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Weekend Update with Kyler: 26 weeks

29 Jul

So the theme of last week (that being “colds”) continued into this week. Sigh. Not so much with Kyler but more with Chris and I. Kyler on the other hand had a great week! She turned 6 months old, continues to get big and strong, and continues to be a happy happy girl!!! This week we are working on our sleeping habits. Making nap times more routine and letting her cry it out at night. Her naps this weekend were awesome! 2 long naps in her crib each day. We haven’t had to let her cry it out at night yet (I can’t believe I am even typing this because I am pretty sure I just jinxed myself) because she has slept through the night. So I can only hope she keeps that up! I am sure it’s a direct correlation to the solid naps she is getting during the day. The true test will be when she goes back to daycare.

Monday evening. What are on my feet?

We are getting back into the routine of reading before bed. It really helps her calm down after her bath and last bottle. She loves to read!

Coming home after a fun Tuesday at Grandma and Poppa’s!

Night time!

Having fun with some Dad on Wednesday.

I guess a little too much fun. Passed out!

Kyler turned 6 months old on Thursday!!!

Friday afternoon we went to the doctor’s for her check-up. Afterwards, we played on the mat with some toys!

We watched the Opening Ceremonies that night with The Gilbertson’s. I love the Olympics! Go USA!!!!

Stole this from Kendra’s page!

Saturday was a stay at home and get stuff type of day. While we did that, Kyler played with her toys.

She’s busy working.

Cheese Momma!

We ran some errands today and got to hang out with Grandma and Poppa for a bit!

Sleepy girl.

Kyler’s new toy! I used to love my grocery store scanner as a kid!

Hope everyone has a great week!!

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