We are eating food!

5 Jun

Well, not really.

Kyler had her first taste of food this past Saturday. Butternut Squash. And she HATED it. We are making all of her food and decided to start her on that. Not a good idea. I think it may be too bold of a taste for her. Or she just may not like Butternut Squash. We will definitely try it again, because after all, she has only had milk so she is not used to anything.

The doctor told us to wait 3 days before introducing something new, just to make sure she doesn’t have an allergy to it. We tried the squash Saturday, Sunday and Monday. So now we move onto Rice Cereal.

We decided to give Rice Cereal a go tonight. Did not go well either. She was very hungry tonight but I think that may have caused some of her fussiness. So we will try it again tomorrow. Who knows, maybe she isn’t ready for solids yet even though the doctor thought otherwise. Sigh. All in time right?

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