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Weekend Update with Kyler: 14 weeks

6 May

It is May. Already. I am not even sure how that is possible but it is. Didn’t I just have a baby in January? Part of me feels like it was yesterday yet there is a part that feels like it has been longer than that. Kyler is becoming so much fun. She is so alert now and really taking in everything around her. She is really into books now so I am really happy about that. On another note, she has found the TV so now I need to be extra careful not to have it on too much. She goes to bed by 8 so we just play, eat, and read when we get home from daycare. She is waking me up twice a night now (not fun) and I am sooo hoping she goes back to one a night soon (see, I am not even asking for sleeping through the night yet!!). She is going through a growth spurt right now so that’s been fun. Eating like a champ, sleeping, cranky… the whole bit. She will take a 5 oz bottle and look for more food about 2 hours later. This week at daycare, she learned the color white, letter Y, octagon shape, and the number 10! She also got to play with sock puppets!

I got home from work Monday to find the little one passed out. She fell asleep on the mat and Chris moved her to the pack n play.

She also had some good tummy time 🙂

My 26th birthday was Tuesday and it was such a good day! The boys at work had some goodies at my desk for me and we went to this Mexican place for lunch. The burrito was so big!! It was really yummy though. Definitely want to go back to that place. They also got me and ice cream cake so of course I was happy!

Kyler got to go on a walk with Grandma

Playing with Dad at lunch

When I got home, Chris and Kyler had some more birthday surprises waiting for me. Chris had made this picture that said “Happy Birthday Mommy” out of pictures of Kyler and printed it out and put it in a frame for me. So sweet ❤

They also bought me a new underwater camera!!! We decided to get the Nikon AW100 and so far, I love it! They bought me an ice cream cake too but this one was cookies and cream. Yep, I had 2 pieces of ice cream cake and I was a happy girl!! We had a nice low-key evening and it was a perfect way to spend my birthday.

We had our first playoff game on Wednesday so I had a long day at work. Kyler went to daycare and had a pretty normal day. Dad picked her up, they went home, played, ate, and slept!

Thursday was a typical day at Grandma and Poppa’s. Dad went home and had lunch with her. When I got home later, we hung out for a bit, read some books and took a bath.

We didn’t do too much on Friday. Chris and I were able to get to a movie later in the day and saw the Avengers…. awesome movie!!!! Picked up the little one and she was sleepy.

Saturday was Kyler’s 1st Magic game. She did awesome!!! She loved it. She sat there and took it all in. Took a nap during half-time and the 3rd quarter and was up for the action at the end of the game. Since we went into overtime, I got home later than I thought I would. We were supposed to go to a friend’s house for Cinco de Mayo but Kyler was sooo sleepy from the game that we thought it would be best if she just stayed home and slept. I ended up passing out early too so I guess I needed rest as well.

She was ready to go with her NBA onesie and Adidas shoes!

First picture Center Court with Mom and Dad

Today, Sunday, we went back to my parent’s house for a pool day. We had bought her a pool float a while ago and finally got to test it out. Of course it was a little too big but nothing a few old towels couldn’t fix! I got to test out the new camera too! She really liked the pool and was in for a good half hour. After she got all dried off, she had a big bottle and took a long nap. The pups had a good time too.

Doing some tummy time while waiting on Dad to finish mowing the lawn

There are so many good shots from today so I am warning you now….

The Beamer Boy

Hanging out in her buggy

Reading a book with Dad after a bath

We Skyped with Nana and Grandpa tonight too! She was very intersted and we were able to talk for almost 30 minutes!

Love family day Sundays 🙂 Hope everyone had a good week. Looking forward to my first Mother’s Day next weekend!!!

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