Weekend Update with Kyler : 29 weeks

19 Aug

Kyler hit 29 weeks this past Thursday. She has started this weird “crawl”. It’s more of an army crawl but not really…. I will post a video later to explain.

Tuesday fun!

Helping me get a diaper for her.


She doesn’t crawl crawl yet but she is strong enough to get up!


She is really trying to pull herself up onto things (which stresses me out) so we have to be extra careful with toys now!

Kyler picked a book to read for the night.

Not sure who loves Dr. Seuss more: Chris or Kyler? Probably Chris.

Thursday at Grandma’s!

Dinner time with Dad!!! She wasn’t the best eater this week 😦 It’s because I wrote about it last week!

Friday after school. When did she become so big?

Saturday, Kyler and I went shopping with my mom and Debbie! She had a good time!

Kyler is starting to crawl all over us too.

Later that evening, we went over to the Gilbertson’s for some fun and dinner! Kendra and I looked up things for Kenley’s birthday party and Kyler’s playroom while the boys talked about…. well I am not sure what they talked about but if I had to bet; sports.

Kenley is 10 months old today! She took 3 steps, says a few words (I believe she is saying Hi here), and is turning more into a toddler every day (sorry Kendra, I know you probably hate to admit this!).

Today we ran some errands and then Chris went and bought materials for the TV stand he will make for Kyler’s playroom while I made “art”.

This is all over Pinterest but it will go perfectly with what we are doing for Kyler’s playroom. I will post more about this later!

We are really looking forward to this week. It’s Chris’ birthday and we are going to stay over in Sarasota/Siesta Key for the weekend! We are looking forward to our first family vacation!




One Response to “Weekend Update with Kyler : 29 weeks”

  1. Kendra G. August 19, 2012 at 9:57 pm #

    Nooooooooo! Don’t say the word toddler! 😦 Time is flying!

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