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9 weeks and happy :)

29 Mar

Miss Kyler is 9 weeks old today. 9 weeks old means I go back to work in a little over a week. Still can’t believe how fast these past 9 weeks have gone. I am really looking forward to going back to work but then days like today make me wish I still had more time home.

Kyler had a really happy day. We headed to Lowes to buy materials to frame in our bathroom mirrors. I found the idea off Pinterest a while back and we are finally getting around to doing it. So with Miss Kyler riding in the Baby Bjorn, we gathered up all the wood and materials for the project and loaded up the car. She really enjoys the carrier now because she loves to look around and see what’s going on. She was such a good girl at the store! When I was painting the wood, she had a good time her in swing. I brought it out to the garage so she could look around outside. She was a happy happy girl!

I always find it funny/amazing how Kyler (or any baby for that matter) can go from happy as a clam to Miss Grumpus in a matter of a second.

Like I said in my previous post, we are trying to do more tummy time with her. She was not happy when I flipped her over on her mat.

We started off like this…

Then we flipped. She stayed like this for about a minute.

She then started to scream and scream and scream so we decided to cut it short

A few minutes later, she was out

So we snuck some tummy time in!!!

She was out

Too funny 🙂 More work on the bathroom mirror project tomorrow…I will post when we are all finished! The house was painted and we are landscaping this weekend… pictures of that to come too!

It’s all about Ammo

27 Mar

Ammo (or Boo, Bub, Bam, Bam Bam, Bubby, Bamo, Bubba, Jam Bam, Mr. Grumpus, Chunko Butt… it’s quite ridiculous how many nicknames he has) is a cavalier king charles and cocker mix and was my first “kid”. He is 6 years old now! I don’t want him to get any older 😦 I got him in college and he was only supposed to be around 15 pounds…. HA! He is probably around 35 lbs now (and that is skinny for him) and is the smartest (and most stubborn) animal we have. He does all sorts of tricks (for food) and loves to go lizard (or anything else he can find) hunting. He does what he wants (which mean he doesn’t listen very well) but is so sweet and lovey. He knows how to work a crowd. It’s quite remarkable how fast he goes from grumpy to this cute little puppy face when he wants something.

Ammo may have been one of the cutest puppies ever.

Ammo at the lake… he doesn’t go in much farther than this.

Ammo doing some of his tricks for food.

Lizard hunting

Ammo and his sister Mia found a lizard

We just got new plants and of course he is already checking them out for lizards.

Ammo the Spider for Halloween one year.

Ammo just got a haircut, happy boy!

He had to wear baby socks because his paws got raw from the pool 😦

Taking a nap on the glider. See how much bigger he looks when he needs a haircut!

Fenway loves to terrorize the dogs. Poor Ammo…

Go Magic!!!!

That’s Ammo!

I’m 2 months old!

26 Mar

I am 2 months old today!!


Miss Kyler had her 2 month check-up today at the doctor. She also had her first round of shots. She was already having a rough and cranky day so why not add to it! Let me just say, them giving her the shots…. I handled fine. She of course was crying the entire time (even before they gave them to her… like I said… it has been a day) but I expected that. What I wasn’t so prepared for was how she was going to act about 4 hours afterwards (or just about an hour ago). I can tell she is in pain and that makes me sad. Every time she remotely moves her leg she starts screaming, tears start flowing, and her lips start quivering. I forgot how much tetanus shots (or any of the other shots for that matter) suck. We gave her some infant Tylenol, put her in her jammies and swaddle, and laid her down. She is still wide awake but now nothing is bumping her leg so she isn’t so sad anymore.

This was earlier before the pain set in.

On the positive… the doctor doesn’t think it’s acid reflux bothering Kyler like the nurse practitioner thought a few weeks ago. She said while it could be reflux and all babies have it to an extent, she thinks it’s more likely personality… which is a nice way to say that she is just high maintenance (I am just going to stop all the “just like her mom” jokes here). She said that it seems that Kyler likes to be stimulated all the time so that is why she gets fussy pretty easily. Supposedly, this will go away when she is able to entertain herself more by holding toys, having better vision to see more, rolling over etc. The doc said she had a baby just like this and she actually thinks they are pretty smart because they know their surroundings and know what they want. I am just happy it’s not acid reflux!

Kyler is a big girl… shocker I know. She is 12 pounds, 5 oz putting her in the 90th percentile for weight. She is 23.5 inches long also putting her in the 90th percentile for height. The doctor said she must be taking after her daddy… think so? Here is the funny part though…. her head is only 15 inches round, or the 25th percentile (which is perfectly normal she said.)

We have to give her more tummy time because she is starting to get a flat spot on her little head… so starting tomorrow (when she is feeling better) we are going to have lots and lots of tummy time!

Everything else was great! The doctor was happy with her weight gain and growth, she is doing everything she should be doing at this age (even bearing weight on her legs which is more likely around 3-4 months), and is sleeping great. She still doesn’t sleep through the night but she goes to bed around 8:30-9 and only wakes up once around 4am. I’ll take it for now!

Kyler with her blanket her nana made her:

After the doctor’s appointment, Erika and Kelsey came by to meet her! Good seeing you girls!

Well off to take care of my little girl… poor thing needs lots of Mommy and Daddy time tonight!

Weekend Update with Kyler

25 Mar

Nothing too out of the ordinary on the home front. Pretty busy as usual.

Wednesday, Kyler and I swung by the arena to say hi and grab lunch with the boys (my department). We have been going to lunch with them for the past month or so. It gives us a nice break from home and let’s me still keep in touch with what is going on at work. Hopefully that will help with transitioning back to work, which is in 2 weeks.

Yes, 2 weeks.

Can you believe it? But more on that later.

Kyler and Chris had a good conversation. Kyler seemed to really enjoy it.

Thursday and Friday we had some lazy days and puttered around the house. I tend to enjoy those days, however, I can’t do that too often. I go a bit stir crazy (and I think Kyler does too). Friday night, I made a nice Italian meal, put the baby to bed, poured a glass of wine, and Chris and I watched a movie. Perfect Friday Night.

Saturday, we cleaned up the house a bit and ran to Home Depot and Old Navy. Kyler got her first pair of Jellies!!!

Her’s are clear though. Although, now that I see they have them in this color, we may need to go buy another pair!

I’ve been doing some research on swim diapers, swim floats, and beach umbrellas so we can gear up for the summer! I am definitely looking forwards to many weekends at my parent’s pool with her and heading to the beach (still have a while for that one). I need to start my workout routine again so I will be ready too!

Kyler sporting her sunglasses

Today was a busy day of visiting. Aunt Riss stopped by for a bit to see Kyler. Grandma and Poppa came over with all the pups. Almost lost little Dino! The little guy must have slipped out of the door when it was left open for seriously like 15 seconds. After calling for him for a little bit, I found him a few houses down. My light in my computer room is finally installed thanks to Daddy-O and Chris! While they were installing that, the girls went to Target (I think I could go there everyday) and picked up a few items. After that, we took a quick trip to The Gilbertson’s to say hello and then it was Kyler’s bedtime!

Tomorrow is Kyler’s 2 month check-up. You heard it right, 2 months!

Our 4 legged kids

22 Mar

I can’t forget about my 4 legged kids. Most of you that know us, know that we have 3 dogs, a cat, and 2 turtles. Ammo, Caya, Maggie, Fenway, PB & J. I started out with Ammo and Caya, inherited Maggie when Chris moved in, gained 2 turtles on Valentine’s Day, and took in a stray kitten Chris found at work.

They truly are their own little pack, Fenway included. He pretty much thinks he is a dog so he fits in nicely. Chris and I always talk about who the leader is and we really don’t know. They each take turns being dominate in certain situations. Ammo was the first and is the oldest so he tends to put up with a lot but will put his “paw” down when he needs to. Caya is so independent and has to pee over all the other dogs pee (very lady like, I know) and Maggie is the protector of the house. She sticks up for whoever is getting picked on.

We like to dress them up at Halloween because when the kids come to the door, they think it’s so funny and cool that the dogs are dressed up too.


This past Christmas

I can’t forget about their extended pack over at my parents. That has changed a bit in the past few years. Cassie and Boscoe passed away last year and my parents just got a new puppy Beamer (Emmy’s nephew). They now have: Mia, Dino, Emmy, and Beamer.

This is a group shot with:

Bottom: Wrigley (My brother Craig’s dog), Caya, Maggie, Emmy, Mia

Top: Dino, Boscoe, Cassie, and Ammo

This is Beamer:

They all get along very well for the most part. Emmy loves Maggie. Mia is Ammo’s sister, poor Dino is the little one so we have to make sure he doesn’t get ran over by the big pups, and Beamer… well everyone is getting adjusted to him. I am sure when he is bigger than everyone else, Maggie and Emmy will stop having a problem with him.

It’s pretty much a zoo when we are all over there.

The Golden Girls

More to come on Ammo, Caya, Maggie, Fenway and PB & J.

8 weeks and smiling

22 Mar

Last doctor’s appointment, Kyler’s doctor said “See you at 2 months and she should be smiling.” I was starting to not believe her as Kyler always had this super serious face on. But out of nowhere, she cracked her first smile (that she actually meant to do) and has been smiling more and more since. Her first smile was on the changing table. This child HATES a wet diaper so it’s fitting that this is where it would be. Now, she smiles back at us 🙂 Too cute! Here are the many smiles of Kyler.

Kyler’s Nursery

19 Mar

So one of the first things I looked forward to when I found out I was pregnant was decorating a nursery (other than meeting her of couse!) I looked around casually but really didn’t start the search until I knew she was going to be a girl. I knew I didn’t want anything too themey and something that was fun, bright, and different. After searching all over the internet, I decided to have my own bedding made through a lady I found on Etsy. Somewhere in the process, I decided I wanted Coral and Teal bedding with wainscotting on the walls. I also decided to go with owls to make her room fun. It took a good month of picking out fabric online, ordering samples, seeing it in person, not liking it and ordering new samples, and bugging Jenny on different designs to come up with the one we ended up getting. It arrived 2 days before Kyler was born and I love it!

We added wainscotting to the room (thanks Chris and Hal!) and I started picking up decorative items that were teal, coral, or white along the way. I started making owl pictures with the circut for her wall. Of course I had help- thanks Marisa, Marissa and Ms. Atwell! Now that it is finally put together, I am really happy on how it turned out!


I just want to thank my parents, Jenny, Marisa, Marissa, Ms. Atwell, Hal and of course Chris for helping me with the nursery!

Weekend Update with Kyler

18 Mar

We hope everyone had a fun St. Patty’s Day!! We went over to the Gilbertson’s House (thanks again!) and were home around 9:3o which felt so late. Funny how different things are when you have a baby!

Today, Marisa and Emery stopped by and said hello! We took a little drive around the neighborhood and had a nice visit!

Grandma and Poppa came over and brought the whole dog pack with them. Beamer is fitting in quite nicely 🙂

Poppa and Kyler

Having fun!

And finally, getting ready for bed

Hope everyone had a fun weekend!!!

All in a day…

16 Mar

We had a somewhat busy day in the Jenkinson household.

Ammo got himself a sporty little haircut complete with a St. Patty’s Day bandana! He always seems so much happier when his hair is short.

Chris got off work early and Poppa stopped by to say hello to Kyler. Chris and I ran up to Home Depot and Lowes to look at shutters and lights for the house. I think we picked out what we want and will pick up those later this week. We are going with a dark gray color for the house with very light gray for the trim color. We are going to go with black doors, shutters, and lights to make it pop. We will also be landscaping next weekend (finally!) I will post pictures when we are all done. I am so excited because the outside of our house is hurting pretty bad.

After that, we went over to our good friends Kendra and Greg’s house (can’t forget about Kyler’s good friend Kenley!) It’s so fun to see the girls next to each other. Kenley is too cute and likes to look at Kyler and check her out. Kyler is still all over the place 🙂 Of course Kyler loved Kenley’s mat (thanks Kenley for letting me play on it!) and was smiling up a storm. I have a couple of pictures but Kendra got good ones with her nice camera. I will have to post those when I get them. Kyler and Kenley are 14 weeks apart.

Here is pictures of them today:

Kyler – 7 weeks old    Kenley: 21 weeks old

This was them 3 weeks ago:

Kyler – 4.5 weeks old       Kenley: 18.5 weeks old

This was them a few days after Kyler was born:

Kyler – half a week old     Kenley: 14.5 weeks old

As you can tell, Kyler is trying to catch up to Kenley fast!! Such a huge difference in a little over a month.

Tomorrow, we are going back to hang out with them for the girls first St. Patty’s Day.

Tonight, I stuffed the baby announcements while Chris feed Kyler (she ate 6 oz! It’s insane!) and watched the tourny. Also had a good laugh because our backyard bunny came back. Back story: for the past few months, we have this really cute gray bunny that likes to come into our backyard at night. We discovered this after we let the dogs go outside one night and all 3 were chasing the poor thing all over the yard. Maggie got the closest but the bunny made a quick turn and was able to duck underneath the fence and get away. Now, every night Ammo sits at the sliding glass door and waits for it to come back. We have to be careful and look for it before we let them out. Usually, when we flip on the lights it hops away and under the fence. I was able to catch a quick video of them tonight after the realized it was there. The high pitch scream is Caya.This is actually quite calm for a bunny sighting. Sorry the video is so dark, shot it with my phone.

I also posted another video of Kyler the other day snoring. It’s kind of hard to hear but in person, it was quite loud. She definitely gets that from her daddy!

Well, time for bed! I hope everyone has a fun and safe St. Patty’s Day tomorrow!!!

Kyler’s Playmat

15 Mar

We have the Fisher-Price Rainforest Gym and she loves it! It’s extra big and has lights (her favorite part) and fun sounds.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym -  Fisher-Price - Toys"R"Us

Here are a couple of videos of Kyler on her play mat. Enjoy!

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