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10 weeks: On the move and finding our voice!

5 Apr

As you already know, Kyler loves her playmat.

It has been fun to see her grow with it. At first, she would just lay there and look at the lights. Next, she started to move her arms around. Then, she would randomly hit the toys. Now, her legs are a movin’! It’s quite funny when she really gets them really reved up. I am pretty sure once she is mobile, she is going to take off.

A few nights ago, Kyler was playing on her mat and she started making these weird high pitch noises. Since then, she has been doing it more and more while she is playing.  It cracks me up. I think she is finally finding her voice.

We are starting to make happy sounds!

I am looking forward to this holiday weekend. We are hosting Easter brunch over at my house with my mom’s family. Kyler hasn’t met anyone on that side of the family other than her Great Grandparents yet! Sunday will be a pretty emotional day for me because it’s my last day of maternity leave. I am ready to get back into the action at work but leaving Kyler will be harder than I thought 😦 I know everything will work out and she will be in good hands. It will just take some getting used to.

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