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4 month check-up : Growing like a weed!

30 May

Kyler had her 4 month check-up today at the doctor’s and she did great! She cried for a little bit and then of course cried after her shots but she was much better than her 2 month check-up. Chris was off work today so she got to go home and relax with him. That turned out to be a good thing because she cried anytime he tried to put her down until about 6pm.

Just waking up when I got home.

The big news coming out of the appointment is WE ARE STARTING SOLIDS!!! I am looking forward to this because I am hoping (praying, fingers and toes crossed, selling my soul, etc) that she will start sleeping better. For a while, she was only waking up once a night around 4:30am. I thought “This isn’t too bad!” About 5-6 weeks ago, she started adding a 1-2am feeding randomly. Now, she mostly wakes up twice a night and sometimes (when I am lucky) she will only wake up once. Her doctor said if she started adding a feeding around then, then she is hungry and it’s time to start solids.

She started feeling better.

What does that mean for Chris and I? A lot of sleepless and LONG nights in our future. When she wakes up at 2am, we can soothe her for a few minutes but if she doesn’t stop, we let her cry for about 20 minutes until we go check on her again. But no food. Her doctor said she is big enough so go through the whole night without eating. So these next few weeks, we will be weaning her off her middle of the night feedings. YAY! Although it will be rough, I am personally looking foward to sleeping a majority of the night. For those of you saying Yeah Right…. I tell you, it will happen. I am determined 🙂 And I am pretty sure Kyler is too 🙂 She is just a hungry girl so that is where the solids come in.

As I stated before, we are going to be making Kyler’s food. I am thinking I may start her off with Green Beans and then start adding Rice Cereal to it after a few days. Doc said to give it to her at her nighttime feeding so hopefully it will keep her full throughout the night. I am looking forward to solids. I know it’s going to be a lot more time consuming, messier, and will give all new meaning to a “dirty” diaper, but I think it will be fun and it’s an exciting time. I will be sure to get lots of pictures and video of the first time!

Using her pacifier as a teether.

Everything else at the doctor went great! She got her shots :(, went over some questions I had about teething, car seats (as I will need to start researching soon since she is growing at a rapid rate), and solids and of course she got her new stats. She is taking after Daddy for sure!

15 pounds and 10 oz!!!!! She gained a whole pound in 2 weeks. Insane. That puts her in the 90th percentile for weight.

25 3/5 inches long! She is tall as well. Also puts her in the 90th percentile.

Her head is now 16 inches around and puts her in the 45th-50th percentile! Finally, her tiny head is catching up to the rest of her body 🙂

We don’t go back to the doctor’s for another 2 months and I am sure she will change so much between now and then!

Passed out! Goodnight ❤

Weekend Update with Kyler: 4 months old!

27 May

I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend. Kyler is doing great. She is getting big, does that shock you? I swear I looked away from her for a minute and she grew. She is so long, just like Dad. We go to the doctor’s for her 4 month check-up on Wednesday. I am eager to ask the doctor some questions about solids, car seats, and sleeping. I will post something after her doctor’s appointment on Wednesday.

Kyler’s week started off at daycare on Monday. Nothing too crazy to report there.

Tuesday was a day at Grandma’s. We went for a walk when I got home from work.

Just hanging out.

Kyler on her way home. Goofy face!

On a walk. Again with the face 🙂

I dropped her off at daycare on Wednesday. She is getting to be too big for some of their swings. Her head is at the very top. Good thing she will be sitting up on her own in the next month or two. She didn’t sleep well at all on Wednesday. It’s hard to tell if it’s her gums or if she is hungry. This will be a question for the doctor.

Chewing away.

I was off work on Thursday so my mom came out to Orlando and the three of us went shopping. We started off at a furniture place for my mom and Kyler decided to make a mess. A big mess. Of course all I had in my car was an extra pair of shorts (I don’t know how many times I have to remind myself… but… ALWAYS keep and extra pair of clothes in the car) so that wasn’t so great. Although Kyler laughed and thought it was funny. We got cleaned up and continued on to the mall. Before bed, she drank 8 oz of milk. I was hoping that would keep her full until 4-5 in the morning but no, she woke up at 2:30. And I am supposed to cut out the 2 am feeding in a week. Yeah…. I am not sure she is going to like that.

I love my Michael Kors watches and purses 🙂

Chris and I were both off on Friday so we decided we needed a day to ourselves. We went on a day date and Kyler went to daycare. We went to lunch at Bahama Breeze and then went to go see the movie “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” We thought it would be fitting since we just went through that. It was a decent movie all in all.

Having some “us” time 🙂

Hanging out with the little cupcake after the movie. She LOVES to stand. She is watching Chris change out the turtle water.

Kyler was 4 months old on Saturday!! We decided to head back to the coast for some fun in the sun. Kyler got to sport her new bathing suit and play in the pool. My mom’s friend and Emmy/Beamer’s dog breeder was up visiting too so there was a total of 10 dogs there. 5 Golden Retrievers, 1 Duck Tolling Retriever, 2 Cocker/Cavalier spaniels, and 1 Yorkie.

Saturday morning at home.

Waiting patiently for Grandma and Poppa to get home so she can go swimming 🙂

Take me swimming!!!

Chris and Kyler

They were waiting too 🙂

Now I am ready!!


Happy baby 🙂

Stylin’ with her shades on.

Can someone take me in the pool already??

My pretty little girl ❤

No she did not face plant, she is trying to chew her raft : sigh:

Riding around in her buggy.

Watching the puppies play.

Ammo even got in to say hello!

The doggie pool.

Left to Right: Caya, Maggie, Beamer, Emmy, Rocky (Emmy’s dad, Beamer’s grandpa), Chelsea (Emmy’s mom, Beamer’s grandma), and Juicy (Emmy’s sister, Beamer’s mom)

Staying out of the way!

Mom, look at me! I am swimming!

One happy puppy.

So many dogs.

Tired girls.

Some after pool fun!

We were supposed to go out on the boat today, Sunday, but Tropical Storm Beryl was making the weather cloudy (and the river too choppy) so we opted for a short day at the beach. We went to the Jetty’s with my parents and Kyler has a good first time at the beach! It was a little windy at times (go figure) so that would kick the sand up 😦 but other than that, it was nice that it wasn’t too bright out. We had a little tent and umbrella set up for her so she wouldn’t get too much sun and we were ready to rock!

Learned a few tips when taking a baby to the beach:

  • Don’t bring diaper bag, it will get sand in it
  • Keep extra pacifier is a ziplock bag or else, it will get sand on it
  • Bring a couple wash clothes (or lots of face wipes) to get sand off the baby’s face (also to cool her off)
  • Bring extra towel and don’t take it out so there is no sand on it
  • Bring hard toys (nothing that sand can get into)
  • Bring lounge chairs to lay on to get minimal sand on you so when you have to handle your baby,  you don’t get sand all over her
  • Try and go on a not so windy day 🙂

See the trend there? I know there is sand at beach, as I always complain about the sand everywhere issue, but it’s that much more “fun” when you bring a baby. Being from Florida, I always went to the beach with a simple towel and maybe my wallet. Not so much anymore 🙂

“Laying” out.

Munchkin and I

She even has her jellies on 🙂

First time in the ocean!! So nice to have this so close to home, we are so lucky!

Enjoying a meal after the beach 🙂

4 months old!!

Beamer and Emmy

Beamer jumping

We packed up a little early so we could get home and get the little one bathed and rest for a little while before her bedtime. I am looking forward to a day at home with Kyler and Chris tomorrow 🙂 Sometimes when I am writing this blog and uploading all the pictures for a week I think “Oh my, I have a million pictures!” but then I am thankful I do. I would rather take a million each day so that I can remember the little things too. She is growing up so fast and pictures help document the big things (as well as the small). I don’t want to forget a minute of this experience with her so I am happy we take lots of pictures. And they are just too cute to keep to myself!

Weekend Update with Kyler: 16 weeks and Teething

20 May

16 weeks old. Next week she will be 4 months old. Time is not slowing down by any means and neither is Kyler. She is fully capable of holding her own toys now (yay!) and it starting to chew on everything. She also really likes all of her snuggies. She now rotates between 3 different ones. We took her to the doctor’s this week to make sure she didn’t have an ear infection (she didn’t) and she weighed 14lbs and 10 oz. She goes for her 4 month check-up in 2 weeks so we will get all new stats then. She is soooo close to rolling over from back to belly. She tried so hard today but it was too tough.

Monday came and we were off to daycare. Kyler learned the color Black, letters J, K, and L, the number 10 and read Jack and Jill. I had to run to Target earlier in the day and saw a cute little cow snuggie for her. She really likes it 🙂

Tuesday was a rough day for little pumpkin because she caught a cold. It was her day at Grandma’s so I think that helps her because she gets special attention.

On her way back home. She looks so sad here 😦

Dad read her a book before bedtime. She loves her books so far!!

Wednesday came. We were still sick. She did not sleep well this night. She was so congested it was hard for her get comfy for too long.

Story time with Mom. Don’t mind my Sonny’s shirt 🙂 I have so many from when I worked there.

I was off work on Thursday so Kyler and I got to spend the entire day together. We started off with some fun while I put away her laundry.

Surrounded by a bunch of toys!

We put some fun music on and she was having a good time!

She was sitting up and looking at the book by herself but she slowly fell over and the book went into her mouth.

Hanging out on Dad when he got home. My little Spidey Girl.

I was off work on Friday too (amazing) but Kyler went to daycare for a few hours so I could go shopping with my mom. I figure, I have to pay for that day if she goes or not anyway so she may have well go and play and give me a few hours to shop without a baby.

Getting dressed to go to school! Can’t get over how blue her eyes have turned out to be. Her hair is getting blonder so it appears that she has less hair, but it’s still all there 🙂 To me, I think she looks so much like my mom and brother Josh here.

Friday night, we went over to the Gilbertson’s to hang out with Melissa before she moves back to Philly on Tuesday. The girls played before bedtime and Kyler went to sleep in the pack and play. It was her turn to try and sleep at another person’s house. It was a success! We were able to leave, put her in her car seat, and get her into her bed without waking her up.

Kyler and Kenley are becoming best buds. Kenley is now 30 weeks old and just about to crawl. She loves to touch Kyler (or chew, however you look at it)! She is such an active baby.

You okay buddy?

My little lady.

So Kenley got ahold of her Kyler’s PJs and decided to pull her over to her.


Saturday was a day of chores for Chris and I. Kyler was a good girl while got some much needed cleaning done.

Her new thing: trying to feed herself.

Today, we ran all over the place: Babies R Us, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Yankee Candle, Barnes and Noble, Petsmart, the Gilbertsons to say bye to Melissa, and Publix.

Maggie and Caya loved their soccer ball we bought them a week or so ago. Only thing, they popped it in about 3 days. We bought them this toy made by Chuck It called “Kick It”. They of course loved it and it should last a lot longer! Maggie still loved her deflated soccer ball though.

Maggie, the ball hog.

Can’t forget about Ammo! He got a new toy too.

The turtles got a new light and food. Mr. Fen didn’t get anything because if it’s not shaped like a candy cane, he wants nothing to do with it. Yes, a candy cane. Weird, I know, but it’s the only thing he will fetch and carry around the house with him.

Since Kyler is a teething machine right now, we bought her this weird shaped “pacifier” if you can even call it that. It’s more of a teether but turns out, she loved it!!!

Other things we bought today: 4 brand new books for Kyler (all at a bargain price, oh yeah!), diapers, wipes, smelly stuff for the house, and some other much needed necessities. I also did some price checking on bowls, spoons, all stuff related to solid foods really because another month or so and we will be entering a whole new world.

Happy Sunday!! and Happy Anniversary to my In-Laws!

Weekend Update with Kyler: Happy Mother’s Day!!

13 May

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!! I had such a nice first Mother’s Day with my family. Kyler was 15 weeks old this week. I know I say it every week but time is flying! She is talking so much now and making all sorts of funny noises. She has changed so much this past week which would explain the growth spurt we just went through!

Monday was a run of the mill day. We woke up, went to daycare and work, came home, played and went to sleep.

Hanging out with Dad before Mom got home

Reading a book before bedtime

Tuesday was a big day for Miss Kyler because she rolled over for the first time!! She has yet to do it since but she did it four times on Tuesday. She went from belly to back 🙂 Dad was able to see it at lunch time and got a video.

Being goofy with Dad at lunch time

Wednesday was just like Monday. Nothing to report there. As I upload my pictures, I realize I had none from this day… fail.

Thursday was back to Grandma’s house. After work we went to Target to do some shopping and bought the girls a soccer ball. They LOVE it.

On her way home from Grandma’s

I had off work on Friday and Kyler went to daycare. That meant I slept in until 10am 🙂 I woke up had some coffee, did some laundry, took a nap, cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed before I went to pick up the little munchkin. She made her first school project for Mommy.

We went to Publix to get some much needed groceries. She passed out with her toy in her hand.

We went over to the Gilbertson’s for dinner and Kenley and Kyler were able to hang out.

I can’t do that yet Kenley!

Kenley making a move for her head

Kendra and Kyler

Saturday was supposed to be a day of finishing cleaning the house, hanging up shutters, and finishing our mirrors… but of course we did none of that. We decided to go on a walk in the morning with Kyler and the pups. Chris told me it would be 20 minutes each way, about a mile. WRONG. Our walk ended up being 5.2 miles and we were gone for 2 hours. We walked down to downtown Avalon and grabbed bagel sandwiches from this bakery down there. We took them to the park and had breakfast/lunch while the dogs cooled down.

She is close to rolling over from back to belly

Hey Mom, I have drool all over my face

Kyler is ready for her walk!

Eating in the park

The dogs are tired! Only half way, too.

 I know I walk a lot at my job, but, trying to keep up with Chris while pushing a stroller equaled an exhausted and sore Michelle the rest of the day.

Trying to keep up with Chris. He says I walk slow….no… I have normal 5’6″ person strides… I have to basically jog when he walks fast.

Passed a Mommy and Daddy duck with 3 little babies

Kyler had a package for her in the mail when we got home. Her Auntie Jen sent her 2 Red Sox shirts and Matty painted her a picture. He calls her Baby Kyler. How sweet!

After we got cleaned up after our walk, we had to run to the mall. We got some shopping done and picked up sushi and fried rice on the way home.

Before Kyler’s bedtime, we attemped to put her hand in washable paint so she could put her hand print on Grandma’s card…. yeah…. that really didn’t work out. It somehow ended up all over her legs and got on her nose. After that, we took a quick bath and it was off to bed!

What’s this?

What are you doing with my hand?

Her beautiful card. Like I said, it didn’t turn out the way we thought haha

Today, Sunday, we got up and headed back to Merritt Island for Mother’s Day. We had brunch at River Rock with my parents, grandparents,  and brother and his girlfriend. Part of the Finney clan was there so that was nice to spend a few minutes chatting and saying hello to them!

Out by the water… She’s not grumpy, just a little bright out!

Explaining to her what waves are. She liked the sound of the small waves making noises on the beach.

I wanted to get a picture with the 4 generations. It was hard to get a picture that looked good of all of us!

Miss K got to go swimming.

Kyler and her Poppa

Our water dog, Maggie

Talking to her Grandma

Chris got me a 3 lb bag of mint M&M’s for Mother’s Day…. yeah I have a bit of an addiction

He also got me the Baby Bullet. We plan on making all of Kyler’s food ourselves with organic fruits and veggies.

He also got me a frame that has a calendar and uploaded all of Kyler’s pictures in it. He got it for my desk at work. Love it!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Love you and thank you for all that you do for me and my family. I could never thank you enough for everything you do. I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day too!

Happy Mother’s Day to my Grandma! It was great to spend time with you today. Also, I miss Grandma Drabyk every day but days like this I think about her even more. Miss you and love you Grandma.

And Happy Mother’s Day to my Mother-In-Law! We are looking forward to our trip this fall. Kyler can’t wait to see her Nana again!

Like I said earlier…. I had a great 1st Mother’s Day thanks to my great family and my little baby girl Kyler. I can’t imagine my life without her, she is my world. I love being her Mommy!

Baby gear that we love for 0-3 months

12 May

*Warning- this post may be boring for some or most of you, but I wanted to write down all the things that we have found to love in the first 3 months of Kyler’s life so I can 1) have a place to look back in case I forget 2) share with my friends one day when they get pregnant (hurry up people!)

In no particular order….

Burp Clothes

Yes, burp clothes are very basic, however, you need lots of them. We have a bunch of different brands. We really like the plain ole’ Gerber cloth diapers because they are big and very absorbent but I also like to buy cute and fashionable ones too.

A way to spice them up is to take a piece of fabric and just sew it down the middle. My friend Kendra is making some now… I am sure she will blog about it soon (right Kendra?)

For those that choose Breast Feeding: Pump!!!

Medela pump! I have the Pump In Style tote and it works great! The only thing… I kind of wish I forked out more money and got the Freestyle. With my model, the bag is the pump so it’s bulky. With the Freestyle, it’s a lot smaller and hands free. Although you can buy a bra to make my model hand’s free. When I was pregnant, I thought a pump is a pump. They do the same thing but now I understand the differences!

On a side note: Hospitals use Medela pumps as well. I ended up getting extra parts and accessories (because they can’t let you reuse someone elses) and they fit my model so it worked out well, not to mention- saved me money!

Playmat or Activity Gym

As you probably read in an earlier post, we love love love our playmat. We have the Rainforest one from Fischer Price, but I would bet just about any mat would keep a baby occupied. Kyler loves the lights and sounds on hers. She is the most active when she is on her mat.


As I found out pretty early, you need a good nightlight. A key to making sure your baby doesn’t get it’s days and night’s mixed up is keeping nighttime calm and dark. I used to have the lamp on when she would eat and when we had to change her diaper overnight but it woke her up too much. A nightlight gives you just enough light to do what you need to do (unless your baby did #2, in which case, I crack the closet door and turn that light on to give me some more working light).

Piece of paper and pen or a good App

In the first few weeks when your baby is waking you up every 15 minutes (it feels like that) you will honestly not know what time it is and will actually forget. Yes, this happens. Chris found me one night feeding Kyler at 2am and I had NO recolection of this. When your baby is that young and eating that often you will be happy you wrote down feeding times. It’s also importat to know in those first few weeks if you are watching their weight gain. Good info that the doctor will want to know!


We have a bunch of different brands of “binkys” but Kyler loves the ones by Nuk. Tommy Tippy’s were too big and she really didn’t care for the ones the hospital had or the Soothies. The Nuk’s fit her face the best. Plus, they make some really cute patterns. I have realized a binky is really an accessory for a baby!

NUK Trendline Dots Size 1 Pink and Teal Silicone Pacifier 6-pk..Opens in a new window

Baby Swing:

The first few weeks, Kyler really didn’t care too much about the swing. After that small period was over, it became our savior. We have the 2 in 1 bouncer/swing combo by Graco.

She loves it. It was the only thing she would take naps in for a while and this lovely thing allowed me to eat, shower, and get a few things done while I was on maternity leave. I don’t use it too much anymore now that we are in daycare (and use a swing all day long there). I would say a swing is a must have item!

Pack n Play:

This was our bassinet for the first month of life. We had the Graco Pack n Play with the Newborn Napper. I didn’t think I would use the napper but when we got home, she was rolling all over the place and it kept her up. We put her in the napper and it craddled her and she slept so good in it! I think she fit in this for like 3 weeks before being too big but by then, she already had streched out and wasn’t so balled up.

Graco Newborn Napper Pack 'n Play Playard - Meadow Menagerie.Opens in a new window

I will have to start creating one for things after 3 months because she is really getting into a lot more now. These were juts some of the ever so important items that go us through 0-3 months!

Please Vote!

8 May

Please vote for Kyler in the Parent’s Magazine Cover Photo contest. I first entered her just to see what it was about but of course the competitor in Chris and I has kicked in and she needs to do better than #847 where she is currently. She is cuter than that!!!! Please click below:

Kyler thanks you 🙂

Weekend Update with Kyler: 14 weeks

6 May

It is May. Already. I am not even sure how that is possible but it is. Didn’t I just have a baby in January? Part of me feels like it was yesterday yet there is a part that feels like it has been longer than that. Kyler is becoming so much fun. She is so alert now and really taking in everything around her. She is really into books now so I am really happy about that. On another note, she has found the TV so now I need to be extra careful not to have it on too much. She goes to bed by 8 so we just play, eat, and read when we get home from daycare. She is waking me up twice a night now (not fun) and I am sooo hoping she goes back to one a night soon (see, I am not even asking for sleeping through the night yet!!). She is going through a growth spurt right now so that’s been fun. Eating like a champ, sleeping, cranky… the whole bit. She will take a 5 oz bottle and look for more food about 2 hours later. This week at daycare, she learned the color white, letter Y, octagon shape, and the number 10! She also got to play with sock puppets!

I got home from work Monday to find the little one passed out. She fell asleep on the mat and Chris moved her to the pack n play.

She also had some good tummy time 🙂

My 26th birthday was Tuesday and it was such a good day! The boys at work had some goodies at my desk for me and we went to this Mexican place for lunch. The burrito was so big!! It was really yummy though. Definitely want to go back to that place. They also got me and ice cream cake so of course I was happy!

Kyler got to go on a walk with Grandma

Playing with Dad at lunch

When I got home, Chris and Kyler had some more birthday surprises waiting for me. Chris had made this picture that said “Happy Birthday Mommy” out of pictures of Kyler and printed it out and put it in a frame for me. So sweet ❤

They also bought me a new underwater camera!!! We decided to get the Nikon AW100 and so far, I love it! They bought me an ice cream cake too but this one was cookies and cream. Yep, I had 2 pieces of ice cream cake and I was a happy girl!! We had a nice low-key evening and it was a perfect way to spend my birthday.

We had our first playoff game on Wednesday so I had a long day at work. Kyler went to daycare and had a pretty normal day. Dad picked her up, they went home, played, ate, and slept!

Thursday was a typical day at Grandma and Poppa’s. Dad went home and had lunch with her. When I got home later, we hung out for a bit, read some books and took a bath.

We didn’t do too much on Friday. Chris and I were able to get to a movie later in the day and saw the Avengers…. awesome movie!!!! Picked up the little one and she was sleepy.

Saturday was Kyler’s 1st Magic game. She did awesome!!! She loved it. She sat there and took it all in. Took a nap during half-time and the 3rd quarter and was up for the action at the end of the game. Since we went into overtime, I got home later than I thought I would. We were supposed to go to a friend’s house for Cinco de Mayo but Kyler was sooo sleepy from the game that we thought it would be best if she just stayed home and slept. I ended up passing out early too so I guess I needed rest as well.

She was ready to go with her NBA onesie and Adidas shoes!

First picture Center Court with Mom and Dad

Today, Sunday, we went back to my parent’s house for a pool day. We had bought her a pool float a while ago and finally got to test it out. Of course it was a little too big but nothing a few old towels couldn’t fix! I got to test out the new camera too! She really liked the pool and was in for a good half hour. After she got all dried off, she had a big bottle and took a long nap. The pups had a good time too.

Doing some tummy time while waiting on Dad to finish mowing the lawn

There are so many good shots from today so I am warning you now….

The Beamer Boy

Hanging out in her buggy

Reading a book with Dad after a bath

We Skyped with Nana and Grandpa tonight too! She was very intersted and we were able to talk for almost 30 minutes!

Love family day Sundays 🙂 Hope everyone had a good week. Looking forward to my first Mother’s Day next weekend!!!

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