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Weekend Update with Kyler: 16 weeks and Teething

20 May

16 weeks old. Next week she will be 4 months old. Time is not slowing down by any means and neither is Kyler. She is fully capable of holding her own toys now (yay!) and it starting to chew on everything. She also really likes all of her snuggies. She now rotates between 3 different ones. We took her to the doctor’s this week to make sure she didn’t have an ear infection (she didn’t) and she weighed 14lbs and 10 oz. She goes for her 4 month check-up in 2 weeks so we will get all new stats then. She is soooo close to rolling over from back to belly. She tried so hard today but it was too tough.

Monday came and we were off to daycare. Kyler learned the color Black, letters J, K, and L, the number 10 and read Jack and Jill. I had to run to Target earlier in the day and saw a cute little cow snuggie for her. She really likes it 🙂

Tuesday was a rough day for little pumpkin because she caught a cold. It was her day at Grandma’s so I think that helps her because she gets special attention.

On her way back home. She looks so sad here 😦

Dad read her a book before bedtime. She loves her books so far!!

Wednesday came. We were still sick. She did not sleep well this night. She was so congested it was hard for her get comfy for too long.

Story time with Mom. Don’t mind my Sonny’s shirt 🙂 I have so many from when I worked there.

I was off work on Thursday so Kyler and I got to spend the entire day together. We started off with some fun while I put away her laundry.

Surrounded by a bunch of toys!

We put some fun music on and she was having a good time!

She was sitting up and looking at the book by herself but she slowly fell over and the book went into her mouth.

Hanging out on Dad when he got home. My little Spidey Girl.

I was off work on Friday too (amazing) but Kyler went to daycare for a few hours so I could go shopping with my mom. I figure, I have to pay for that day if she goes or not anyway so she may have well go and play and give me a few hours to shop without a baby.

Getting dressed to go to school! Can’t get over how blue her eyes have turned out to be. Her hair is getting blonder so it appears that she has less hair, but it’s still all there 🙂 To me, I think she looks so much like my mom and brother Josh here.

Friday night, we went over to the Gilbertson’s to hang out with Melissa before she moves back to Philly on Tuesday. The girls played before bedtime and Kyler went to sleep in the pack and play. It was her turn to try and sleep at another person’s house. It was a success! We were able to leave, put her in her car seat, and get her into her bed without waking her up.

Kyler and Kenley are becoming best buds. Kenley is now 30 weeks old and just about to crawl. She loves to touch Kyler (or chew, however you look at it)! She is such an active baby.

You okay buddy?

My little lady.

So Kenley got ahold of her Kyler’s PJs and decided to pull her over to her.


Saturday was a day of chores for Chris and I. Kyler was a good girl while got some much needed cleaning done.

Her new thing: trying to feed herself.

Today, we ran all over the place: Babies R Us, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Yankee Candle, Barnes and Noble, Petsmart, the Gilbertsons to say bye to Melissa, and Publix.

Maggie and Caya loved their soccer ball we bought them a week or so ago. Only thing, they popped it in about 3 days. We bought them this toy made by Chuck It called “Kick It”. They of course loved it and it should last a lot longer! Maggie still loved her deflated soccer ball though.

Maggie, the ball hog.

Can’t forget about Ammo! He got a new toy too.

The turtles got a new light and food. Mr. Fen didn’t get anything because if it’s not shaped like a candy cane, he wants nothing to do with it. Yes, a candy cane. Weird, I know, but it’s the only thing he will fetch and carry around the house with him.

Since Kyler is a teething machine right now, we bought her this weird shaped “pacifier” if you can even call it that. It’s more of a teether but turns out, she loved it!!!

Other things we bought today: 4 brand new books for Kyler (all at a bargain price, oh yeah!), diapers, wipes, smelly stuff for the house, and some other much needed necessities. I also did some price checking on bowls, spoons, all stuff related to solid foods really because another month or so and we will be entering a whole new world.

Happy Sunday!! and Happy Anniversary to my In-Laws!

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