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4 month check-up : Growing like a weed!

30 May

Kyler had her 4 month check-up today at the doctor’s and she did great! She cried for a little bit and then of course cried after her shots but she was much better than her 2 month check-up. Chris was off work today so she got to go home and relax with him. That turned out to be a good thing because she cried anytime he tried to put her down until about 6pm.

Just waking up when I got home.

The big news coming out of the appointment is WE ARE STARTING SOLIDS!!! I am looking forward to this because I am hoping (praying, fingers and toes crossed, selling my soul, etc) that she will start sleeping better. For a while, she was only waking up once a night around 4:30am. I thought “This isn’t too bad!” About 5-6 weeks ago, she started adding a 1-2am feeding randomly. Now, she mostly wakes up twice a night and sometimes (when I am lucky) she will only wake up once. Her doctor said if she started adding a feeding around then, then she is hungry and it’s time to start solids.

She started feeling better.

What does that mean for Chris and I? A lot of sleepless and LONG nights in our future. When she wakes up at 2am, we can soothe her for a few minutes but if she doesn’t stop, we let her cry for about 20 minutes until we go check on her again. But no food. Her doctor said she is big enough so go through the whole night without eating. So these next few weeks, we will be weaning her off her middle of the night feedings. YAY! Although it will be rough, I am personally looking foward to sleeping a majority of the night. For those of you saying Yeah Right…. I tell you, it will happen. I am determined 🙂 And I am pretty sure Kyler is too 🙂 She is just a hungry girl so that is where the solids come in.

As I stated before, we are going to be making Kyler’s food. I am thinking I may start her off with Green Beans and then start adding Rice Cereal to it after a few days. Doc said to give it to her at her nighttime feeding so hopefully it will keep her full throughout the night. I am looking forward to solids. I know it’s going to be a lot more time consuming, messier, and will give all new meaning to a “dirty” diaper, but I think it will be fun and it’s an exciting time. I will be sure to get lots of pictures and video of the first time!

Using her pacifier as a teether.

Everything else at the doctor went great! She got her shots :(, went over some questions I had about teething, car seats (as I will need to start researching soon since she is growing at a rapid rate), and solids and of course she got her new stats. She is taking after Daddy for sure!

15 pounds and 10 oz!!!!! She gained a whole pound in 2 weeks. Insane. That puts her in the 90th percentile for weight.

25 3/5 inches long! She is tall as well. Also puts her in the 90th percentile.

Her head is now 16 inches around and puts her in the 45th-50th percentile! Finally, her tiny head is catching up to the rest of her body 🙂

We don’t go back to the doctor’s for another 2 months and I am sure she will change so much between now and then!

Passed out! Goodnight ❤

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