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Just like Mommy

26 Jun

About a year ago, I bought a program to convert my parents home videos over to DVD and I decided to start back up. There are so many tapes to go through so I really need to just work on it little by little. I have seen these movies hundreds of times but now it is so weird/bizarre/awesome to watch videos of me as a baby now that Kyler is here. I know people saw she is starting to look and act more like me, but it’s hard to see it when I see her everyday. When these videos started, it blew my mind! She looks like me, sounds like me, acts like me. I know, I know, she is my daughter so you of course expect that but it’s still so crazy! This is just a small bit!

I am almost 7 months old in this video, 2 months older than Kyler is now.

5 Months Old :)

26 Jun

Today, Kyler turned 5 months old. She is ever changing and is becoming more and more fun every day! She is becoming such a big girl. She is practicing sitting up by herself (she can only do it for  a little bit), she clearly “gets’ things now, and I have a feeling we may be retiring her favorite playmat soon (tear). With her new love of rolling over, she could care less about the toys dangling overhead anymore. As soon as we put her down, she flips over a second later. While this is exciting, I am a bit sad because it feels like an end to an era!

Things Kyler Loves:

  • Rolling Over – I can’t keep this girl on her back anymore! Yay for more Tummy Time! She even rolled over yesterday and slept on her belly during nap time. Which makes me nervous…. but I know they say if they roll over, let them sleep!
  • Chewing – She chews. On EVERYTHING. Anything is fair game to her.
  • “Talking” – Screaming, cooing, giggling, or a mixture of them all. She is becoming more and more vocal.
  • Smiling – She is a happy baby. Most of the time 🙂 She loves to smile!
  • Water Bottles – She stares at water bottles (or any bottle really) and gets very excited when you hand one to her.
  • Cell Phones – I have to hide my phone from her now because she just wants to grab it and chew on it.
  • Puppies – She loves her puppies now! She tries to pet them when they come near her 🙂
  • Mom & Dad – She clearly knows who takes care of her and when she sees one of us from being away from us, she lights up ❤
  • Ocean Rattle – Currently, she has a favorite rattle that she loves to chew on.
  • Books – She still loves the books!

Things Kyler doesn’t love so much:

  • Food – She still DOES NOT like food. She hates it. All of it. But we try every few days and keep trying. She is still pretty young so I hope and pray she will pick it up soon!
  • Staying in one place for too long – The child still gets bored quickly. Daycare asked me the other day if she was fussy at home and I had to remind them that she gets bored and likes to change activities often. They said last week was better 🙂
  • Sleeping through the night – Sigh. The past 2 weeks, she has been waking up quite a bit looking for her paci. I hope, pray, beg that it’s her mouth bothering her or something else temporary and she starts sleeping again.

We go to the doctor’s in a month for a 6 month check-up. We went to the doctor today do check on her rash, and she is 16 lbs 2 oz! She has slowed down in the weight department but we will see where she stands in height in a month!

She is wearing 6 month, 6-9 month, 9 month, and a few 6-12 month clothes now. She can wear a size 2 shoe but they are getting a tad small. Her size 3 Nike’s almost fit so looks like we are moving up there. Crazy!

July 4th is coming up and we are looking forward to that! Just like Easter, Kyler will be rocking July 4th – Red, White, and Blue outfits all week. I think I counted and she has 4 outfits, a bathing suit, and a pair of PJ’s. Yes I know, a little ridiculous, but she is going to represent the U.S.A. in good fashion 🙂

We love our little girl!!!

Weekend Update with Kyler: Chewing Machine!

24 Jun

Kyler is chewing. On everything. Now I know she has been teething for a little over a month now, but she really kicked it into high gear this past week or two. She will chew on anything and everything she can get those little hands on. Seems like the water bottle is her favorite right now. She is not sleeping well at night and wakes up quite a bit. sigh. I am wondering if her mouth is bothering her because she is becoming pretty aggressive with teething.

At 21 weeks old, she has mastered rolling over. I can’t even keep her on her back anymore because as soon as I put her down, she flips right over.

She also has discovered her puppies and kitty. And she loves them. She loves to touch them as they walk by. And they are so good with her too.

Playing with Maggie Monday night while I boxed up all her clothes that don’t fit anymore and broke out the 9 month clothes.

I need a new bin. All her NB-3 month clothes 😦

2 loads of 6-9 and 9 month clothes to wash!

Chewing on her bouncer at Grandma and Poppa’s house on Tuesday.

Then chewing on her toy 🙂

We decided to get Avocados a try that night. She hated them like she hates all food. Turns out they gave her a little rash on her back so we are going to stay away for those for a while.

My big girl!

Everything is game for chewing. Even her books.

On the way home on Wednesday from school. Not sure what this weird face is for.

Thursday morning and off to Grandma’s!

Kyler had a little bit of Banana  for dinner. This is her face after 🙂 (ps, she hated bananas too)

All clean!!

Miss K went to school on Friday for a few hours while I ran some errands and got a much-needed pedicure. We hung out for a little bit before I had to go to work a Predator game.

Having lunch with Mom.

Can’t keep her on her back anymore! Yay for more tummy time!

Hi Caya.

Loves her doggies 🙂

A friend bought us this for my baby shower and I finally busted it out! She loves to spin the Elmo.

Saturday morning, Kendra, Kenley, Kyler went to new Buy Buy Baby that just opened in Altamonte to do some shopping. I am SO excited for this store to finally be in Orlando. We picked up a few things then headed back home.

Chewing on our remote before getting ready.

2 babies loaded up and ready to shop!

Showing Kenley how she can roll over now!

Since Kyler liked our remote, I bought her her own. Kenley liked it too!

Later in the afternoon, Chris, Kyler and I went over to Tom and Pam’s , Chris’s brother and sister-in-law, for dinner. We had a nice time visiting and Kyler got to play with her cousin Jack.

We have been practicing sitting up. She is getting better and better!

And about 5 seconds later 🙂

9 month PJ’s!

Sitting up so well!

Today, Sunday, turned out to be a yucky yucky day. It’s been raining since late morning and hasn’t stopped.

I told you.

Kyler and I went to see her Uncle Josh for a quick visit. She also got to see her Grandma, Poppa, Great Grandma, and Pappy. After, we ran to a couple of stores with Kendra and Kenley (which was a nightmare in the rain) and got some things.

Playing with Daddy.

Kyler will be 5 months old on Tuesday! Look for an update then 🙂

Weekend Update with Kyler: 20 weeks and Happy Father’s Day!

17 Jun

Kylerbug turned 20 weeks old this past Thursday. Crazy to think she is almost 5 months old now. She continues to change at rapid pace but it’s fun trying to keep up with her. Such a busy weekend so there are lots of photos!

Monday at dinner time. She loves to play with the spoon.

By the looks of this, you would think she loves food. Not so much. But, we keep trying… she will get it one day.

New book for bathtime!

Tuesday was an adventure. Kyler and I, along with Miss Kenley and Kendra, decided to have ourselves a little photo shoot to make Father’s Day presents. We had it planned that as soon as I got home from work we would head out to the “store” to run an errand. We were really meeting K & K in the park in Downtown Avalon. Well…. that was the plan at least….Good ole fashion Florida weather put a damper in that. I had to entertain Kyler in my car for about 45 minutes and Kendra was doing the same with Kenley. At a time when the girls are getting sleepy and probably want to be napping. Fun.

Keeping Kyler entertained in the back seat.


I will say though that Kyler did great. I think she was so mesmerized by the rain, thunder and baby toys that she didn’t care that we were just sitting in the back seat of the car. After 45 minutes went by, we decided to head up to the park near my house. At this point, it had pretty much stop raining and we were able to catch some good pictures.

Kendra was the photographer and I was the baby wrangler. The ground was soaking wet so the chair came in handy! I had to buy it for Kyler since she can’t sit up by herself yet. I am so glad I did! While Kendra was snapping away, I was trying to get one baby to smile while holding the other baby and picking up the letters they kept dropping. Talk about a work out!

Final photos I picked for Kyler

Kenley Dee!

Between the 2 of them, there was 369 pictures taken! We changed the girls back into their other clothes so the guys wouldn’t ask why they had new outfits on and went home.

Daycare of Kyler on Wednesday.

Kyler came home in a new outfit on Thursday. Which mean she messed up the other one. Oh, baby.

Friday was another fun day! Chris and the dogs headed over to Merritt Island in the morning.  Ammo got a haircut and the girls got to go swimming. I picked up Kyler from daycare in the afternoon and headed back to the island so we could go to Marisa and Mike’s engagement party. It didn’t start until 7pm (her bedtime is 7:30pm so we knew it would be challenging) so we made sure we was well rested. She did great even though she was up way past her bedtime! It was nice to be able to celebrate their engagement with them and our other friends!

With the bride-to-be!

Group shot with the girls! Now….

July 2011: 13 weeks pregnant!

Hanging out with Poppa

Aunt Jenny!!!!

Aunt Riss

The Jenkinson’s

We stayed at my parents house Friday night to make it easier on Kyler. We lounged around Saturday morning then went to lunch before we had to head back to Orlando. I had to work the Roger Waters concert Saturday night so we had to come back home. We left the pups at my parents and I am sure they were happy because they got to go swimming again. Chris and Kyler went over to The Gilbertson’s house to hang out for the evening.

Hanging out before I went to work.

Kyler LOVES bottles now.

Hanging out with Kenley. Kyler is finally learning that she can grab Kenley too.

Sunday morning we woke up and headed back to Merritt Island again for Father’s Day. Before we left, Kyler gave her daddy his Father’s Day gifts.

Inside of the book.

Kyler made this for Chris at school on Friday!

As you remember, I already gave Chris his gift from me a little over a week ago.

We took the boat out in the morning for Kyler’s 1st boat ride!!

We parked the boat at Grills Riverside to grab a quick drink.

Happy Father’s Day to my two favorite Dads!

Again with the water bottle. She was eyeing up Chris’s beer bottle so she got the water bottle instead 🙂

Relaxing and enjoying some much needed sun!

Driving the boat with Poppa!

Trying to chew on the steering wheel

Playing with some toys.

After the boat, we went back to my parents and went swimming. We got Kyler a new float that fit better.

Happy girl ❤

Loves her Daddy.

Daddy’s Girl. Chris didn’t get the memo apparently that he needed to smile. Kyler’s smile is so funny.

Happy Father’s Day!!!!!

Weekend Update with Kyler: 19 weeks

10 Jun

Kyler will be 20 weeks old this Thursday. I remember being 20 weeks pregnant and finding out she was going to be a she like it was yesterday! And yet, 40 weeks later, I have a beautiful baby girl.

She has developed her “squeal” this week. It is very high pitched and very loud. She mainly does it when she is on her mat and playing with her toys. Or of course when she is not happy so then she will let out a few screams. She has also learned to blow bubbles and spit (in a not mean way). Just like her squeal, she does it happy and mad. She also does it when she doesn’t want to eat anymore and when she is bored. Quite funny and quite messy.

She is rolling over more and more now and is getting really good at grabbing for her things. She loves to hang onto her toys and books. She mainly tries to put them in her mouth. Bath time is getting more challenging because when I go to wash her face, she turns her head quickly and tries to bite the wash cloth. I actually think she may like the taste of the soap. Weird, I know. She sucks on her hands and when I wash them, Chris has to play defense before we can wash them off.

Eating is still the biggest challenge now. She doesn’t like it. We decided to stick with the Oatmeal instead of moving onto something else so she can have a chance to get used to it. She is sleeping well, thankfully. She will wake up once or twice and goes right back to sleep when we put the pacifier in. Can’t complain there!

Monday came and went. Kyler went to school and we went to work. Typical night for Kyler, just reading her books. She will reach out sometimes and feel the animals since they are furry. Sometimes we have to help 🙂

She loves to hold this book!

Kyler went over to Merritt Island on Tuesday for her day with Grandma. We finally put on the frog toy bar on her car seat. Should have done it earlier, she loves it! Keeps her entertained back there those car rides.

We also tried Rice Cereal that night. I was so hoping that would go better but no such luck.

Another school day on Wednesday for K. Trying her bumbo out for dinner time. Did not make a difference. Still cried. This is before 🙂

Matty wanted to Skype with Kyler after her bathtime so they got to hang out while she got ready for bed.

Thursday night at dinner time. Tried another seat we had from Auntie Jen. Again, this is before.

Friday was another half-day for me so I decided to pick up the little one early from daycare. We headed to Publix to get some much needed groceries.

Friday morning- just waking up.

Now I am ready for school!

So after Kyler went to sleep, we decided to try out Chris’ Father’s Day gift. I know, it’s early and isn’t Father’s Day yet, but I couldn’t lift the box myself and it was taking up way too much space in my car. So- he got the gift early.

If you read my post last week, you will know why I bought him a fire pit. I did not need Cub Scout Chris burning up my yard. He has been asking for a pit for a couple of years now so I thought it would be a nice time to buy him one.

We spent the majority of the day Saturday cleaning up around the house. I know, not very exciting but it had to be done.

She was supposed to be napping, but I found her like this instead.

Saturday night, Stan, Ryan and the Gilbertson’s came over for some wings, beer, and the Heat/Celtics game. The girls got to hang out. Kenley is getting so big! She is almost 8 months and is crawling now! Her hair is growing like a weed now too which gives me hope for Kyler!

Made some s’mores at half time. Yum 🙂

Kyler and I went to breakfast with Marissa and Erika this morning, Sunday. Chris stayed home and got some lawn work done.

We ran to Target and picked up a few things then back home to hang out with Dad. Grandma made a quick visit on her way back home too!

Tummy time

We have now moved onto Oatmeal. She really didn’t like it on Friday but she did much better with it tonight.



Being silly 🙂

That smirk…

Hanging out with us while we ate dinner. Teething book is a good thing in our house.

Goof ball puts it up to her face.

That was our week! Getting off the computer before the power shuts off again. Rainy season is definitely here!

We are eating food!

5 Jun

Well, not really.

Kyler had her first taste of food this past Saturday. Butternut Squash. And she HATED it. We are making all of her food and decided to start her on that. Not a good idea. I think it may be too bold of a taste for her. Or she just may not like Butternut Squash. We will definitely try it again, because after all, she has only had milk so she is not used to anything.

The doctor told us to wait 3 days before introducing something new, just to make sure she doesn’t have an allergy to it. We tried the squash Saturday, Sunday and Monday. So now we move onto Rice Cereal.

We decided to give Rice Cereal a go tonight. Did not go well either. She was very hungry tonight but I think that may have caused some of her fussiness. So we will try it again tomorrow. Who knows, maybe she isn’t ready for solids yet even though the doctor thought otherwise. Sigh. All in time right?

Weekend Update with Kyler : 18 weeks

3 Jun

Monday kicked off the week and we were all off for Memorial Day. Since we had such a busy weekend, we laid low at home. Lazy Monday.

Sleeping on Daddy. Her favorite place to nap.

She looks so big in the bouncer now!

Kyler went to Grandma’s on Tuesday. Pretty typical day. Chris dressed Kyler for the day. So funny. I could hear him ask her what was wrong with the dress and said “This is why Mommy should dress you.” He came into the room and asked why the dress was so short…. umm… because it’s a shirt buddy. Too funny. And it was a pretty fancy shirt too. So I went into the room and asked him if he wanted to matching headband while he was at it. So it was a fancy day for Kyler. Cute outfit though!

Wednesday was her 4 month check-up at the doctor. You can read all about her appointment on the last post. This was the first night we started cutting out the middle of the night feeding. She woke up at 2:30am and we put her pacifier back in and off to sleep she went! We did end up feeding her around 4:30am because she wouldn’t go back to sleep. I figured it was her first night so we would start cutting out her middle of the night feedings slowly.

Matty, our nephew who is a little over 2.5 years old, wanted to Skype so he could read Kyler a book. So cute. She was already in bed so then he wanted to read his Uncle Chris a book. He loves his Uncle Chris ❤

She was feeling much better on Thursday. She had a fun day at Grandmas. She did really well sleeping again! She didn’t wake up until 5am! She ate and went back to sleep.

Now that it is summer hours at work, I get off at 1pm on Fridays (awesome, I know). Knowing that we wanted to start solids this weekend, I ran to get some supplies, cereal and organic fruits/veggies before I picked up Kyler from school.

We went out to dinner with the soon-to-be Emery’s  and caught up with them. They recently got engaged in San Francisco and we could not be more excited for them!

We got home a little past her bedtime so Kyler went straight to bed. She did really well again! She woke up at 4:30am and Chris put her pacifier in. She went back to sleep and woke up again at 6:45am 🙂

I decided to make all her baby food after she went to sleep so we were ready for the next day. I made: Butternut Squash, Acorn Squash, Green Beans, Sweet Potato, and Avocado. All things she can eat from 4-6 months. We can also have apples, pears, and bananas but I think we will wait a little bit before introducing anything too sweet. The Baby Bullet is awesome! So easy to clean, so easy to use, and so quick. I am a big fan!

I made sooo much food. Thank goodness it can be frozen!

We had a pretty lazy weekend. We are usually on the go so it was nice to just relax around the house. Kyler slept until 6am, ate, and went back to sleep until about 7:45am on Saturday. We got up, played with some toys, Chris made French Toast and we got some cleaning done.

She loves her zebra. Fell asleep holding on to it 🙂

6pm rolled around and it was time for the big day. Kyler was going to eat real food. We decided on trying Butternut Squash first. Not sure why but we went with it. I will be posting a more indepth post in the next day or 2, but, she was not a fan.

She was a happy girl after her bath though!

Today, Sunday, she woke up around 6am again and then went back to sleep until 8:30am (thank you Kyler!!!). She was kind of fussy today so we just stayed around the house and relaxed and played. We attempted the 2nd day of food and she still hates it 😦 I am thinking she is not a Butternut Squash fan yet. We are trying Rice Cereal in a couple days so I am hoping that goes better.

Wait, what is happening?

No, not this stuff again!

Now Kyler is sleeping and my husband has built a small fire in the backyard to make smores. It is June in Florida right?

I need to go outside and make sure my lawn is still there 🙂 And make a smore of course! Have a great week!

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