Weekend Update with Kyler : 18 weeks

3 Jun

Monday kicked off the week and we were all off for Memorial Day. Since we had such a busy weekend, we laid low at home. Lazy Monday.

Sleeping on Daddy. Her favorite place to nap.

She looks so big in the bouncer now!

Kyler went to Grandma’s on Tuesday. Pretty typical day. Chris dressed Kyler for the day. So funny. I could hear him ask her what was wrong with the dress and said “This is why Mommy should dress you.” He came into the room and asked why the dress was so short…. umm… because it’s a shirt buddy. Too funny. And it was a pretty fancy shirt too. So I went into the room and asked him if he wanted to matching headband while he was at it. So it was a fancy day for Kyler. Cute outfit though!

Wednesday was her 4 month check-up at the doctor. You can read all about her appointment on the last post. This was the first night we started cutting out the middle of the night feeding. She woke up at 2:30am and we put her pacifier back in and off to sleep she went! We did end up feeding her around 4:30am because she wouldn’t go back to sleep. I figured it was her first night so we would start cutting out her middle of the night feedings slowly.

Matty, our nephew who is a little over 2.5 years old, wanted to Skype so he could read Kyler a book. So cute. She was already in bed so then he wanted to read his Uncle Chris a book. He loves his Uncle Chris ❤

She was feeling much better on Thursday. She had a fun day at Grandmas. She did really well sleeping again! She didn’t wake up until 5am! She ate and went back to sleep.

Now that it is summer hours at work, I get off at 1pm on Fridays (awesome, I know). Knowing that we wanted to start solids this weekend, I ran to get some supplies, cereal and organic fruits/veggies before I picked up Kyler from school.

We went out to dinner with the soon-to-be Emery’s  and caught up with them. They recently got engaged in San Francisco and we could not be more excited for them!

We got home a little past her bedtime so Kyler went straight to bed. She did really well again! She woke up at 4:30am and Chris put her pacifier in. She went back to sleep and woke up again at 6:45am 🙂

I decided to make all her baby food after she went to sleep so we were ready for the next day. I made: Butternut Squash, Acorn Squash, Green Beans, Sweet Potato, and Avocado. All things she can eat from 4-6 months. We can also have apples, pears, and bananas but I think we will wait a little bit before introducing anything too sweet. The Baby Bullet is awesome! So easy to clean, so easy to use, and so quick. I am a big fan!

I made sooo much food. Thank goodness it can be frozen!

We had a pretty lazy weekend. We are usually on the go so it was nice to just relax around the house. Kyler slept until 6am, ate, and went back to sleep until about 7:45am on Saturday. We got up, played with some toys, Chris made French Toast and we got some cleaning done.

She loves her zebra. Fell asleep holding on to it 🙂

6pm rolled around and it was time for the big day. Kyler was going to eat real food. We decided on trying Butternut Squash first. Not sure why but we went with it. I will be posting a more indepth post in the next day or 2, but, she was not a fan.

She was a happy girl after her bath though!

Today, Sunday, she woke up around 6am again and then went back to sleep until 8:30am (thank you Kyler!!!). She was kind of fussy today so we just stayed around the house and relaxed and played. We attempted the 2nd day of food and she still hates it 😦 I am thinking she is not a Butternut Squash fan yet. We are trying Rice Cereal in a couple days so I am hoping that goes better.

Wait, what is happening?

No, not this stuff again!

Now Kyler is sleeping and my husband has built a small fire in the backyard to make smores. It is June in Florida right?

I need to go outside and make sure my lawn is still there 🙂 And make a smore of course! Have a great week!

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