Maggie being Maggie

6 Apr

Maggie was Chris’s dog. She is actually only a month younger than Caya so they pretty much grew up with each other. She is…. well she is Maggie. If you know her, you know what that means. She is the most anxious dog I have ever met. She rarely sits still, has to be the center of attention, and well… if you don’t pay attention to her, she will make sure you will. She is so anxious that you can’t leave anything out for her to get into. Toilet paper? Why it’s her favorite treat of all. She eats the entire roll, cardboard and all, right off the holder. She is getting so good that I don’t even find scraps anymore. Kyler will really be able to use the excuse “The dog ate my homework” because I am sure at some point, Maggie will. She just had a bump removed and literally ate 2 of her 3 stitches. I told the vet and he said he also put a lot of stitches underneath the skin because “Well I wondered about Maggie and figured…”

She started out to be pretty much the dumbest dog ever. Sweet but not all there. Now, I am happy to report that she is actually quite bright! But look at that face! So sweet!

Her two favorite things ever…. Ball and Pool. Combine the two and she is in heaven.

 She is definitely the protector of the house. She sticks up for her brothers and sisters and really has her own special relationship with each of the crew. She is Fenway’s best friend. They play together so well. Fenway bites her and then Maggie whacks him and they go back and forth.

She loves her sissy Cai…. They play very hard and rampage through the house. It’s quite funny.

She loves to follow Ammo. They usually get in trouble together.

Mags swimming

She is sleeping. Yes she has a ball her in mouth. Ridiculous.

Maggie Moo for Halloween

Gotta love the Mags!

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