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Special Edition: Weekend Update with Kyler : 30 weeks/7 months!

26 Aug

Not only did Kyler turn 30 weeks on Thursday, she is 7 months old today! That is just crazy to me. Also, Chris is the big 3-3 today as well! Fun stuff!

First, we will start with the 7 month update. Miss Kyler is a growing machine! She is currently going through a growth spurt (we think) because she is eating like a champ. For the past 3 days, she has been eating SO well! It’s been such a nice surprise. She even ate butternut squash. Get this… she cries when it’s finished! It’s the exact opposite. She used to cry when I put the food to her face…. now she cries when I take the spoon away to get more. I like this way MUCH better. Now let’s just see if we can keep this trend 🙂

Update from last month:

  • Army crawl – She isn’t quite crawling on hands and knees yet but she can definitely get around her playmat just find. It is more of an army crawl so I am assuming it won’t be much longer until she is all over the place.
  • Chewing – Still no tooth yet…
  • Eating- OMG yay! Let’s keep it up Kyler!
  • Sleeping– I can now say she sleeps through the night! She goes down around 7:30pm and wakes up around 7am on average. On the weekends, she isn’t up to 7:30-8am. Thanks Kyler!
  • Napping– When she is at home or at my mom’s, she goes down for 2 big naps. Usually around 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm.
  • Sitting Up– Although she was doing that last month, she is now a pro at it. We don’t have to worry about her falling over (of course as I LITERALLY just typed that, she was bouncing up and down and fell over).
  • Bouncing– She is a bouncing machine. She doesn’t have to be in her bouncer either. She does it laying down, sitting, standing. Whenever the mood strikes.
  • Busy– She doesn’t really stay still anymore. She is quite a busy little girl. When she is on my lap, she is climbing all over me, pulling my hair, grabbing my face, trying to crawl somewhere…. busy, busy, busy!
  • Quite– She doesn’t talk or babble much. She is a pretty calm and content baby. I just asked my parents yesterday if I was like that… my mom didn’t remember but my dad said he remembered thinking “is she ever going to talk?”. Then of course he followed up with “then you started and you haven’t stopped since.” Thanks Dad.
  • Shaking her head– She shakes her head no randomly but I don’t think she knows why she does it.

As I just typed all that up, I just realized she has changed so much in a month. Sleeping training wasn’t that bad actually. She kind of did it on her own. I think I remember 2 nights where we let her cry it out for a little bit but she figured it out pretty quick!

Now onto the weekly update: We ended up staying home this week since stupid Tropical Storm Issac was going to make our beach vacation on the gulf not so much fun. We were really sad we had to cancel our first family vacation but made the best of it here. We worked on Kyler’s playroom a lot this weekend. I finally have a grand plan and Chris started her TV cabinet. Woo hoo!

Monday photo: Bad picture but it makes me laugh. She is twisting around but looks like a one-armed push-up. Yeah, let’s just stick with that.

She is determined to crawl!

Tuesday was the first day we really introduced puffs. She got about one in her mouth and the rest went to the pups!

Wednesday night at the Jenkinson household; watching Kyler play 🙂

She was in the best mood after bath time!

Thursday evening. My beautiful little girl ❤

Playing with Minnie Mouse! (We live in Orlando, we had to introduce it!)

I am set up and ready for crafts! (This is for Kyler’s playroom). It is much more organized now. This is what I did on Friday night!

Saturday morning she played while I painted some things for her playroom.

My mom and dad came over Saturday afternoon to take Chris out to dinner for his birthday. The 5 of us loaded up and headed to Bahama Breeze. LOVE their Bahamarita, yummm 🙂

With the birthday boy!

This is what I had painted by Saturday night. These will serve as little decor pieces around her playroom.

Sunday was a fun filled day. Kyler turned 7 months old and Chris turned 33 years old! We were going to go see a movie and have our friends watch Kyler but she was having a fussy morning (will you just make your appearance, tooth?) so we decided we would make it another time. I went to the store and got some supplies to make dinner and a cake. We also went over to the Gilbertson’s so the girls could play for a bit. When we got back, Kyler took a nap and I got to work!

I also took some pictures of Kyler:

Chris asked for homemade pizza for his birthday. He did turn 33 right? The guy loves his pizza!

Kyler finished her dinner while we ate ours.

I found this recipe for a Peanut Butter Cake on Pinterest. It linked back to another blog that had really good instructions. (Thank you!!) Chris LOVES peanut butter cups and pretty much anything really sweet and it looked easy enough so I said why not! It turned out really good!

We sang Happy Birthday to Dad!

Happy Birthday Chris! Kyler and I love you so much!! I hope you had a great birthday!!

See ya next week!




Weekend Update with Kyler : 29 weeks

19 Aug

Kyler hit 29 weeks this past Thursday. She has started this weird “crawl”. It’s more of an army crawl but not really…. I will post a video later to explain.

Tuesday fun!

Helping me get a diaper for her.


She doesn’t crawl crawl yet but she is strong enough to get up!


She is really trying to pull herself up onto things (which stresses me out) so we have to be extra careful with toys now!

Kyler picked a book to read for the night.

Not sure who loves Dr. Seuss more: Chris or Kyler? Probably Chris.

Thursday at Grandma’s!

Dinner time with Dad!!! She wasn’t the best eater this week 😦 It’s because I wrote about it last week!

Friday after school. When did she become so big?

Saturday, Kyler and I went shopping with my mom and Debbie! She had a good time!

Kyler is starting to crawl all over us too.

Later that evening, we went over to the Gilbertson’s for some fun and dinner! Kendra and I looked up things for Kenley’s birthday party and Kyler’s playroom while the boys talked about…. well I am not sure what they talked about but if I had to bet; sports.

Kenley is 10 months old today! She took 3 steps, says a few words (I believe she is saying Hi here), and is turning more into a toddler every day (sorry Kendra, I know you probably hate to admit this!).

Today we ran some errands and then Chris went and bought materials for the TV stand he will make for Kyler’s playroom while I made “art”.

This is all over Pinterest but it will go perfectly with what we are doing for Kyler’s playroom. I will post more about this later!

We are really looking forward to this week. It’s Chris’ birthday and we are going to stay over in Sarasota/Siesta Key for the weekend! We are looking forward to our first family vacation!




Weekend Update with Kyler : 28 Weeks

12 Aug

Kyler is up to the same ole stuff as last week: Playing, working on a tooth (I think), being awesome, having fun, ya know, the rough stuff a 6.5 month old has to deal with. She is however…..

wait for it…..

Starting to eat!!!! (well I may be exaggerating a little bit….well maybe a lot). To Chris and I, it’s like she is eating a Thanksgiving dinner.

Daycare sent home her sheet on Monday and wrote that she actually ate a little bit! She was opening her mouth and ate a good amount of it. I was very skeptical because I wasn’t sure if she was talking about my baby, not Kyler!

That evening, my 31 bags came in and Kendra and Kenley delivered them to me.

PS: I highly suggest anyone needing to store toys (baby or doggie) to get the large utility tote.

Tuesday came around and guess what? She decided to eat a little bit again! My mom said she ate about half and when she was done, she clammed up. I say that is progress!

Grocery shopping that evening.

Wednesday we ran to Lowe’s to get ideas for her playroom. No picture for this day 😦

Thursday she was a sleepy girl! My mom said she took a couple lonngggg naps. Okay by me!

Doesn’t she look so big there? She is so long!

She picked Green Eggs and Ham to read before bed.

Daycare told me that Kyler did NOT want to eat on Friday. One of the girls said Kyler is her new project and she is determined to work with her so she likes food. Go for it lady 🙂

Doing some push-ups when we got home.

Saturday morning we were at Target at 8:30am. I love me some Target that early. I grab a coffee at Starbucks and go about my shopping in the nice and peaceful store. After Target, we hit up Home Depot and Michael’s (again for playroom ideas) and then headed to BJ’s to stock up on paper towels, coffee for the Keurig, chicken…. you know, the things that are cheaper buying in bulk. Kyler picked up a book and a stuffed toy throughout our shopping.

One thing I will miss once we switch over to the convertible car seat is being able to just pick the car seat up and put it in the stroller when she falls asleep. We ride around like this anymore! It feels like forever ago when she would just sleep away and we would run our errands. I know, it was only 6 months ago!

Along the way, we picked Ammo up a dog bed. He was happy!

Kyler played while Chris weeded outside and I cleaned the house.

Today was another pretty productive day for the Jenkinsons. We started the day with some playtime.

Kyler had pears, bananas, and oatmeal for breakfast and actually ate a lot of it! At first, she wasn’t too sure but then she started reaching for the spoon and opening up! Granted, she was trying to chew the spoon BUT she was actually eating the food! This tactic (me helping her letting herself eat) created quite a mess but I don’t care. However she gets food down is cool with me!

Kyler went down for a nap and Chris, my dad, and I planned out Kyler’s playroom. My dad is going to build the bookcase and storage benches and Chris is going to build the TV cabinet. I have been busy online trying to come up with the grand scheme and I think I have it! VERY excited to get started on this and I know Kyler will love it!

Playing with Poppa after her nap.

The girl loves to chew!

She got to hang out with her Grandma too! When they left, we had a nice long Skype visit with her Nana! Gotta love technology. It’s so nice because her grandparents that don’t live her get to talk to her and see what she is up to!

For dinner, she had some more bananas, pears, and oatmeal but then half way through, I switched to acorn squash. I know, that doesn’t sound that great…. but I want her to feel comfortable eating and I was making sure it wasn’t just a fruit thing. She didn’t flinch with the squash either so that is good news! She continued to open her mouth and grab the spoon.

My fingers and toes are crossed that she will continue down this road of eating! I can see light at the end of the tunnel (I think?)

Weekend Update with Kyler : 27 Weeks

5 Aug

Hope you like the new look of the page! I got sick of the old one 🙂

The older she gets, I find myself asking “How old is she this week?” She is such a happy girl! She loves her some toys! Still not crawling but she continues to try. I am fairly certain she will have a tooth any day. I know I have said that a million times but I really think it will be any day. She is constantly pushing her tongue against her bottom gum and her mouth is very sensitive. We will see!

I had a work function Monday night so we hung out with Dad. I made it home just in time to read her one book and put her down. The little things ❤

Grandma had a new toy for Kyler to play with on Tuesday! Gotta love “gently used” toys 🙂

Kyler has started to bounce in her jumperoo. She is working out while Dad works out!

Wednesday on the way home.  Such a face!

More jumperoo time on Thursday night!! Makes for a good activity while Dad works out!

Meanwhile, I worked American Idol that night.

I took off Friday and Kyler stayed home with me! We got some good quality Mommy and Daughter time. Thankfully I had already planned on staying home with her because she had a cranky morning! Insert above teething comments here. Once we calmed down, we had some fun!

So I showed Kyler how the baby doll made a noise when you shook it and she tried to do it herself.

We went to the doctor’s to get her shots and she did surprisingly great! Barely cried and was fine the rest of the day!

We were gone 1 hour. 1 hour too long for Maggie I guess.

She is a goof. She fell over and took her toy with it.

She loves her ❤

Here is a short peak of her in her jumperoo. Sorry so dark…. she stares at the camera if I turn the light on.

Chris is going to hate me 🙂 Kyler likes to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse occasionally and I mentioned to Chris that Kyler smiled with I said “Oh Tooooddlllesss.” For those of you that have no clue what I am talking about, it’s a phrase they say over and over on the show. So when Chris walked in, he had no clue I was filming. But long story short, I love her expression when he walks in the room. She gets so excited!

We stopped by the Gilbertson’s to say hello!

Hmm… Kyler is eyeing that volleyball…. maybe a glimpse into the future?

Saturday was a day for chores! Kyler played while we got things done around the house.

She looks like she is in trouble here… she’s not 🙂

Today we started at breakfast with the Gilberston’s and then headed off to do some errands. We are officially transforming the upstairs loft into Kyler playroom. I am sure I will be talking about this in blogs to come. With her getting more and more things to play with, we really need an area we can block off from the dogs and that room will be perfect! I also went bridesmaid dress shopping with Marisa and Marissa today and it was a success! Very pretty 🙂

She was such a trooper. Finally on the way home. She can hold her own bottle now. She is so big 😦

That is our weekly update! Gotta go watch the Olympics now…. can you tell we are excited??

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