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All in a day…

16 Mar

We had a somewhat busy day in the Jenkinson household.

Ammo got himself a sporty little haircut complete with a St. Patty’s Day bandana! He always seems so much happier when his hair is short.

Chris got off work early and Poppa stopped by to say hello to Kyler. Chris and I ran up to Home Depot and Lowes to look at shutters and lights for the house. I think we picked out what we want and will pick up those later this week. We are going with a dark gray color for the house with very light gray for the trim color. We are going to go with black doors, shutters, and lights to make it pop. We will also be landscaping next weekend (finally!) I will post pictures when we are all done. I am so excited because the outside of our house is hurting pretty bad.

After that, we went over to our good friends Kendra and Greg’s house (can’t forget about Kyler’s good friend Kenley!) It’s so fun to see the girls next to each other. Kenley is too cute and likes to look at Kyler and check her out. Kyler is still all over the place 🙂 Of course Kyler loved Kenley’s mat (thanks Kenley for letting me play on it!) and was smiling up a storm. I have a couple of pictures but Kendra got good ones with her nice camera. I will have to post those when I get them. Kyler and Kenley are 14 weeks apart.

Here is pictures of them today:

Kyler – 7 weeks old    Kenley: 21 weeks old

This was them 3 weeks ago:

Kyler – 4.5 weeks old       Kenley: 18.5 weeks old

This was them a few days after Kyler was born:

Kyler – half a week old     Kenley: 14.5 weeks old

As you can tell, Kyler is trying to catch up to Kenley fast!! Such a huge difference in a little over a month.

Tomorrow, we are going back to hang out with them for the girls first St. Patty’s Day.

Tonight, I stuffed the baby announcements while Chris feed Kyler (she ate 6 oz! It’s insane!) and watched the tourny. Also had a good laugh because our backyard bunny came back. Back story: for the past few months, we have this really cute gray bunny that likes to come into our backyard at night. We discovered this after we let the dogs go outside one night and all 3 were chasing the poor thing all over the yard. Maggie got the closest but the bunny made a quick turn and was able to duck underneath the fence and get away. Now, every night Ammo sits at the sliding glass door and waits for it to come back. We have to be careful and look for it before we let them out. Usually, when we flip on the lights it hops away and under the fence. I was able to catch a quick video of them tonight after the realized it was there. The high pitch scream is Caya.This is actually quite calm for a bunny sighting. Sorry the video is so dark, shot it with my phone.

I also posted another video of Kyler the other day snoring. It’s kind of hard to hear but in person, it was quite loud. She definitely gets that from her daddy!

Well, time for bed! I hope everyone has a fun and safe St. Patty’s Day tomorrow!!!

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