Kyler’s 1st 4th of July

7 Jul

Little Miss Kyler had her very 1st Fourth Of July.

Some good ole sparkler fun!

Kyler’s 4th started out a little rough with a late night trip to Arnold Palmer’s ER. She is fine. Let me go back a few days and explain….

Sunday evening, she started developing a rash on her face. By Monday morning, it was all over her head and she had bright red cheeks. We went to the doctor’s and she thought it was a viral infection but wasn’t sure. She didn’t want to give her any Benadryl because she said she wasn’t heavy enough yet. Clearly itchy, we continued to put ointment on her to try and keep her comfortable. By Tuesday evening, it was all over her back and belly and you could tell she was miserable. She still didn’t have a fever (which was great) but it was still scary. I called the answering service and had the doctor call me. I sent him over pictures and with the office being closed the next day, he suggested we take her to Arnold Palmer because it had gotten so bad so fast and it was concerning. We left my parent’s house at 9:20pm (we were in Merritt Island already) and got to AP by 10:20pm. We only had to wait about 10 minutes and they took us back. A few doctor’s came and looked at her and the head doctor knew right away what it was : Erythema Multiforme . They aren’t sure what caused it, however, it is most likely from a viral infection. It also could have been from the Sweet Potatoes (she had them for the first time on Sunday) but it’s not likely. We are going to stay away for them for a few months just in case! The ER doctor gave her some Benadryl and monitored her for a reaction. 40 minutes later, no reaction and we were on our way home! We give her medicine every 8 hours and it gets better every day!! As of today, it’s pretty much gone!! A few faded spots remain but you can barely see them! She was such a champ during the whole thing and is one tough cookie 🙂 I am not going to post up close pictures of it because I don’t want to put it on blast like that, but if you google Erythema Multiforme, you will see how bad it can get 😦

Soooo back to the 4th…. We woke up early on the 4th and headed back to Merritt Island. We were supposed to go out on the boat but heat makes the rash worse and itchy so we decided to stay around the house and have a pool day.

Waking up with my 4th of July PJs on 🙂

Getting ready to hit the pool!

Just loungin’

My All-American girl ❤

Hanging out with Daddy.

Toes in the water….

Kisses for Mommy!

Her swim diaper showing through.


I love my Grandma ❤

Lovesss cell phones…

And just like that, the skies turned gray. Gotta love Florida weather.

My 1st 4th!

Dino is my size! Trying to get the little guy but he kept running away.

Trying to snap a picture with her is getting harder and harder.

With her 4th Teddy Bear. (I used to collect these as a kid)

So serious :/

Loves her Daddy!

Family photo ❤

Dad says it’s time to go inside!

Playing with her toys.

That night, some of my parents neighbors came over to shoot off Fireworks. It worked out well because Kyler was able to go to sleep at a normal time and were right outside in the driveway. She didn’t even wake up once with the dogs barking and fireworks going off!

Ammo was the only one that was allowed to come outside. He wouldn’t stop barking so he hung out with the boys. Happy dog.

Firework command post.

3 minute long firework. Crazy.

Chris was the resident pyro so he lit everything.

Our “Grand Finale”

More 4th of July outfits that Kyler had!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!!!

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