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It’s all about Ammo

27 Mar

Ammo (or Boo, Bub, Bam, Bam Bam, Bubby, Bamo, Bubba, Jam Bam, Mr. Grumpus, Chunko Butt… it’s quite ridiculous how many nicknames he has) is a cavalier king charles and cocker mix and was my first “kid”. He is 6 years old now! I don’t want him to get any older 😦 I got him in college and he was only supposed to be around 15 pounds…. HA! He is probably around 35 lbs now (and that is skinny for him) and is the smartest (and most stubborn) animal we have. He does all sorts of tricks (for food) and loves to go lizard (or anything else he can find) hunting. He does what he wants (which mean he doesn’t listen very well) but is so sweet and lovey. He knows how to work a crowd. It’s quite remarkable how fast he goes from grumpy to this cute little puppy face when he wants something.

Ammo may have been one of the cutest puppies ever.

Ammo at the lake… he doesn’t go in much farther than this.

Ammo doing some of his tricks for food.

Lizard hunting

Ammo and his sister Mia found a lizard

We just got new plants and of course he is already checking them out for lizards.

Ammo the Spider for Halloween one year.

Ammo just got a haircut, happy boy!

He had to wear baby socks because his paws got raw from the pool 😦

Taking a nap on the glider. See how much bigger he looks when he needs a haircut!

Fenway loves to terrorize the dogs. Poor Ammo…

Go Magic!!!!

That’s Ammo!

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