Weekend Update with Kyler : 25 weeks

22 Jul

This weeks update is going be short and sweet. Although I know the world wouldn’t end if I waited to post until tomorrow, my obsessive ways are overpowering my exhaustion and sickness, so here it is 🙂 “Colds” seem to be the theme of the week in the Jenkinson household. All 3 of us have/had it (thank you daycare) and that makes for a not so fun week. I will say that Kyler is much more tough than her daddy and mommy when it comes to handling colds. She is such a trooper. Kyler will be 6 months old on Thursday. So hard to believe! We will be going to the doctor’s on Friday and I am eager to ask her some questions.

So Chris ended up staying home sick on Monday while Kyler went to daycare. He picked her up early and turns out, she was getting sick too. Didn’t stop her from playing!

She has to be working a tooth here soon. There is much more drool nowadays and she is really chomping down on her chewther.

Tuesday evening at the grocery store. Poor girl was so tired we were worried she was going to pass out on us.

Kyler wasn’t feeling too hot Wednesday. She was so sleepy she fell asleep on Dad.

After Kyler went down, we busted on some Wii Golf. Hadn’t played this in a while!

Thursday evening, Kyler’s cold got pretty bad. Her fever got up to 103.6 and she was miserable. Thankfully, she can now have Infant Advil and that did the trick!

Pouty face.

I took off on Friday to stay home with her. We went to the doctor and she was put on antibiotics. She slept most of the day.

When she was up, we chewed.

I went to work on Saturday and Kyler stayed home with Dad. She has finally started to jump in her jumperoo.

Today, Sunday, we went back to Merritt Island for the day. We started off with a nice visit with Jenn and Joe. We were going to see a movie but I am just not feeling so hot. Afterwards, we went to my aunt’s house for a family dinner. My cousins Kevin and Courtney were in town with their beautiful daughter Miller.

Kyler got to meet her cousin Miller for the first time! Both are blonde hair and blue eyed beauties 🙂 Miller was so sweet and gave Kyler hugs and kisses ❤

Playing with Miller

The next generation of cousins: Reid (14 months), Miller (16 months), Cole (almost 3), Emma (6 years old), and Parks (8 years old)

Kyler wanted to play in the water too.

Good thing we had an extra change of clothes!

It is always so nice to get the family together. Growing up, we were always together; holidays, birthdays, dinners. Now that everyone is older and so busy, we aren’t able to get together as much. With all the kids around, it reminds me of growing up and how much fun we all used to have. Now with 6 (going on 7) great-grand kids, it’s never a dull moment when we are all together! I am sure our Grandma and Poppa are smiling down on all of us and are so proud of the family that they have built. I am sure they are getting a kick out of the next generation. I just wish they were around to see it.

Time for bed! Hoping I can sleep this cold away!

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