Princess Caya

4 Apr

About a year later after I got Ammo, I got Caya, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Growing up, I had a Golden and he was my best bud. Anytime my parents took me to the book store, I would go to the pet book section and look through the dog breed books and I came across the Tollers. I always told my parents that I was going to get one of them because they looks liked a mini Golden. So naturally, when I was looking around for a 2nd dog, I thought of that breed. Caya is now 5 and is the house princess (other than Kyler). She is so sweet yet so independent. She is my little chunker too (her fluffy coat doesn’t help). Chris and I really need her to drop probably 10 pounds but she really doesn’t eat that much. I think she just needs more exercise. She listens the best out of the 3 and is definitely a momma’s girl. She loves her sleep and her food!

Caya as a pup- so so so precious (although, she peed on me twice on the way home. Longest.Ride Ever.)

She looked like a little bear.

Caya at a few months old. I wanted to get her into rally or agility classes but when she was a few months old (around this age), she tried to jump on the bed and landed on her knee and broke her growth plate. She had to have some pretty major surgery with lots of wire and pins to hold it together. All of the hardware gave her a tough time as she got older so we ended up getting everything removed a few years later. I am convinced that this lead to some of her laziness 🙂

 Mia is the princess of the other house and is pretty independent as well. Fitting that they would get along!

My water dog. She LOVES the water,

The girls.

Caya at the lake. She just stayed out there because it was too hot.

She thinks she is smaller than she really is.

Caya and her sister Maggie

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