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Baby gear that we love for 0-3 months

12 May

*Warning- this post may be boring for some or most of you, but I wanted to write down all the things that we have found to love in the first 3 months of Kyler’s life so I can 1) have a place to look back in case I forget 2) share with my friends one day when they get pregnant (hurry up people!)

In no particular order….

Burp Clothes

Yes, burp clothes are very basic, however, you need lots of them. We have a bunch of different brands. We really like the plain ole’ Gerber cloth diapers because they are big and very absorbent but I also like to buy cute and fashionable ones too.

A way to spice them up is to take a piece of fabric and just sew it down the middle. My friend Kendra is making some now… I am sure she will blog about it soon (right Kendra?)

For those that choose Breast Feeding: Pump!!!

Medela pump! I have the Pump In Style tote and it works great! The only thing… I kind of wish I forked out more money and got the Freestyle. With my model, the bag is the pump so it’s bulky. With the Freestyle, it’s a lot smaller and hands free. Although you can buy a bra to make my model hand’s free. When I was pregnant, I thought a pump is a pump. They do the same thing but now I understand the differences!

On a side note: Hospitals use Medela pumps as well. I ended up getting extra parts and accessories (because they can’t let you reuse someone elses) and they fit my model so it worked out well, not to mention- saved me money!

Playmat or Activity Gym

As you probably read in an earlier post, we love love love our playmat. We have the Rainforest one from Fischer Price, but I would bet just about any mat would keep a baby occupied. Kyler loves the lights and sounds on hers. She is the most active when she is on her mat.


As I found out pretty early, you need a good nightlight. A key to making sure your baby doesn’t get it’s days and night’s mixed up is keeping nighttime calm and dark. I used to have the lamp on when she would eat and when we had to change her diaper overnight but it woke her up too much. A nightlight gives you just enough light to do what you need to do (unless your baby did #2, in which case, I crack the closet door and turn that light on to give me some more working light).

Piece of paper and pen or a good App

In the first few weeks when your baby is waking you up every 15 minutes (it feels like that) you will honestly not know what time it is and will actually forget. Yes, this happens. Chris found me one night feeding Kyler at 2am and I had NO recolection of this. When your baby is that young and eating that often you will be happy you wrote down feeding times. It’s also importat to know in those first few weeks if you are watching their weight gain. Good info that the doctor will want to know!


We have a bunch of different brands of “binkys” but Kyler loves the ones by Nuk. Tommy Tippy’s were too big and she really didn’t care for the ones the hospital had or the Soothies. The Nuk’s fit her face the best. Plus, they make some really cute patterns. I have realized a binky is really an accessory for a baby!

NUK Trendline Dots Size 1 Pink and Teal Silicone Pacifier 6-pk..Opens in a new window

Baby Swing:

The first few weeks, Kyler really didn’t care too much about the swing. After that small period was over, it became our savior. We have the 2 in 1 bouncer/swing combo by Graco.

She loves it. It was the only thing she would take naps in for a while and this lovely thing allowed me to eat, shower, and get a few things done while I was on maternity leave. I don’t use it too much anymore now that we are in daycare (and use a swing all day long there). I would say a swing is a must have item!

Pack n Play:

This was our bassinet for the first month of life. We had the Graco Pack n Play with the Newborn Napper. I didn’t think I would use the napper but when we got home, she was rolling all over the place and it kept her up. We put her in the napper and it craddled her and she slept so good in it! I think she fit in this for like 3 weeks before being too big but by then, she already had streched out and wasn’t so balled up.

Graco Newborn Napper Pack 'n Play Playard - Meadow Menagerie.Opens in a new window

I will have to start creating one for things after 3 months because she is really getting into a lot more now. These were juts some of the ever so important items that go us through 0-3 months!

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