Weekend Update with Kyler: 22 weeks

2 Jul

I know, I know, I am a day late. Here is the scoop from last week:

On Monday, Chris and Kyler came to have lunch with me at work! Best lunch dates ever 🙂

Just loungin’ 🙂

Kyler was 5 months old on Tuesday. I had to leave work early to take her to the doctor to check out her rash. She has a viral rash so we have been putting some cream on it.

Thankfully she doesn’t chew on her feet too much but she does find them every once in a while.

Her mat and vanity came in on Wednesday so we had some fun before bedtime.

Thursday was a pretty normal day for us.

I picked up Kyler Friday from daycare and she was snoozing away!

 Hanging out Friday afternoon.

My girls ❤

Big girl!

She pushes up and even got her knees under her a little. She will be crawling in no time!

That night, we went to Carter’s and Grandma and Poppa bought her some warmer clothes for this Fall. We will be taking a trip up north to see family so we will need some jeans and long shirts! After that, we stopped by The Gilbertson’s for some pizza and play time!

Saturday was a pretty laid back day. We hung out before I went into work.

This is how she sleeps on her back. Too funny.

Leaving for work and they were snoozing away!

We had One Direction at the Amway Center that night. This is right before doors open, for a reserved show. Crazy teenage girls!

Sunday was another really laid back day. We tried Sweet Potatoes and she didn’t seem to mind them too much. I made them thick and dipped the spoon in and let her “feed” herself. aka she goes to chew on the spoon and ends up eating food 🙂 My little trick 😉

She did, however, make a huge mess.

I continued to convert our home videos over from VHS to DVD. It’s easy but time-consuming but will be worth it in the end!

That is all for the week! We are looking forward to a nice holiday week!

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