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Weekend Update with Kyler: Big Girl @ 12 weeks

22 Apr

Miss Kyler is 12 weeks and will be 3 months old on Thursday!!! She had a week full of “big girl” things: daycare, stroller, high chair, big girl bath, unswaddled etc. She is starting to talk a lot more, especially when Dad talks back to her in his “Elmo” voice. I don’t want to jinx it but she is moving out of her fussy baby stage. She is becoming a lot more aware. She tracks us across the room now, still standing like a champ (pretty unbelievable, she will stand for a good minute!), likes to hold onto her toys, and still into her mat. She is still growing quickly. Today we moved into size 2 diapers. The other night we decided to see if she would be okay without being swaddled for sleep and she did great! Such a big girl ūüôā

Monday was the first day of daycare. I was a bit of a mess when I left the place. I knew she was going to be in good hands but I still wasn’t feel too great about it. I called a couple of times to check on her and they said she was doing well. I had a game that day so Chris picked her up. She went to bed at 5:30pm!!! He had a really hard time waking her up to eat because she was knocked out cold. I guess it really wore her out.

About 5 minutes later….

Tuesday was Grandma’s day to watch her. She was a lot more alert than the day before and seemed to be in a really happy mood. She went down to Aunt Bunny’s and had a visit with her. It’s nice that she gets to be around family a couple of times a week ūüôā I came home early from work with a cold ūüė¶ I felt it coming on late Monday. When I got home, Kyler was in her jumperoo. She doesn’t really bounce or anything but she seemed like she was having fun. After Kyler went to sleep, I decided to follow her move.

Wednesday wasn’t too much better on the cold front. Woke up still feeling pretty crappy so I stayed home from work. I slept most of the morning away¬†and woke up feeling much better. I ordered Kyler some daycare labels…. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to get them!¬†Organization and labels make me a happy¬†girl.¬†Kyler still went to daycare but I ended up picking her up early. Dad played with her when he got home so I could rest some more.

Happy faces while we went into Publix

Loves her toy that plays music

I went back to work on Thursday and was feeling a lot better. Kyler went to Grandma’s house for the day. She went to visit Aunt Barbara and had a good day. I love Tuesdays and Thursdays now because I know she is with my mom. I know daycare will grow on me but I am still not in love with the idea. I also get pictures of her throughout the day from Chris or my mom so¬†I like that¬†too.

Friday was another daycare day for Miss Kyler. She learned rectangle, purple, the letter U, and the number 9 this week at daycare. We get a report each day of what she did, when she ate and slept and when she gets her diaper changed. After daycare, we ran up to Best Buy and Carters. I got her some 4th of July clothes….she is going to be sporting Red, White and Blue the week of the 4th.

2-Piece Swim SetShort Sleeve Fireworks TeeFirst 4th of July Bib

We woke up early Saturday morning to get the house cleaned before we went to Tampa for my friend Geoff and Amanda’s wedding. While Mom and Dad cleaned, Kyler played in her jumperoo. When I moved into the kitchen, I put her in her highchair for the first time. She liked it. She just hung out and watched me clean. I explained to her everything I was doing and she seemed somewhat interested.

While Kyler went to Grandma and Poppa’s house, we went over to Tampa for the wedding. We weren’t able to stay the entire time, but it was nice to hang out with old friends so I am glad we went!

Today we had a really nice family day. We didn’t get much done but it was nice and relaxing. We slept in then played with our toys¬†then napped on¬†Dad. This afternoon we ran to¬†Target to get wipes (and bought more clothes, I can’t help it!!!) and then ended up at Toys R Us. My parents bought Kyler a gift card for¬†Easter and we¬†finally decided on a baby pool for her. I think it will get us through the summer months when we don’t feel like driving back to Merritt Island to use the pool. I am hoping we get use it next weekend!

Kyler loves to hang out to her toys that play music.

When we got home, we walked up to the park outside our neighborhood so Chris could shoot some hoops. We met up with the Gilbertson’s on their walk.

Kyler rode in the stroller like a big girl today! I think she liked it a lot more because she always gets so hot in the stroller! I think she liked to be able to look out and see everything too.

Kyler and Kenley hanging out.

Baby Blue eyes

When we got home, Miss Kyler got a bath. She was outgrowing her rainforest bath tub so we bought her a new lounger. The sling part was too small for her and when she sat where older babies were supposed to sit, the water barely covered her legs. So tonight was the first time we were in the big tub. Chris had to help me because she was squirming all over the place. He was on “make sure she doesn’t fall over” patrol.

After her bath, she went to play on her mat while Mom and Dad ate. When I went over to check on her, I found her passed out, haha. Poor girl was tired!

Like I said, this week was a week full of big girl things. We had a very eventful week. Hope everything has a great week ahead!

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