Weekend Update with Kyler: 20 weeks and Happy Father’s Day!

17 Jun

Kylerbug turned 20 weeks old this past Thursday. Crazy to think she is almost 5 months old now. She continues to change at rapid pace but it’s fun trying to keep up with her. Such a busy weekend so there are lots of photos!

Monday at dinner time. She loves to play with the spoon.

By the looks of this, you would think she loves food. Not so much. But, we keep trying… she will get it one day.

New book for bathtime!

Tuesday was an adventure. Kyler and I, along with Miss Kenley and Kendra, decided to have ourselves a little photo shoot to make Father’s Day presents. We had it planned that as soon as I got home from work we would head out to the “store” to run an errand. We were really meeting K & K in the park in Downtown Avalon. Well…. that was the plan at least….Good ole fashion Florida weather put a damper in that. I had to entertain Kyler in my car for about 45 minutes and Kendra was doing the same with Kenley. At a time when the girls are getting sleepy and probably want to be napping. Fun.

Keeping Kyler entertained in the back seat.


I will say though that Kyler did great. I think she was so mesmerized by the rain, thunder and baby toys that she didn’t care that we were just sitting in the back seat of the car. After 45 minutes went by, we decided to head up to the park near my house. At this point, it had pretty much stop raining and we were able to catch some good pictures.

Kendra was the photographer and I was the baby wrangler. The ground was soaking wet so the chair came in handy! I had to buy it for Kyler since she can’t sit up by herself yet. I am so glad I did! While Kendra was snapping away, I was trying to get one baby to smile while holding the other baby and picking up the letters they kept dropping. Talk about a work out!

Final photos I picked for Kyler

Kenley Dee!

Between the 2 of them, there was 369 pictures taken! We changed the girls back into their other clothes so the guys wouldn’t ask why they had new outfits on and went home.

Daycare of Kyler on Wednesday.

Kyler came home in a new outfit on Thursday. Which mean she messed up the other one. Oh, baby.

Friday was another fun day! Chris and the dogs headed over to Merritt Island in the morning.  Ammo got a haircut and the girls got to go swimming. I picked up Kyler from daycare in the afternoon and headed back to the island so we could go to Marisa and Mike’s engagement party. It didn’t start until 7pm (her bedtime is 7:30pm so we knew it would be challenging) so we made sure we was well rested. She did great even though she was up way past her bedtime! It was nice to be able to celebrate their engagement with them and our other friends!

With the bride-to-be!

Group shot with the girls! Now….

July 2011: 13 weeks pregnant!

Hanging out with Poppa

Aunt Jenny!!!!

Aunt Riss

The Jenkinson’s

We stayed at my parents house Friday night to make it easier on Kyler. We lounged around Saturday morning then went to lunch before we had to head back to Orlando. I had to work the Roger Waters concert Saturday night so we had to come back home. We left the pups at my parents and I am sure they were happy because they got to go swimming again. Chris and Kyler went over to The Gilbertson’s house to hang out for the evening.

Hanging out before I went to work.

Kyler LOVES bottles now.

Hanging out with Kenley. Kyler is finally learning that she can grab Kenley too.

Sunday morning we woke up and headed back to Merritt Island again for Father’s Day. Before we left, Kyler gave her daddy his Father’s Day gifts.

Inside of the book.

Kyler made this for Chris at school on Friday!

As you remember, I already gave Chris his gift from me a little over a week ago.

We took the boat out in the morning for Kyler’s 1st boat ride!!

We parked the boat at Grills Riverside to grab a quick drink.

Happy Father’s Day to my two favorite Dads!

Again with the water bottle. She was eyeing up Chris’s beer bottle so she got the water bottle instead 🙂

Relaxing and enjoying some much needed sun!

Driving the boat with Poppa!

Trying to chew on the steering wheel

Playing with some toys.

After the boat, we went back to my parents and went swimming. We got Kyler a new float that fit better.

Happy girl ❤

Loves her Daddy.

Daddy’s Girl. Chris didn’t get the memo apparently that he needed to smile. Kyler’s smile is so funny.

Happy Father’s Day!!!!!

One Response to “Weekend Update with Kyler: 20 weeks and Happy Father’s Day!”

  1. Lauren July 3, 2012 at 11:33 pm #

    Shelly! You guys are a ridiculously good looking family. Glad you had fun for father’s day

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