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The Infamous Mr. Fen

14 Apr

Fenway, or better known as Mr. Fen, is part tabby, part bobcat (kidding, I think.) Chris found him while working the Jimmy Fallon show back in November 2008. It was a cold night and he found him in the generator room. I remember getting a phone call from Chris telling me he was on his way home and he had a present for me. In the background was a cute little meow. Reluctantly, I told him to bring him home and we would figure it out. It took a week or so before we decided to keep him for good. I didn’t want to bring him to the pound because there are so many cats and kittens there that never go to a good home so we added another to the bunch. I am so glad we did! He is the best cat. I am not talking about the most well-behaved, but the most fun. He is so quirky, loveable, fun, and goofy cat. He thinks he is a dog… tries to chew on the bones, eat ice, and fetches. He talks quite a bit and likes to be referred to Mr. Fen. He walks like he is a big cat (lion, tiger, leopard, you get the point.)

Helping on laundry day. He is MUCH bigger now.

Fen with Maggie’s toy.

He gets along with the turtles too, haha!

Not a fan of Halloween costumes… probably won’t do that again!

The handsome Mr. Fen

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