Our 4 legged kids

22 Mar

I can’t forget about my 4 legged kids. Most of you that know us, know that we have 3 dogs, a cat, and 2 turtles. Ammo, Caya, Maggie, Fenway, PB & J. I started out with Ammo and Caya, inherited Maggie when Chris moved in, gained 2 turtles on Valentine’s Day, and took in a stray kitten Chris found at work.

They truly are their own little pack, Fenway included. He pretty much thinks he is a dog so he fits in nicely. Chris and I always talk about who the leader is and we really don’t know. They each take turns being dominate in certain situations. Ammo was the first and is the oldest so he tends to put up with a lot but will put his “paw” down when he needs to. Caya is so independent and has to pee over all the other dogs pee (very lady like, I know) and Maggie is the protector of the house. She sticks up for whoever is getting picked on.

We like to dress them up at Halloween because when the kids come to the door, they think it’s so funny and cool that the dogs are dressed up too.


This past Christmas

I can’t forget about their extended pack over at my parents. That has changed a bit in the past few years. Cassie and Boscoe passed away last year and my parents just got a new puppy Beamer (Emmy’s nephew). They now have: Mia, Dino, Emmy, and Beamer.

This is a group shot with:

Bottom: Wrigley (My brother Craig’s dog), Caya, Maggie, Emmy, Mia

Top: Dino, Boscoe, Cassie, and Ammo

This is Beamer:

They all get along very well for the most part. Emmy loves Maggie. Mia is Ammo’s sister, poor Dino is the little one so we have to make sure he doesn’t get ran over by the big pups, and Beamer… well everyone is getting adjusted to him. I am sure when he is bigger than everyone else, Maggie and Emmy will stop having a problem with him.

It’s pretty much a zoo when we are all over there.

The Golden Girls

More to come on Ammo, Caya, Maggie, Fenway and PB & J.

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