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Weekend Update with Kyler: 26 weeks

29 Jul

So the theme of last week (that being “colds”) continued into this week. Sigh. Not so much with Kyler but more with Chris and I. Kyler on the other hand had a great week! She turned 6 months old, continues to get big and strong, and continues to be a happy happy girl!!! This week we are working on our sleeping habits. Making nap times more routine and letting her cry it out at night. Her naps this weekend were awesome! 2 long naps in her crib each day. We haven’t had to let her cry it out at night yet (I can’t believe I am even typing this because I am pretty sure I just jinxed myself) because she has slept through the night. So I can only hope she keeps that up! I am sure it’s a direct correlation to the solid naps she is getting during the day. The true test will be when she goes back to daycare.

Monday evening. What are on my feet?

We are getting back into the routine of reading before bed. It really helps her calm down after her bath and last bottle. She loves to read!

Coming home after a fun Tuesday at Grandma and Poppa’s!

Night time!

Having fun with some Dad on Wednesday.

I guess a little too much fun. Passed out!

Kyler turned 6 months old on Thursday!!!

Friday afternoon we went to the doctor’s for her check-up. Afterwards, we played on the mat with some toys!

We watched the Opening Ceremonies that night with The Gilbertson’s. I love the Olympics! Go USA!!!!

Stole this from Kendra’s page!

Saturday was a stay at home and get stuff type of day. While we did that, Kyler played with her toys.

She’s busy working.

Cheese Momma!

We ran some errands today and got to hang out with Grandma and Poppa for a bit!

Sleepy girl.

Kyler’s new toy! I used to love my grocery store scanner as a kid!

Hope everyone has a great week!!

6 Month Check-Up

27 Jul

We went to the doctor today for Kyler’s 6 month check-up. She is doing great and we had a good visit! She slowed down in weight gain slightly but picked it up in height. Shocker, right? We talked about food and sleep mainly. Food- how much she hates it and Sleep- how inconsistent she is.

For the food…. she told us to keep trying multiple times a day. Try before her bottle so she is nice and hungry. Since she is still doing great on weight, she isn’t worried yet. We are going to keep sending food to daycare so they can continue to work with her there. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

For sleep….time to let her cry it out. Sometimes, she will sleep through the night. Sometimes, she will wake up once or twice. So we will now let her cry when she wakes up. No more getting up to put the pacifier back in. Why do I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of sleepless nights ahead…..

I asked about her pacifier and if it was time to start getting rid of it. She said no, not yet. That made me kind of happy because I am not sure that is a battle I am ready to fight yet!

Her 6 month stats:

Weight: 17 lbs – 75th percentile

Length: 27 1/4 inches – 95th percentile

Head: 16.5 inches – 30th percentile

She didn’t get her shots because she had a small fever so we have to go back next week for those! Good news, her ear infection cleared up and it appears her cold is gone!

Things Kyler Loves:

  • Trying to crawl – Anytime she is on her belly she tries to get up and crawl. Right now we are in the rocking stage.
  • Chewing – Still chewing away!
  • Laughing – She laughs a lot at me. Especially when I pretend I am going to bite her.
  • Smiling – She smiles all the time and smiles at other people.
  • Puppies – She still can’t get enough of the dogs. They are her buddies!
  • Mom & Dad – She now reaches her arms out for us to pick her up when she sees up. I love that!
  • Books – She still loves the books!
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Every once in a while, we will have this on while we are playing. She loves it. Not too much TV for little Kyler though!

Things Kyler doesn’t love so much:

  • Food – Obviously
  • Sleeping through the night – Nothing new here folks!

We don’t go back until 9 months! I can only imagine how much different she will be.

 A snap shot of Kyler over the past 6 months!

Happy 1/2 Birthday Kyler Nicole!

26 Jul

Kyler is 6 months old today! So hard to believe my little sweetie is already that old. She is so much fun; we can’t get enough of her! Chris and I could not be any more blessed than we are now.

We love you Kyler!

We go to the doctor’s tomorrow so I will post her new stats then!




Weekend Update with Kyler : 25 weeks

22 Jul

This weeks update is going be short and sweet. Although I know the world wouldn’t end if I waited to post until tomorrow, my obsessive ways are overpowering my exhaustion and sickness, so here it is 🙂 “Colds” seem to be the theme of the week in the Jenkinson household. All 3 of us have/had it (thank you daycare) and that makes for a not so fun week. I will say that Kyler is much more tough than her daddy and mommy when it comes to handling colds. She is such a trooper. Kyler will be 6 months old on Thursday. So hard to believe! We will be going to the doctor’s on Friday and I am eager to ask her some questions.

So Chris ended up staying home sick on Monday while Kyler went to daycare. He picked her up early and turns out, she was getting sick too. Didn’t stop her from playing!

She has to be working a tooth here soon. There is much more drool nowadays and she is really chomping down on her chewther.

Tuesday evening at the grocery store. Poor girl was so tired we were worried she was going to pass out on us.

Kyler wasn’t feeling too hot Wednesday. She was so sleepy she fell asleep on Dad.

After Kyler went down, we busted on some Wii Golf. Hadn’t played this in a while!

Thursday evening, Kyler’s cold got pretty bad. Her fever got up to 103.6 and she was miserable. Thankfully, she can now have Infant Advil and that did the trick!

Pouty face.

I took off on Friday to stay home with her. We went to the doctor and she was put on antibiotics. She slept most of the day.

When she was up, we chewed.

I went to work on Saturday and Kyler stayed home with Dad. She has finally started to jump in her jumperoo.

Today, Sunday, we went back to Merritt Island for the day. We started off with a nice visit with Jenn and Joe. We were going to see a movie but I am just not feeling so hot. Afterwards, we went to my aunt’s house for a family dinner. My cousins Kevin and Courtney were in town with their beautiful daughter Miller.

Kyler got to meet her cousin Miller for the first time! Both are blonde hair and blue eyed beauties 🙂 Miller was so sweet and gave Kyler hugs and kisses ❤

Playing with Miller

The next generation of cousins: Reid (14 months), Miller (16 months), Cole (almost 3), Emma (6 years old), and Parks (8 years old)

Kyler wanted to play in the water too.

Good thing we had an extra change of clothes!

It is always so nice to get the family together. Growing up, we were always together; holidays, birthdays, dinners. Now that everyone is older and so busy, we aren’t able to get together as much. With all the kids around, it reminds me of growing up and how much fun we all used to have. Now with 6 (going on 7) great-grand kids, it’s never a dull moment when we are all together! I am sure our Grandma and Poppa are smiling down on all of us and are so proud of the family that they have built. I am sure they are getting a kick out of the next generation. I just wish they were around to see it.

Time for bed! Hoping I can sleep this cold away!

Weekend Update with Kyler: 24 weeks

15 Jul

My big girl turned 24 weeks old this past week and she is already trying to crawl. I can’t believe it but she gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. She also slides backwards which I hear is the sign she will start to crawl soon. Just crazy!

Monday was Poppa’s 59th birthday. Happy Birthday Poppa!

I took Kyler to the park on Tuesday after work. She had a good time 🙂

Wednesday evening we played on her mat and she started showing off. Told you she is going to be crawling soon!

Chris and I took Kyler back to the park after work on Thursday. We met the Gilbertson’s there and the girls got to swing.

My happy girl.

Friday was a great day because I got off early from work and was able to hang out with Kyler for a while.

She loves her doggie! She was ecstatic when we got home because she got to “play” with them.

Love snuggling with her ❤

We had a great Saturday! Kyler was in the best mood all day. We started the day off at breakfast.

Then we went over to Kenley’s house to play for a little bit. Kenley was sleeping when we first got there but Kyler was SO happy when she woke up from her nap.

After we left, we took Maggie to her first class of dock diving. Maggie loved it and was the star of the class!

Kyler just hanging out and watching Maggie.

Maggie getting ready.

Kyler finally took a nap.

Maggie in mid air!

Here is a couple videos of Maggie.

We skyped with Nana and Grandpa afterwards and she showed off her rocking skills.

We took Kyler to her first Red Sox game on Sunday over in Tampa.

Heading out to the game!

Chris and Kyler were ready to go.

Checking it all out.

Playing with Dad.

My beautiful girl.

Hanging out with Mommy.

Red Sox family.

Time to go home!

Kyler had a good time at the game!

Here is a video of her rocking back and forth before bed time.

Hope everyone has a good week!

Weekend Update with Kyler: 23 weeks : Sitting up!

8 Jul

We had a great holiday week! Started out pretty stressful with Kyler’s rash but it turned out to be a great week 🙂 Kyler really doesn’t need help sitting up at all anymore! Sometimes she gets too excited and pushes back and tumbles over. Because of that, I really don’t leave her unless there is something soft for her to land on, like a pillow. I like for her to correct herself when she goes to tumble so she gets stronger rather than me helping her all the time. She is showing signs of tucking her knees under her now and pushes up fully with her arms. She usually does one or the other, however, I have caught her doing both when she was trying to get over to a toy. Can’t believe it but I have a feeling she will be crawling sooner than later!

I was off on Monday morning and the plan was to get things done around the house. That plan ended when Kyler woke up with a really bad rash all over her head and a last-minute trip to the doctor. For the rest of the day, we just laid in my bed and had a low-key day. I kept her comfortable and we snuggled ❤

Made it downstairs a few times to play when we were feeling good. She is going to be crawling in no time.

Kyler went to my mom’s on Tuesday. After work, Chris came back to Orlando to pick me and the dogs up and head back over to Merritt Island for the 4th. When I got there, I noticed Kyler’s rash had gotten much worse and was spreading. You could tell the poor thing was uncomfortable so I called the doctor’s office and had the doctor call me. After some discussion and pictures sent to him, he suggested we drive back to Orlando and take her to Arnold Palmer (children’s hospital) to be safe. With the 4th the next day, he didn’t feel comfortable waiting and I agreed. Doctor’s knew what the rash was, gave her some Benadryl and we were on our way!

Wednesday, we woke up and headed back to Merritt Island for a pool day. We were going to take the boat out but heat makes her rash worse so we stayed close to home. You can read all about her 1st 4th of July here!

While out on the golf cart, we ran into a duck family! 14 babies. So cute!!!

Thursday morning, we headed over to my cousin’s house for a visit and Kyler got to play with her 2 boy cousins Cole and Reid. We ended up going to lunch together too! After that, we went back to Grandma’s and went swimming again.

After dinner, we headed back home.

Friday was just a play day at home. Chris had to work in the morning, I had to work at night.

She went to the doctor again just to follow up. She had a good time ripping the paper up! Her rash is basically gone! Yay!

Back home!

Tired girl.

We woke up on Saturday and went to Buy Buy Baby.

Kyler rode in the shopping cart like a big girl!

She was such a good baby that day! She took a 2 hour nap while Chris and I had lunch and finished up some errands.

She played with her toys (all over her toys…..)

My pretty girl ❤

And she played with her doggies!  Kyler has really developed her “scream”. I am not going to lie, it drives me nuts. I try and curb it, although I know she is only 5 months old and finding her voice, but we try to not encourage it 🙂

The dogs love Kyler and Kyler loves the dogs. They are so gentle with her and surprisingly, Kyler is gentle with them! Obviously we watch them like a hawk to make sure Kyler is safe and to make sure they are all being sweet. Disclaimer: Yes the dogs licked her, yes we gave her a bath right away 🙂 

Video is kind of dark, oops!

Sunday was a lazy day. Chris mowed the lawn, I cleaned up the kitchen, Kyler played with her toys.

Set up a little barrier so I could clean the kitchen.

Afternoon consisted of hanging out with my parents and heading to the store and lunch. When we got home, The Gilbertsons came over to play! Kenley has been out of town all week so the girls got to play 🙂

Hope everyone had a great week!!!!

Kyler’s 1st 4th of July

7 Jul

Little Miss Kyler had her very 1st Fourth Of July.

Some good ole sparkler fun!

Kyler’s 4th started out a little rough with a late night trip to Arnold Palmer’s ER. She is fine. Let me go back a few days and explain….

Sunday evening, she started developing a rash on her face. By Monday morning, it was all over her head and she had bright red cheeks. We went to the doctor’s and she thought it was a viral infection but wasn’t sure. She didn’t want to give her any Benadryl because she said she wasn’t heavy enough yet. Clearly itchy, we continued to put ointment on her to try and keep her comfortable. By Tuesday evening, it was all over her back and belly and you could tell she was miserable. She still didn’t have a fever (which was great) but it was still scary. I called the answering service and had the doctor call me. I sent him over pictures and with the office being closed the next day, he suggested we take her to Arnold Palmer because it had gotten so bad so fast and it was concerning. We left my parent’s house at 9:20pm (we were in Merritt Island already) and got to AP by 10:20pm. We only had to wait about 10 minutes and they took us back. A few doctor’s came and looked at her and the head doctor knew right away what it was : Erythema Multiforme . They aren’t sure what caused it, however, it is most likely from a viral infection. It also could have been from the Sweet Potatoes (she had them for the first time on Sunday) but it’s not likely. We are going to stay away for them for a few months just in case! The ER doctor gave her some Benadryl and monitored her for a reaction. 40 minutes later, no reaction and we were on our way home! We give her medicine every 8 hours and it gets better every day!! As of today, it’s pretty much gone!! A few faded spots remain but you can barely see them! She was such a champ during the whole thing and is one tough cookie 🙂 I am not going to post up close pictures of it because I don’t want to put it on blast like that, but if you google Erythema Multiforme, you will see how bad it can get 😦

Soooo back to the 4th…. We woke up early on the 4th and headed back to Merritt Island. We were supposed to go out on the boat but heat makes the rash worse and itchy so we decided to stay around the house and have a pool day.

Waking up with my 4th of July PJs on 🙂

Getting ready to hit the pool!

Just loungin’

My All-American girl ❤

Hanging out with Daddy.

Toes in the water….

Kisses for Mommy!

Her swim diaper showing through.


I love my Grandma ❤

Lovesss cell phones…

And just like that, the skies turned gray. Gotta love Florida weather.

My 1st 4th!

Dino is my size! Trying to get the little guy but he kept running away.

Trying to snap a picture with her is getting harder and harder.

With her 4th Teddy Bear. (I used to collect these as a kid)

So serious :/

Loves her Daddy!

Family photo ❤

Dad says it’s time to go inside!

Playing with her toys.

That night, some of my parents neighbors came over to shoot off Fireworks. It worked out well because Kyler was able to go to sleep at a normal time and were right outside in the driveway. She didn’t even wake up once with the dogs barking and fireworks going off!

Ammo was the only one that was allowed to come outside. He wouldn’t stop barking so he hung out with the boys. Happy dog.

Firework command post.

3 minute long firework. Crazy.

Chris was the resident pyro so he lit everything.

Our “Grand Finale”

More 4th of July outfits that Kyler had!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!!!

Weekend Update with Kyler: 22 weeks

2 Jul

I know, I know, I am a day late. Here is the scoop from last week:

On Monday, Chris and Kyler came to have lunch with me at work! Best lunch dates ever 🙂

Just loungin’ 🙂

Kyler was 5 months old on Tuesday. I had to leave work early to take her to the doctor to check out her rash. She has a viral rash so we have been putting some cream on it.

Thankfully she doesn’t chew on her feet too much but she does find them every once in a while.

Her mat and vanity came in on Wednesday so we had some fun before bedtime.

Thursday was a pretty normal day for us.

I picked up Kyler Friday from daycare and she was snoozing away!

 Hanging out Friday afternoon.

My girls ❤

Big girl!

She pushes up and even got her knees under her a little. She will be crawling in no time!

That night, we went to Carter’s and Grandma and Poppa bought her some warmer clothes for this Fall. We will be taking a trip up north to see family so we will need some jeans and long shirts! After that, we stopped by The Gilbertson’s for some pizza and play time!

Saturday was a pretty laid back day. We hung out before I went into work.

This is how she sleeps on her back. Too funny.

Leaving for work and they were snoozing away!

We had One Direction at the Amway Center that night. This is right before doors open, for a reserved show. Crazy teenage girls!

Sunday was another really laid back day. We tried Sweet Potatoes and she didn’t seem to mind them too much. I made them thick and dipped the spoon in and let her “feed” herself. aka she goes to chew on the spoon and ends up eating food 🙂 My little trick 😉

She did, however, make a huge mess.

I continued to convert our home videos over from VHS to DVD. It’s easy but time-consuming but will be worth it in the end!

That is all for the week! We are looking forward to a nice holiday week!

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