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Weekend Update with Kyler : 27 Weeks

5 Aug

Hope you like the new look of the page! I got sick of the old one 🙂

The older she gets, I find myself asking “How old is she this week?” She is such a happy girl! She loves her some toys! Still not crawling but she continues to try. I am fairly certain she will have a tooth any day. I know I have said that a million times but I really think it will be any day. She is constantly pushing her tongue against her bottom gum and her mouth is very sensitive. We will see!

I had a work function Monday night so we hung out with Dad. I made it home just in time to read her one book and put her down. The little things ❤

Grandma had a new toy for Kyler to play with on Tuesday! Gotta love “gently used” toys 🙂

Kyler has started to bounce in her jumperoo. She is working out while Dad works out!

Wednesday on the way home.  Such a face!

More jumperoo time on Thursday night!! Makes for a good activity while Dad works out!

Meanwhile, I worked American Idol that night.

I took off Friday and Kyler stayed home with me! We got some good quality Mommy and Daughter time. Thankfully I had already planned on staying home with her because she had a cranky morning! Insert above teething comments here. Once we calmed down, we had some fun!

So I showed Kyler how the baby doll made a noise when you shook it and she tried to do it herself.

We went to the doctor’s to get her shots and she did surprisingly great! Barely cried and was fine the rest of the day!

We were gone 1 hour. 1 hour too long for Maggie I guess.

She is a goof. She fell over and took her toy with it.

She loves her ❤

Here is a short peak of her in her jumperoo. Sorry so dark…. she stares at the camera if I turn the light on.

Chris is going to hate me 🙂 Kyler likes to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse occasionally and I mentioned to Chris that Kyler smiled with I said “Oh Tooooddlllesss.” For those of you that have no clue what I am talking about, it’s a phrase they say over and over on the show. So when Chris walked in, he had no clue I was filming. But long story short, I love her expression when he walks in the room. She gets so excited!

We stopped by the Gilbertson’s to say hello!

Hmm… Kyler is eyeing that volleyball…. maybe a glimpse into the future?

Saturday was a day for chores! Kyler played while we got things done around the house.

She looks like she is in trouble here… she’s not 🙂

Today we started at breakfast with the Gilberston’s and then headed off to do some errands. We are officially transforming the upstairs loft into Kyler playroom. I am sure I will be talking about this in blogs to come. With her getting more and more things to play with, we really need an area we can block off from the dogs and that room will be perfect! I also went bridesmaid dress shopping with Marisa and Marissa today and it was a success! Very pretty 🙂

She was such a trooper. Finally on the way home. She can hold her own bottle now. She is so big 😦

That is our weekly update! Gotta go watch the Olympics now…. can you tell we are excited??

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