Weekend Update with Kyler : 28 Weeks

12 Aug

Kyler is up to the same ole stuff as last week: Playing, working on a tooth (I think), being awesome, having fun, ya know, the rough stuff a 6.5 month old has to deal with. She is however…..

wait for it…..

Starting to eat!!!! (well I may be exaggerating a little bit….well maybe a lot). To Chris and I, it’s like she is eating a Thanksgiving dinner.

Daycare sent home her sheet on Monday and wrote that she actually ate a little bit! She was opening her mouth and ate a good amount of it. I was very skeptical because I wasn’t sure if she was talking about my baby, not Kyler!

That evening, my 31 bags came in and Kendra and Kenley delivered them to me.

PS: I highly suggest anyone needing to store toys (baby or doggie) to get the large utility tote.

Tuesday came around and guess what? She decided to eat a little bit again! My mom said she ate about half and when she was done, she clammed up. I say that is progress!

Grocery shopping that evening.

Wednesday we ran to Lowe’s to get ideas for her playroom. No picture for this day 😦

Thursday she was a sleepy girl! My mom said she took a couple lonngggg naps. Okay by me!

Doesn’t she look so big there? She is so long!

She picked Green Eggs and Ham to read before bed.

Daycare told me that Kyler did NOT want to eat on Friday. One of the girls said Kyler is her new project and she is determined to work with her so she likes food. Go for it lady 🙂

Doing some push-ups when we got home.

Saturday morning we were at Target at 8:30am. I love me some Target that early. I grab a coffee at Starbucks and go about my shopping in the nice and peaceful store. After Target, we hit up Home Depot and Michael’s (again for playroom ideas) and then headed to BJ’s to stock up on paper towels, coffee for the Keurig, chicken…. you know, the things that are cheaper buying in bulk. Kyler picked up a book and a stuffed toy throughout our shopping.

One thing I will miss once we switch over to the convertible car seat is being able to just pick the car seat up and put it in the stroller when she falls asleep. We ride around like this anymore! It feels like forever ago when she would just sleep away and we would run our errands. I know, it was only 6 months ago!

Along the way, we picked Ammo up a dog bed. He was happy!

Kyler played while Chris weeded outside and I cleaned the house.

Today was another pretty productive day for the Jenkinsons. We started the day with some playtime.

Kyler had pears, bananas, and oatmeal for breakfast and actually ate a lot of it! At first, she wasn’t too sure but then she started reaching for the spoon and opening up! Granted, she was trying to chew the spoon BUT she was actually eating the food! This tactic (me helping her letting herself eat) created quite a mess but I don’t care. However she gets food down is cool with me!

Kyler went down for a nap and Chris, my dad, and I planned out Kyler’s playroom. My dad is going to build the bookcase and storage benches and Chris is going to build the TV cabinet. I have been busy online trying to come up with the grand scheme and I think I have it! VERY excited to get started on this and I know Kyler will love it!

Playing with Poppa after her nap.

The girl loves to chew!

She got to hang out with her Grandma too! When they left, we had a nice long Skype visit with her Nana! Gotta love technology. It’s so nice because her grandparents that don’t live her get to talk to her and see what she is up to!

For dinner, she had some more bananas, pears, and oatmeal but then half way through, I switched to acorn squash. I know, that doesn’t sound that great…. but I want her to feel comfortable eating and I was making sure it wasn’t just a fruit thing. She didn’t flinch with the squash either so that is good news! She continued to open her mouth and grab the spoon.

My fingers and toes are crossed that she will continue down this road of eating! I can see light at the end of the tunnel (I think?)

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