite his face!?!??

Sunday Funday with the Gilbos

National Dog Day and our fur babies Ammo, Caya and Maggie❤

Friday was Chris’ birthday. It was my fast Friday off for the summer and Chris took the day off. Our plans were to pick the kids up after lunch and then head out to a fun chocolate factory dinner with Star Wars fireworks…. that is until school called at 10am saying Hudson was sick and threw up. Poor guy. Needless to say, plans changed.

Snuggling on the couch.

Happy Birthday babe!

Kyler made Chris a card… with donuts🙂


I ran to the store, picked up some things to make dinner and a cake. Chris wanted a fun dessert so I tried my best to whip up something. Vanilla cake with peanut butter cups, ice cream sandwiches, cool whip icing with peanut butter chocolate sauce, caramel, pretzels and peanut butter cups. Not bad!

Chris and Kyler ate dinner together while I snuggled the little man on the couch. He couldn’t keep anything down the first day😦 He managed to perk up and sing Happy Birthday to dad only to follow that by getting sick😦 (Don’t mind the mess in the background, ha!)

Next morning, Kyler had her first soccer game of the year!

I wasn’t sure if Hud and I would make it but he ate a little bit and seemed to be better so we loaded up and went.

I’m so glad I did because Kyler did AWESOME and had her best game yet. She almost scored 2 goals and was really into it. I feel her first real goal coming on soon🙂

Today, Kyler and headed back to Merritt Island to see my bestie Jenn because she is back in town. Kyler bowled for the first time and loved it!

Silly kiddos!

Miss her!!!

It was fun catching up with friends I wish I saw more often and snuggling with sweet baby Elle❤

He loves his Ammo!

Busy week ahead and praying and hoping the little guy wakes up good as new tomorrow!!!

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