Weekend Update with Kyler: 19 weeks

10 Jun

Kyler will be 20 weeks old this Thursday. I remember being 20 weeks pregnant and finding out she was going to be a she like it was yesterday! And yet, 40 weeks later, I have a beautiful baby girl.

She has developed her “squeal” this week. It is very high pitched and very loud. She mainly does it when she is on her mat and playing with her toys. Or of course when she is not happy so then she will let out a few screams. She has also learned to blow bubbles and spit (in a not mean way). Just like her squeal, she does it happy and mad. She also does it when she doesn’t want to eat anymore and when she is bored. Quite funny and quite messy.

She is rolling over more and more now and is getting really good at grabbing for her things. She loves to hang onto her toys and books. She mainly tries to put them in her mouth. Bath time is getting more challenging because when I go to wash her face, she turns her head quickly and tries to bite the wash cloth. I actually think she may like the taste of the soap. Weird, I know. She sucks on her hands and when I wash them, Chris has to play defense before we can wash them off.

Eating is still the biggest challenge now. She doesn’t like it. We decided to stick with the Oatmeal instead of moving onto something else so she can have a chance to get used to it. She is sleeping well, thankfully. She will wake up once or twice and goes right back to sleep when we put the pacifier in. Can’t complain there!

Monday came and went. Kyler went to school and we went to work. Typical night for Kyler, just reading her books. She will reach out sometimes and feel the animals since they are furry. Sometimes we have to help ๐Ÿ™‚

She loves to hold this book!

Kyler went over to Merritt Island on Tuesday for her day with Grandma. We finally put on theย frog toy bar on her car seat. Should have done it earlier, she loves it! Keeps her entertained back there those car rides.

We also tried Rice Cereal that night. I was so hoping that would go better but no such luck.

Another school day on Wednesday for K. Trying her bumbo out for dinner time. Did not make a difference. Still cried. This is before ๐Ÿ™‚

Matty wanted to Skype with Kyler after her bathtime so they got to hang out while she got ready for bed.

Thursday night at dinner time. Tried another seat we had from Auntie Jen. Again, this is before.

Friday was another half-day for me so I decided to pick up the little one early from daycare. We headed to Publix to get some much needed groceries.

Friday morning- just waking up.

Now I am ready for school!

So after Kyler went to sleep, we decided to try out Chris’ Father’s Day gift. I know, it’s early and isn’t Father’s Day yet, but I couldn’t lift the box myself and it was taking up way too much space in my car. So- he got the gift early.

If you read my post last week, you will know why I bought him a fire pit. I did not need Cub Scout Chris burning up my yard. He has been asking for a pit for a couple of years now so I thought it would be a nice time to buy him one.

We spent the majority of the day Saturday cleaning up around the house. I know, not very exciting but it had to be done.

She was supposed to be napping, but I found her like this instead.

Saturday night, Stan, Ryan and the Gilbertson’s came over for some wings, beer, and the Heat/Celtics game. The girls got to hang out. Kenley is getting so big! She is almost 8 months and is crawling now! Her hair is growing like a weed now too which gives me hope for Kyler!

Made some s’mores at half time. Yum ๐Ÿ™‚

Kyler and I went to breakfast with Marissa and Erika this morning, Sunday. Chris stayed home and got some lawn work done.

We ran to Target and picked up a few things then back home to hang out with Dad. Grandma made a quick visit on her way back home too!

Tummy time

We have now moved onto Oatmeal. She really didn’t like it on Friday but she did much better with it tonight.



Being silly ๐Ÿ™‚

That smirk…

Hanging out with us while we ate dinner. Teething book is a good thing in our house.

Goof ball puts it up to her face.

That was our week! Getting off the computer before the power shuts off again. Rainy season is definitely here!

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