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Weekend Update with Kyler

25 Mar

Nothing too out of the ordinary on the home front. Pretty busy as usual.

Wednesday, Kyler and I swung by the arena to say hi and grab lunch with the boys (my department). We have been going to lunch with them for the past month or so. It gives us a nice break from home and let’s me still keep in touch with what is going on at work. Hopefully that will help with transitioning back to work, which is in 2 weeks.

Yes, 2 weeks.

Can you believe it? But more on that later.

Kyler and Chris had a good conversation. Kyler seemed to really enjoy it.

Thursday and Friday we had some lazy days and puttered around the house. I tend to enjoy those days, however, I can’t do that too often. I go a bit stir crazy (and I think Kyler does too). Friday night, I made a nice Italian meal, put the baby to bed, poured a glass of wine, and Chris and I watched a movie. Perfect Friday Night.

Saturday, we cleaned up the house a bit and ran to Home Depot and Old Navy. Kyler got her first pair of Jellies!!!

Her’s are clear though. Although, now that I see they have them in this color, we may need to go buy another pair!

I’ve been doing some research on swim diapers, swim floats, and beach umbrellas so we can gear up for the summer! I am definitely looking forwards to many weekends at my parent’s pool with her and heading to the beach (still have a while for that one). I need to start my workout routine again so I will be ready too!

Kyler sporting her sunglasses

Today was a busy day of visiting. Aunt Riss stopped by for a bit to see Kyler. Grandma and Poppa came over with all the pups. Almost lost little Dino! The little guy must have slipped out of the door when it was left open for seriously like 15 seconds. After calling for him for a little bit, I found him a few houses down. My light in my computer room is finally installed thanks to Daddy-O and Chris! While they were installing that, the girls went to Target (I think I could go there everyday) and picked up a few items. After that, we took a quick trip to The Gilbertson’s to say hello and then it was Kyler’s bedtime!

Tomorrow is Kyler’s 2 month check-up. You heard it right, 2 months!

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