Weekend Update with Kyler: 24 weeks

15 Jul

My big girl turned 24 weeks old this past week and she is already trying to crawl. I can’t believe it but she gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. She also slides backwards which I hear is the sign she will start to crawl soon. Just crazy!

Monday was Poppa’s 59th birthday. Happy Birthday Poppa!

I took Kyler to the park on Tuesday after work. She had a good time ūüôā

Wednesday evening we played on her mat and she started showing off. Told you she is going to be crawling soon!

Chris and I took Kyler back to the park after work on Thursday. We met the Gilbertson’s there and the girls got to swing.

My happy girl.

Friday was a great day because I got off early from work and was able to hang out with Kyler for a while.

She loves her doggie! She was¬†ecstatic¬†when we got home¬†because¬†she got to “play” with them.

Love snuggling with her ‚̧

We had a great Saturday! Kyler was in the best mood all day. We started the day off at breakfast.

Then we went over to Kenley’s house to play for a little bit. Kenley was sleeping when we first got there but Kyler was SO happy when she woke up from her nap.

After we left, we took Maggie to her first class of dock diving. Maggie loved it and was the star of the class!

Kyler just hanging out and watching Maggie.

Maggie getting ready.

Kyler finally took a nap.

Maggie in mid air!

Here is a couple videos of Maggie.

We skyped with Nana and Grandpa afterwards and she showed off her rocking skills.

We took Kyler to her first Red Sox game on Sunday over in Tampa.

Heading out to the game!

Chris and Kyler were ready to go.

Checking it all out.

Playing with Dad.

My beautiful girl.

Hanging out with Mommy.

Red Sox family.

Time to go home!

Kyler had a good time at the game!

Here is a video of her rocking back and forth before bed time.

Hope everyone has a good week!

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