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I’m 2 months old!

26 Mar

I am 2 months old today!!


Miss Kyler had her 2 month check-up today at the doctor. She also had her first round of shots. She was already having a rough and cranky day so why not add to it! Let me just say, them giving her the shots…. I handled fine. She of course was crying the entire time (even before they gave them to her… like I said… it has been a day) but I expected that. What I wasn’t so prepared for was how she was going to act about 4 hours afterwards (or just about an hour ago). I can tell she is in pain and that makes me sad. Every time she remotely moves her leg she starts screaming, tears start flowing, and her lips start quivering. I forgot how much tetanus shots (or any of the other shots for that matter) suck. We gave her some infant Tylenol, put her in her jammies and swaddle, and laid her down. She is still wide awake but now nothing is bumping her leg so she isn’t so sad anymore.

This was earlier before the pain set in.

On the positive… the doctor doesn’t think it’s acid reflux bothering Kyler like the nurse practitioner thought a few weeks ago. She said while it could be reflux and all babies have it to an extent, she thinks it’s more likely personality… which is a nice way to say that she is just high maintenance (I am just going to stop all the “just like her mom” jokes here). She said that it seems that Kyler likes to be stimulated all the time so that is why she gets fussy pretty easily. Supposedly, this will go away when she is able to entertain herself more by holding toys, having better vision to see more, rolling over etc. The doc said she had a baby just like this and she actually thinks they are pretty smart because they know their surroundings and know what they want. I am just happy it’s not acid reflux!

Kyler is a big girl… shocker I know. She is 12 pounds, 5 oz putting her in the 90th percentile for weight. She is 23.5 inches long also putting her in the 90th percentile for height. The doctor said she must be taking after her daddy… think so? Here is the funny part though…. her head is only 15 inches round, or the 25th percentile (which is perfectly normal she said.)

We have to give her more tummy time because she is starting to get a flat spot on her little head… so starting tomorrow (when she is feeling better) we are going to have lots and lots of tummy time!

Everything else was great! The doctor was happy with her weight gain and growth, she is doing everything she should be doing at this age (even bearing weight on her legs which is more likely around 3-4 months), and is sleeping great. She still doesn’t sleep through the night but she goes to bed around 8:30-9 and only wakes up once around 4am. I’ll take it for now!

Kyler with her blanket her nana made her:

After the doctor’s appointment, Erika and Kelsey came by to meet her! Good seeing you girls!

Well off to take care of my little girl… poor thing needs lots of Mommy and Daddy time tonight!

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