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Special Edition: Weekend Update with Kyler : 30 weeks/7 months!

26 Aug

Not only did Kyler turn 30 weeks on Thursday, she is 7 months old today! That is just crazy to me. Also, Chris is the big 3-3 today as well! Fun stuff!

First, we will start with the 7 month update. Miss Kyler is a growing machine! She is currently going through a growth spurt (we think) because she is eating like a champ. For the past 3 days, she has been eating SO well! It’s been such a nice surprise. She even ate butternut squash. Get this… she cries when it’s finished! It’s the exact opposite. She used to cry when I put the food to her face…. now she cries when I take the spoon away to get more. I like this way MUCH better. Now let’s just see if we can keep this trend 🙂

Update from last month:

  • Army crawl – She isn’t quite crawling on hands and knees yet but she can definitely get around her playmat just find. It is more of an army crawl so I am assuming it won’t be much longer until she is all over the place.
  • Chewing – Still no tooth yet…
  • Eating- OMG yay! Let’s keep it up Kyler!
  • Sleeping– I can now say she sleeps through the night! She goes down around 7:30pm and wakes up around 7am on average. On the weekends, she isn’t up to 7:30-8am. Thanks Kyler!
  • Napping– When she is at home or at my mom’s, she goes down for 2 big naps. Usually around 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm.
  • Sitting Up– Although she was doing that last month, she is now a pro at it. We don’t have to worry about her falling over (of course as I LITERALLY just typed that, she was bouncing up and down and fell over).
  • Bouncing– She is a bouncing machine. She doesn’t have to be in her bouncer either. She does it laying down, sitting, standing. Whenever the mood strikes.
  • Busy– She doesn’t really stay still anymore. She is quite a busy little girl. When she is on my lap, she is climbing all over me, pulling my hair, grabbing my face, trying to crawl somewhere…. busy, busy, busy!
  • Quite– She doesn’t talk or babble much. She is a pretty calm and content baby. I just asked my parents yesterday if I was like that… my mom didn’t remember but my dad said he remembered thinking “is she ever going to talk?”. Then of course he followed up with “then you started and you haven’t stopped since.” Thanks Dad.
  • Shaking her head– She shakes her head no randomly but I don’t think she knows why she does it.

As I just typed all that up, I just realized she has changed so much in a month. Sleeping training wasn’t that bad actually. She kind of did it on her own. I think I remember 2 nights where we let her cry it out for a little bit but she figured it out pretty quick!

Now onto the weekly update: We ended up staying home this week since stupid Tropical Storm Issac was going to make our beach vacation on the gulf not so much fun. We were really sad we had to cancel our first family vacation but made the best of it here. We worked on Kyler’s playroom a lot this weekend. I finally have a grand plan and Chris started her TV cabinet. Woo hoo!

Monday photo: Bad picture but it makes me laugh. She is twisting around but looks like a one-armed push-up. Yeah, let’s just stick with that.

She is determined to crawl!

Tuesday was the first day we really introduced puffs. She got about one in her mouth and the rest went to the pups!

Wednesday night at the Jenkinson household; watching Kyler play 🙂

She was in the best mood after bath time!

Thursday evening. My beautiful little girl ❤

Playing with Minnie Mouse! (We live in Orlando, we had to introduce it!)

I am set up and ready for crafts! (This is for Kyler’s playroom). It is much more organized now. This is what I did on Friday night!

Saturday morning she played while I painted some things for her playroom.

My mom and dad came over Saturday afternoon to take Chris out to dinner for his birthday. The 5 of us loaded up and headed to Bahama Breeze. LOVE their Bahamarita, yummm 🙂

With the birthday boy!

This is what I had painted by Saturday night. These will serve as little decor pieces around her playroom.

Sunday was a fun filled day. Kyler turned 7 months old and Chris turned 33 years old! We were going to go see a movie and have our friends watch Kyler but she was having a fussy morning (will you just make your appearance, tooth?) so we decided we would make it another time. I went to the store and got some supplies to make dinner and a cake. We also went over to the Gilbertson’s so the girls could play for a bit. When we got back, Kyler took a nap and I got to work!

I also took some pictures of Kyler:

Chris asked for homemade pizza for his birthday. He did turn 33 right? The guy loves his pizza!

Kyler finished her dinner while we ate ours.

I found this recipe for a Peanut Butter Cake on Pinterest. It linked back to another blog that had really good instructions. (Thank you!!) Chris LOVES peanut butter cups and pretty much anything really sweet and it looked easy enough so I said why not! It turned out really good!

We sang Happy Birthday to Dad!

Happy Birthday Chris! Kyler and I love you so much!! I hope you had a great birthday!!

See ya next week!




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