Weekend Update with Kyler : 11 weeks

15 Apr

Last week was my first week back to work. My mom had her the first week so I could transition back into work without having to worry about daycare. It went really well and I think Kyler did great. I think I did okay….definitely missed the little one. Once I was at work… I was fine. It was just seeing her at night and in the morning that made me a little sad because I didn’t want to leave her again. Grandma has been taking her on walks though so it’s nice for Kyler to get some fresh air! My mom and Chris do a good job of sending me pictures throughout the day.

Monday was the first big day back to work. It was also a game day. I only worked to about 7:30pm so I could get home and see little Kyler. She had an okay day. She didn’t really sleep well the night before (go figure) so she kind of gave Grandma a hard time. Chris went home at lunch time to see her so that is nice!

Kyler’s mat at Grandma and Poppa’s house

Back at home and smiling for Momma

Tuesday-Thursday was just run of the mill type of days. I went to work. Kyler went to Grandma’s (and was much better). Grandma bought her some new toys to play with and I am sure Kyler ran all sorts of errands with my mom. She doesn’t stay still for long (I guess that is where I get it from) and is usually on the go. That will work out well for Kyler because she likes to be on the move too. Kyler came home beat because she is getting adjusted to waking up at 6:30am now. Once she starts daycare, I know they will get her on a good nap schedule.

Naked baby

Hanging out at Grandma and Poppa’s

Snuggling up with Momma

Chris was off work on Friday and it was a game day so Chris got to spend the whole day with Kyler. They came down and had lunch with me. It was a great pick-me-up because I planned to work the entire game. They had a good day: took naps, played with her toys, took some more naps. I got home around 11:30pm but at least I got to see her at lunch time!

Tummy time after having lunch with Mommy

Just woke up from a nap and the Red Sox won (Chris says this is why she is smiling…yeah….)

Taking a good look at her kitchen

Having fun in the Exersaucer

Yesterday we ran some errands with Kendra and bought some stuff for daycare. Later, we went down to Absolutely Avalon in downtown Avalon (where we live). They had about 160 vendors set up on the streets and park with food and drinks. We walked around that for an hour or so with The Gilbertson’s then headed to Tijuana Flats for dinner. We ended up buying a jumperoo from Kendra’s neighbor for $30 bucks! They still sell it at the toy store for $100 so we got a good deal.

Running errands while hanging onto her toy

Kendra, Kenley, Kyler and I walking around downtown Avalon. Thanks for letting me borrow the Moby, Kendra!

Chris and the munchkin

Family photo

Today, we started off the day with our typically happy time talking with Mom and Dad. Then, we went back to home to go to my Aunt Bunny’s 60th birthday party. We had some good family time then went over to Jenny and Joe’s for a visit! We had a few good naps and headed back home. Chris and I tried this fairly new sushi place in Avalon and it was really good! Prices weren’t too bad either so looks like I found myself a new sushi joint. We gave Kyler a bath so she would be nice and clean for her first day of school tomorrow and got her ready for bed. By the time I got things ready for daycare and her clothes put away, she was passed out in her crib.

Kyler’s box that will go to daycare

Off to relax and maybe go to bed early! Tomorrow is a game day and I am not quite back into fighting shape so I need rest! Good night!

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