Weekend Update with Kyler: Chewing Machine!

24 Jun

Kyler is chewing. On everything. Now I know she has been teething for a little over a month now, but she really kicked it into high gear this past week or two. She will chew on anything and everything she can get those little hands on. Seems like the water bottle is her favorite right now. She is not sleeping well at night and wakes up quite a bit. sigh. I am wondering if her mouth is bothering her because she is becoming pretty aggressive with teething.

At 21 weeks old, she has mastered rolling over. I can’t even keep her on her back anymore because as soon as I put her down, she flips right over.

She also has discovered her puppies and kitty. And she loves them. She loves to touch them as they walk by. And they are so good with her too.

Playing with Maggie Monday night while I boxed up all her clothes that don’t fit anymore and broke out the 9 month clothes.

I need a new bin. All her NB-3 month clothes 😦

2 loads of 6-9 and 9 month clothes to wash!

Chewing on her bouncer at Grandma and Poppa’s house on Tuesday.

Then chewing on her toy 🙂

We decided to get Avocados a try that night. She hated them like she hates all food. Turns out they gave her a little rash on her back so we are going to stay away for those for a while.

My big girl!

Everything is game for chewing. Even her books.

On the way home on Wednesday from school. Not sure what this weird face is for.

Thursday morning and off to Grandma’s!

Kyler had a little bit of Banana  for dinner. This is her face after 🙂 (ps, she hated bananas too)

All clean!!

Miss K went to school on Friday for a few hours while I ran some errands and got a much-needed pedicure. We hung out for a little bit before I had to go to work a Predator game.

Having lunch with Mom.

Can’t keep her on her back anymore! Yay for more tummy time!

Hi Caya.

Loves her doggies 🙂

A friend bought us this for my baby shower and I finally busted it out! She loves to spin the Elmo.

Saturday morning, Kendra, Kenley, Kyler went to new Buy Buy Baby that just opened in Altamonte to do some shopping. I am SO excited for this store to finally be in Orlando. We picked up a few things then headed back home.

Chewing on our remote before getting ready.

2 babies loaded up and ready to shop!

Showing Kenley how she can roll over now!

Since Kyler liked our remote, I bought her her own. Kenley liked it too!

Later in the afternoon, Chris, Kyler and I went over to Tom and Pam’s , Chris’s brother and sister-in-law, for dinner. We had a nice time visiting and Kyler got to play with her cousin Jack.

We have been practicing sitting up. She is getting better and better!

And about 5 seconds later 🙂

9 month PJ’s!

Sitting up so well!

Today, Sunday, turned out to be a yucky yucky day. It’s been raining since late morning and hasn’t stopped.

I told you.

Kyler and I went to see her Uncle Josh for a quick visit. She also got to see her Grandma, Poppa, Great Grandma, and Pappy. After, we ran to a couple of stores with Kendra and Kenley (which was a nightmare in the rain) and got some things.

Playing with Daddy.

Kyler will be 5 months old on Tuesday! Look for an update then 🙂

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