3 Months Old!!!

26 Apr

Kyler is 3 months old today!!! Time is flying by. She is growing and changing so quickly that she doesn’t even seem like a newborn to me anymore 😦

At 3 months, Kyler can hold her body up pretty well (with help from Mom and Dad) and loves to stand. She will go from a crouching position and just push up to a standing position. She has strong little legs! We still aren’t rolling over yet but I think she will in the coming weeks. She is start to drool a lot and I can tell that very soon she will be putting her toys in her mouth. Time to bust out the teethers! Now that is she exploring the world around her a bit more, we are going to up our walks and start reading and explaining things to her more. She is more fun every day and seems to be turning out to be a one happy baby.

Love her blue eyes ❤

Happy little girl!

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