Just like Mommy

26 Jun

About a year ago, I bought a program to convert my parents home videos over to DVD and I decided to start back up. There are so many tapes to go through so I really need to just work on it little by little. I have seen these movies hundreds of times but now it is so weird/bizarre/awesome to watch videos of me as a baby now that Kyler is here. I know people saw she is starting to look and act more like me, but it’s hard to see it when I see her everyday. When these videos started, it blew my mind! She looks like me, sounds like me, acts like me. I know, I know, she is my daughter so you of course expect that but it’s still so crazy! This is just a small bit!

I am almost 7 months old in this video, 2 months older than Kyler is now.

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