Weekend Update with Kyler: 4 months old!

27 May

I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend. Kyler is doing great. She is getting big, does that shock you? I swear I looked away from her for a minute and she grew. She is so long, just like Dad. We go to the doctor’s for her 4 month check-up on Wednesday. I am eager to ask the doctor some questions about solids, car seats, and sleeping. I will post something after her doctor’s appointment on Wednesday.

Kyler’s week started off at daycare on Monday. Nothing too crazy to report there.

Tuesday was a day at Grandma’s. We went for a walk when I got home from work.

Just hanging out.

Kyler on her way home. Goofy face!

On a walk. Again with the face 🙂

I dropped her off at daycare on Wednesday. She is getting to be too big for some of their swings. Her head is at the very top. Good thing she will be sitting up on her own in the next month or two. She didn’t sleep well at all on Wednesday. It’s hard to tell if it’s her gums or if she is hungry. This will be a question for the doctor.

Chewing away.

I was off work on Thursday so my mom came out to Orlando and the three of us went shopping. We started off at a furniture place for my mom and Kyler decided to make a mess. A big mess. Of course all I had in my car was an extra pair of shorts (I don’t know how many times I have to remind myself… but… ALWAYS keep and extra pair of clothes in the car) so that wasn’t so great. Although Kyler laughed and thought it was funny. We got cleaned up and continued on to the mall. Before bed, she drank 8 oz of milk. I was hoping that would keep her full until 4-5 in the morning but no, she woke up at 2:30. And I am supposed to cut out the 2 am feeding in a week. Yeah…. I am not sure she is going to like that.

I love my Michael Kors watches and purses 🙂

Chris and I were both off on Friday so we decided we needed a day to ourselves. We went on a day date and Kyler went to daycare. We went to lunch at Bahama Breeze and then went to go see the movie “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” We thought it would be fitting since we just went through that. It was a decent movie all in all.

Having some “us” time 🙂

Hanging out with the little cupcake after the movie. She LOVES to stand. She is watching Chris change out the turtle water.

Kyler was 4 months old on Saturday!! We decided to head back to the coast for some fun in the sun. Kyler got to sport her new bathing suit and play in the pool. My mom’s friend and Emmy/Beamer’s dog breeder was up visiting too so there was a total of 10 dogs there. 5 Golden Retrievers, 1 Duck Tolling Retriever, 2 Cocker/Cavalier spaniels, and 1 Yorkie.

Saturday morning at home.

Waiting patiently for Grandma and Poppa to get home so she can go swimming 🙂

Take me swimming!!!

Chris and Kyler

They were waiting too 🙂

Now I am ready!!


Happy baby 🙂

Stylin’ with her shades on.

Can someone take me in the pool already??

My pretty little girl ❤

No she did not face plant, she is trying to chew her raft : sigh:

Riding around in her buggy.

Watching the puppies play.

Ammo even got in to say hello!

The doggie pool.

Left to Right: Caya, Maggie, Beamer, Emmy, Rocky (Emmy’s dad, Beamer’s grandpa), Chelsea (Emmy’s mom, Beamer’s grandma), and Juicy (Emmy’s sister, Beamer’s mom)

Staying out of the way!

Mom, look at me! I am swimming!

One happy puppy.

So many dogs.

Tired girls.

Some after pool fun!

We were supposed to go out on the boat today, Sunday, but Tropical Storm Beryl was making the weather cloudy (and the river too choppy) so we opted for a short day at the beach. We went to the Jetty’s with my parents and Kyler has a good first time at the beach! It was a little windy at times (go figure) so that would kick the sand up 😦 but other than that, it was nice that it wasn’t too bright out. We had a little tent and umbrella set up for her so she wouldn’t get too much sun and we were ready to rock!

Learned a few tips when taking a baby to the beach:

  • Don’t bring diaper bag, it will get sand in it
  • Keep extra pacifier is a ziplock bag or else, it will get sand on it
  • Bring a couple wash clothes (or lots of face wipes) to get sand off the baby’s face (also to cool her off)
  • Bring extra towel and don’t take it out so there is no sand on it
  • Bring hard toys (nothing that sand can get into)
  • Bring lounge chairs to lay on to get minimal sand on you so when you have to handle your baby,  you don’t get sand all over her
  • Try and go on a not so windy day 🙂

See the trend there? I know there is sand at beach, as I always complain about the sand everywhere issue, but it’s that much more “fun” when you bring a baby. Being from Florida, I always went to the beach with a simple towel and maybe my wallet. Not so much anymore 🙂

“Laying” out.

Munchkin and I

She even has her jellies on 🙂

First time in the ocean!! So nice to have this so close to home, we are so lucky!

Enjoying a meal after the beach 🙂

4 months old!!

Beamer and Emmy

Beamer jumping

We packed up a little early so we could get home and get the little one bathed and rest for a little while before her bedtime. I am looking forward to a day at home with Kyler and Chris tomorrow 🙂 Sometimes when I am writing this blog and uploading all the pictures for a week I think “Oh my, I have a million pictures!” but then I am thankful I do. I would rather take a million each day so that I can remember the little things too. She is growing up so fast and pictures help document the big things (as well as the small). I don’t want to forget a minute of this experience with her so I am happy we take lots of pictures. And they are just too cute to keep to myself!

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