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Weekend Update with Kyler: Happy Mother’s Day!!

13 May

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!! I had such a nice first Mother’s Day with my family. Kyler was 15 weeks old this week. I know I say it every week but time is flying! She is talking so much now and making all sorts of funny noises. She has changed so much this past week which would explain the growth spurt we just went through!

Monday was a run of the mill day. We woke up, went to daycare and work, came home, played and went to sleep.

Hanging out with Dad before Mom got home

Reading a book before bedtime

Tuesday was a big day for Miss Kyler because she rolled over for the first time!! She has yet to do it since but she did it four times on Tuesday. She went from belly to back ūüôā Dad was able to see it at lunch time and got a video.

Being goofy with Dad at lunch time

Wednesday was just like Monday. Nothing to report there. As I upload my pictures, I realize I had none from this day… fail.

Thursday was back to Grandma’s house. After work we went to Target to do some shopping and bought the girls a soccer ball. They LOVE it.

On her way home from Grandma’s

I had off work on Friday and Kyler went to daycare. That meant I slept in until 10am ūüôā I woke up had some coffee, did some laundry, took a nap, cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed before I went to pick up the little munchkin. She made her first school project for Mommy.

We went to Publix to get some much needed groceries. She passed out with her toy in her hand.

We went over to the Gilbertson’s for dinner and Kenley and Kyler were able to hang out.

I can’t do that yet Kenley!

Kenley making a move for her head

Kendra and Kyler

Saturday was supposed to be a day of finishing cleaning the house, hanging up shutters, and finishing our mirrors… but of course we did none of that. We decided to go on a walk in the morning with Kyler and the pups. Chris told me it would be 20 minutes each way, about a mile. WRONG. Our walk ended up being 5.2 miles and we were gone for 2 hours. We walked down to downtown Avalon and grabbed bagel sandwiches from this bakery down there. We took them to the park and had breakfast/lunch while the dogs cooled down.

She is close to rolling over from back to belly

Hey Mom, I have drool all over my face

Kyler is ready for her walk!

Eating in the park

The dogs are tired! Only half way, too.

 I know I walk a lot at my job, but, trying to keep up with Chris while pushing a stroller equaled an exhausted and sore Michelle the rest of the day.

Trying to keep up with Chris. He says I walk slow….no… I have normal 5’6″ person strides… I have to basically jog when he walks fast.

Passed a Mommy and Daddy duck with 3 little babies

Kyler had a package for her in the mail when we got home. Her Auntie Jen sent her 2 Red Sox shirts and Matty painted her a picture. He calls her Baby Kyler. How sweet!

After we got cleaned up after our walk, we had to run to the mall. We got some shopping done and picked up sushi and fried rice on the way home.

Before Kyler’s bedtime, we attemped¬†to put her hand in washable paint so she could put her hand print on Grandma’s card…. yeah…. that really didn’t work out. It somehow ended up all over her legs and got on her nose. After that, we took a quick bath and it was off to bed!

What’s this?

What are you doing with my hand?

Her beautiful card. Like I said, it didn’t turn out the way we thought haha

Today, Sunday,¬†we got up and headed back to Merritt Island for Mother’s Day. We had brunch at River Rock with my parents, grandparents,¬† and brother and his girlfriend. Part of the¬†Finney clan was there so that was nice to spend a few minutes chatting and saying hello to them!

Out by the water… She’s not grumpy, just a little bright out!

Explaining to her what waves are. She liked the sound of the small waves making noises on the beach.

I wanted to get a picture with the 4 generations. It was hard to get a picture that looked good of all of us!

Miss K got to go swimming.

Kyler and her Poppa

Our water dog, Maggie

Talking to her Grandma

Chris got me a 3 lb bag of mint M&M’s for Mother’s Day…. yeah¬†I have a bit of an addiction

He also got¬†me the Baby Bullet. We plan on making¬†all of Kyler’s¬†food ourselves with organic fruits and veggies.

He also got me a frame that has a calendar and uploaded all of Kyler’s pictures in it. He got it for my desk at work. Love it!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Love you and thank you for all that you do for¬†me and my family.¬†I could never thank you enough¬†for everything you do.¬†I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day too!

Happy Mother’s Day to my Grandma! It was great to spend time with you today. Also, I miss Grandma Drabyk every day but days like this I think about her even more. Miss¬†you and love you Grandma.

And Happy Mother’s Day to my Mother-In-Law! We are looking forward to our trip this fall. Kyler can’t wait to see her Nana again!

Like I said earlier…. I had a great 1st Mother’s Day thanks to my great family and my little baby girl Kyler. I can’t imagine my life without her, she is my world. I love being her Mommy!

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