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Weekend Update with Kyler: 13 weeks and a cold

29 Apr

This post is long but is mostly pictures, just a FYI ūüôā This past week, Kyler experienced her first cold. And, she handled it like a champ! I have been sick for a good 2 weeks now and I passed it onto her ūüė¶ She was really stuffed up and congested and ran a small fever but that part only lasted a day or two.¬†The bulb aspirator¬†was been our best friend this week.

Monday was such a nice day out that we decided to go for a walk when I got home. She had a good time riding around ūüôā That night she slept the entire night….but I knew better to not get excited. This is when her cold was setting in so she was trying to sleep it off.

She is getting good use out of her jumperoo and she can’t even jump in it yet!

Tuesday, we woke up sick. I was feeling worse and so was she. Thankfully, Tuesday’s are days with Grandma so that made me feel better. She slept the majority of the day and Dad was able to check on her at lunch time. I went home from work a little early because I got worse and worse as the day went on.

Lunch time with Dad. She loves to hang her tongue out.

Tuesday night was a bit rough….she was having a hard time sleeping because she was so congested. We were using the saline drops and the aspriator but she was still waking up every 10 minutes or so. Thanks to some advice from my boss Phil, Chris ran out to Wal-Mart grocery (nice to have on the corner) and bought some Vick’s Baby Rub. We rubbed it on her feet and put socks on and she was able to sleep until 5am.

Some of my daycare labels came in the mail. So far, they are awesome! I am still waiting on labels from one more company.

Wednesday was a game day for me and a daycare day for Kyler. I dropped her off at daycare around 11am and I decided to go to the doctor because I was about 99.9% sure I had a sinus infection. And…. I was right. Chris went golfing earlier that morning and was able to pick her up from daycare early. My doctor gave me antibiotics and I headed into work. By the end of the night, I had lost my voice and I was feeling not so good. Chris picked up a humdifier for her room to help with some of her stuffiness.

Chris ran into a big gator of the golf course…part of living in Florida!

I woke up Thursday and decided to stay home. Kyler still went to Grandma’s so I could sleep and try to get better. This is got to be one of the worst or longest sinus infections I have ever had.¬† On the plus side, Kyler was starting to feel better. No more fever and was just a tiny bit congested.

Miss Kyler was 3 months old on Thursday. I had to capture some pictures of course!

Friday was a normal day for us. Kyler went to daycare and we went to work.

Kyler heading to daycare!

On my way home, I called Chris and he had me on speaker. She was pretty interested in the phone!

She has been grabbing more things lately and likes to hang onto her shirt. We introduced a little security blanket someone gave us and she loves it!

Saturday was a pretty busy day for us! We got up early and cleaned up the house. Kyler played while we did that.

We ran to the mall for Macy’s friends and family. My parents met us up there and bought me a birthday present!!! I love my Michael Kors watches ūüôā

Miss Kyler at the mall.

We had some friends over last night for game night/my birthday. It was lots of fun!

Kyler and her Aunt JJ

Kyler with Uncle Joe Joe

Kyler playing with her Fischer-Price apps on the iPad

Kenley came over too! First slumber party for the girls! They slept great considering how loud it got! They pretty much slept right through it!

The girls ‚̧ The boys were over too, just not in the picture.

Even the pups had a playdate! Carter and Stella came over to play. Poor Carter was tired by the end of the night!

We didn’t get to bed until about 1:30am which made for a fun morning today ūüôā Up at 6am and she finally got really fussy around 7am and wanted to be up and moving. We pretty much lounged around the house this morning and played.

Kyler holding her basketball.

Maggie is eyeing that ball.

We blew up her pool and hung out in there for a little bit.

Kyler with Mommy

Splish Splashin around

We dried off and went inside. I ran upstairs to change real quick and by the time I got back down to feed her, she was knocked out cold!

Earlier this evening, we went to the Food Truck Bazaar here in downtown Avalon Park.

Kenley and Kyler hung out while we ate. Kenley is so funny because all she wants to do is grab Kyler.

We are bathed, fed, and ready to bed! Time to start the week all over tomorrow. I have a pretty busy week ahead. Birthday is Tuesday, playoff game Wednesday, Tom Petty Thursday, and another playoff game Saturday. Go Magic!!!!!

3 Months Old!!!

26 Apr

Kyler is 3 months old today!!! Time is flying by. She is growing and changing so quickly that she doesn’t even seem like a newborn to me anymore ūüė¶

At 3 months, Kyler can hold her body up pretty well (with help from Mom and Dad) and loves to stand. She will go from a crouching position and just push up to a standing position. She has strong little legs! We still aren’t rolling over yet but I think she will in the coming weeks. She is start to drool a lot and I can tell that very soon she will be putting her toys in her mouth. Time to bust out the teethers! Now that is she exploring the world around her a bit more, we are going to up our walks and start reading and explaining things to her more. She is more fun every day and seems to be turning out to be a one happy baby.

Love her blue eyes ‚̧

Happy little girl!

Weekend Update with Kyler: Big Girl @ 12 weeks

22 Apr

Miss Kyler is 12 weeks and will be 3 months old on Thursday!!! She had a week full of “big girl” things: daycare, stroller, high chair, big girl bath, unswaddled etc. She is starting to talk a lot more, especially when Dad talks back to her in his “Elmo” voice. I don’t want to jinx it but she is moving out of her fussy baby stage. She is becoming a lot more aware. She tracks us across the room now, still standing like a champ (pretty unbelievable, she will stand for a good minute!), likes to hold onto her toys, and still into her mat. She is still growing quickly. Today we moved into size 2 diapers. The other night we decided to see if she would be okay without being swaddled for sleep and she did great! Such a big girl ūüôā

Monday was the first day of daycare. I was a bit of a mess when I left the place. I knew she was going to be in good hands but I still wasn’t feel too great about it. I called a couple of times to check on her and they said she was doing well. I had a game that day so Chris picked her up. She went to bed at 5:30pm!!! He had a really hard time waking her up to eat because she was knocked out cold. I guess it really wore her out.

About 5 minutes later….

Tuesday was Grandma’s day to watch her. She was a lot more alert than the day before and seemed to be in a really happy mood. She went down to Aunt Bunny’s and had a visit with her. It’s nice that she gets to be around family a couple of times a week ūüôā I came home early from work with a cold ūüė¶ I felt it coming on late Monday. When I got home, Kyler was in her jumperoo. She doesn’t really bounce or anything but she seemed like she was having fun. After Kyler went to sleep, I decided to follow her move.

Wednesday wasn’t too much better on the cold front. Woke up still feeling pretty crappy so I stayed home from work. I slept most of the morning away¬†and woke up feeling much better. I ordered Kyler some daycare labels…. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to get them!¬†Organization and labels make me a happy¬†girl.¬†Kyler still went to daycare but I ended up picking her up early. Dad played with her when he got home so I could rest some more.

Happy faces while we went into Publix

Loves her toy that plays music

I went back to work on Thursday and was feeling a lot better. Kyler went to Grandma’s house for the day. She went to visit Aunt Barbara and had a good day. I love Tuesdays and Thursdays now because I know she is with my mom. I know daycare will grow on me but I am still not in love with the idea. I also get pictures of her throughout the day from Chris or my mom so¬†I like that¬†too.

Friday was another daycare day for Miss Kyler. She learned rectangle, purple, the letter U, and the number 9 this week at daycare. We get a report each day of what she did, when she ate and slept and when she gets her diaper changed. After daycare, we ran up to Best Buy and Carters. I got her some 4th of July clothes….she is going to be sporting Red, White and Blue the week of the 4th.

2-Piece Swim SetShort Sleeve Fireworks TeeFirst 4th of July Bib

We woke up early Saturday morning to get the house cleaned before we went to Tampa for my friend Geoff and Amanda’s wedding. While Mom and Dad cleaned, Kyler played in her jumperoo. When I moved into the kitchen, I put her in her highchair for the first time. She liked it. She just hung out and watched me clean. I explained to her everything I was doing and she seemed somewhat interested.

While Kyler went to Grandma and Poppa’s house, we went over to Tampa for the wedding. We weren’t able to stay the entire time, but it was nice to hang out with old friends so I am glad we went!

Today we had a really nice family day. We didn’t get much done but it was nice and relaxing. We slept in then played with our toys¬†then napped on¬†Dad. This afternoon we ran to¬†Target to get wipes (and bought more clothes, I can’t help it!!!) and then ended up at Toys R Us. My parents bought Kyler a gift card for¬†Easter and we¬†finally decided on a baby pool for her. I think it will get us through the summer months when we don’t feel like driving back to Merritt Island to use the pool. I am hoping we get use it next weekend!

Kyler loves to hang out to her toys that play music.

When we got home, we walked up to the park outside our neighborhood so Chris could shoot some hoops. We met up with the Gilbertson’s on their walk.

Kyler rode in the stroller like a big girl today! I think she liked it a lot more because she always gets so hot in the stroller! I think she liked to be able to look out and see everything too.

Kyler and Kenley hanging out.

Baby Blue eyes

When we got home, Miss Kyler got a bath. She was outgrowing her rainforest bath tub so we bought her a new lounger. The sling part was too small for her and when she sat where older babies were supposed to sit, the water barely covered her legs. So tonight was the first time we were in the big tub. Chris had to help me because she was squirming all over the place. He was on “make sure she doesn’t fall over” patrol.

After her bath, she went to play on her mat while Mom and Dad ate. When I went over to check on her, I found her passed out, haha. Poor girl was tired!

Like I said, this week was a week full of big girl things. We had a very eventful week. Hope everything has a great week ahead!

Weekend Update with Kyler : 11 weeks

15 Apr

Last week was my first week back to work. My mom had her¬†the first week¬†so I could transition back into work without having to worry about daycare.¬†It went really well and I think Kyler did great. I think I did okay….definitely missed the little one. Once I was at work… I was fine. It was just seeing her at night and in the morning that made me a little sad because I didn’t want to leave her again. Grandma has been taking her on walks though so it’s nice for Kyler to get some fresh air! My mom and Chris do a good job of sending me pictures throughout the day.

Monday was the first big day back to work. It was also a game day. I only worked to about 7:30pm so I could get home and see little Kyler. She had an okay day. She didn’t really sleep well the night before (go figure) so she kind of gave Grandma a hard time. Chris went home at lunch time to see her so that is nice!

Kyler’s mat at Grandma and Poppa’s house

Back at home and smiling for Momma

Tuesday-Thursday was just¬†run of the mill type of days. I went to work. Kyler went to Grandma’s (and was much better). Grandma bought her some new toys to play with and I am sure Kyler ran all sorts of errands with my mom. She doesn’t stay still for long¬†(I guess that is where I get it from) and is usually on the go. That will work out well for Kyler because she likes to be on the move too. Kyler came home beat because she is getting adjusted to waking up at 6:30am now. Once she starts daycare, I know they will get her on a good nap schedule.

Naked baby

Hanging out at Grandma and Poppa’s

Snuggling up with Momma

Chris was off work on Friday and it was a game day so Chris got to spend the whole day with Kyler. They came down and had lunch with me. It was a great pick-me-up because I planned to work the entire game. They had a good day: took naps, played with her toys, took some more naps. I got home around 11:30pm but at least I got to see her at lunch time!

Tummy time after having lunch with Mommy

Just woke up from a nap and the Red Sox won (Chris says this is why she is smiling…yeah….)

Taking a good look at her kitchen

Having fun in the Exersaucer

Yesterday we ran some errands with Kendra and bought some stuff for daycare. Later, we went down to Absolutely Avalon in downtown Avalon (where we live). They had about 160 vendors set up on the streets and park with food and drinks. We walked around that for an hour or so with The¬†Gilbertson’s¬†then headed to Tijuana Flats for dinner. We ended up buying a jumperoo from Kendra’s neighbor for $30 bucks! They still sell it at the toy store for $100 so we got a good deal.

Running errands while hanging onto her toy

Kendra, Kenley, Kyler and I walking around downtown Avalon. Thanks for letting me borrow the Moby, Kendra!

Chris and the munchkin

Family photo

Today, we started off the day with our typically happy time talking with Mom and Dad. Then, we went back to home to go to my Aunt Bunny’s 60th birthday party. We had some good family time then went over to Jenny and Joe’s for a visit!¬†We had a few good naps and headed back home. Chris and I tried this fairly new sushi place in Avalon and it was really good! Prices weren’t too bad either so looks like I found myself a new sushi joint. We gave Kyler a bath so she would be nice and clean for her first day of school tomorrow and got her ready for bed. By the time I got things ready for daycare and her clothes put away, she was passed out in her crib.

Kyler’s box that will go to daycare

Off to relax and maybe go to bed early! Tomorrow is a game day and I am not quite back into fighting shape so I need rest! Good night!

The Infamous Mr. Fen

14 Apr

Fenway, or better known as Mr. Fen, is part tabby, part bobcat (kidding, I think.) Chris found him while working the Jimmy Fallon show back in November 2008. It was a cold night and he found him in the generator room. I remember getting a phone call from Chris telling me he was on his way home and he had a present for me. In the background was a cute little meow. Reluctantly, I told him to bring him home and we would figure it out. It took a week or so before we decided to keep him for good. I didn’t want to bring him to the pound because there are so many cats and kittens there that never go to a good home so we added another to the bunch. I am so glad we did! He is the best cat. I am not talking about the most well-behaved, but the most fun. He is so quirky, loveable, fun, and goofy cat. He thinks he is a dog… tries to chew on the bones, eat ice, and fetches. He talks quite a bit and likes to be referred to Mr. Fen. He walks like he is a big cat (lion, tiger, leopard, you get the point.)

Helping on laundry day. He is MUCH bigger now.

Fen with Maggie’s toy.

He gets along with the turtles too, haha!

Not a fan of Halloween costumes… probably won’t do that again!

The handsome Mr. Fen

Weekend Update with Kyler: Easter Edition

8 Apr

Happy Easter to everyone!!!

I had such a great last week of my maternity leave with Kyler.

Monday, we went back to Merritt Island to let the dogs go swimming and decided to let Kyler go in the pool for a little bit. She didn’t seem to mind the pool but then again, I’m not sure really knew she was in the pool. When she is a bit older and can keep herself up, we will buy her a little float to use.

She had a hat on but it came off.

Tuesday was our second year anniversary ūüôā We got each other an iPad for our anniversary. I love it so far! I made steamed clams, steak, mashed potatoes, asparagus and a salad. Chris bought red velvet cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. That is where we got the idea for our wedding cake! Yum!

Wednesday, Kyler and I ran to the mall and to Toys R Us. They were having a sale, buy a Fisher Price toy over $25, get a FP toy under $25 for free. She loves her kitchen!

Thursday, we hung out around the house all day and played with our toys!! She loves her new basketball hoop. She also started wearing her Easter outfits because she had so many!

Friday, a cleaning lady came by the house for a few hours. She was an Easter present from my mom, thanks Mom!! While she cleaned, Kyler and I played.

Saturday, Chris and Kyler hung out while I was at my hair appointment. Nice Dad time for her!

Today, we had my mom’s side of the family over for Easter brunch.¬†We had¬†ham, pancakes, bacon, fruit salad, eggs, toast,¬†coffee cake and croissants.¬†Kyler¬†got to meet her Uncle Tim and Aunt Tracy,¬†Uncle Keith and Aunt¬†Sharon and her two cousins Timmy and Taylor. It’s always nice to spend time with family :0

Kyler and her Great Uncle Tim

Kyler and her Great Grandma

The dogs enjoying the nice weather

Kyler enjoying the Easter present Mom and Dad bought her

Uncle Craig and Kyler

Chris with Timmy and Taylor. This was after they played basketball, I think it was hard for Chris to keep up with a couple of teenagers!

Easter baskets from my parents, thanks!

I am really going to miss hanging out with her all day ūüė¶

Tomorrow is my first day back to work. I have a ton of mixed emotions and¬†I know the first week or 2 will be tough. Kyler will be going to my mom’s house all this week and next week she will start daycare!

I hope everyone had a great Easter!


Maggie being Maggie

6 Apr

Maggie was Chris’s dog. She is actually only a month younger than Caya so they pretty much grew up with each other. She is…. well she is Maggie. If you know her, you know what that means. She is the most anxious dog I have ever met. She rarely sits still, has to be the center of attention, and well… if you don’t pay attention to her, she will make sure you will. She is so anxious that you can’t leave anything out for her to get into.¬†Toilet paper? Why it’s her favorite treat of all. She eats the entire roll, cardboard and all, right off the holder. She is getting so good that I don’t even find scraps anymore. Kyler will really be able to use the excuse “The dog ate my homework” because I am sure at some point, Maggie will. She just had a bump removed and literally ate 2 of her 3 stitches. I told the vet and he said he also put a lot of stitches underneath the skin because “Well I wondered about Maggie and figured…”

She started out to be pretty much the dumbest dog ever. Sweet but not all there. Now, I am happy to report that she is actually quite bright! But look at that face! So sweet!

Her two favorite things ever…. Ball and Pool. Combine the two and she is in heaven.

¬†She is definitely¬†the protector of the house. She sticks up for her brothers and sisters and¬†really has her own¬†special relationship with each of the crew. She is¬†Fenway’s¬†best friend. They play together so well. Fenway bites her and then Maggie whacks him and they go back and forth.

She loves her sissy Cai…. They play very hard and rampage through the house. It’s quite funny.

She loves to follow Ammo. They usually get in trouble together.

Mags swimming

She is sleeping. Yes she has a ball her in mouth. Ridiculous.

Maggie Moo for Halloween

Gotta love the Mags!

10 weeks: On the move and finding our voice!

5 Apr

As you already know, Kyler loves her playmat.

It has been fun to see her grow with it. At first, she would just lay there and look at the lights. Next,¬†she started to move her arms around. Then, she would randomly hit the toys. Now,¬†her legs are a movin’! It’s quite funny when she really gets them really¬†reved up. I am pretty sure once she is mobile, she is going to take off.

A few nights ago, Kyler was playing on her mat and she started making these weird high pitch noises. Since then, she has been doing it more and more while she is playing.  It cracks me up. I think she is finally finding her voice.

We are starting to make happy sounds!

I am looking forward to this¬†holiday¬†weekend.¬†We are hosting Easter¬†brunch over at my house with my mom’s family.¬†Kyler hasn’t met anyone on that side of the family other than her Great Grandparents¬†yet! Sunday will be a pretty emotional day for me because it’s my last day of maternity leave. I am ready to get back into the action at work but leaving Kyler will be harder than I thought ūüė¶ I know everything will work out and she will be in good hands. It will just take some getting used to.

Princess Caya

4 Apr

About a year later after I got Ammo, I got Caya, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Growing up, I had a Golden and he was my best bud. Anytime my parents took me to the book store, I would go to the pet book section and look through the dog breed books and I came across the Tollers. I always told my parents that I was going to get one of them because they looks liked a mini Golden. So naturally, when I was looking around for a 2nd dog, I thought of that breed. Caya is now 5 and is the house princess (other than Kyler). She is so sweet yet so independent. She is my little chunker too (her fluffy coat doesn’t help). Chris and I really need her to drop probably 10 pounds but she really doesn’t eat that much. I think she just needs more exercise. She listens the best out of the 3 and is definitely a momma’s girl. She loves her sleep and her food!

Caya as a pup- so so so precious (although, she peed on me twice on the way home. Longest.Ride Ever.)

She looked like a little bear.

Caya at a few months old. I wanted to get her into rally or agility classes but when she was a few months old (around this age), she tried to jump on the bed and landed on her knee and broke her growth plate. She had to have some pretty major surgery with lots of wire and pins to hold it together. All of the hardware gave her a tough time as she got older so we ended up getting everything removed a few years later. I am convinced that this lead to some of her laziness ūüôā

 Mia is the princess of the other house and is pretty independent as well. Fitting that they would get along!

My water dog. She LOVES the water,

The girls.

Caya at the lake. She just stayed out there because it was too hot.

She thinks she is smaller than she really is.

Caya and her sister Maggie

Happy Anniversary to us!

3 Apr

2 years ago, I said I do to my best friend. He is the best husband and father I could have ever asked for.

Chris, the past 2 years have been so amazing and I could not be happier with where things are at in our lives. Thank you for always being there for me and giving me the most beautiful baby girl. I love you!

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