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Weekend Update with Kyler: 8 Months!

30 Sep

Kyler turned 8 months old this past Thursday! She has changed SO much it’s hard to keep up. I went back to her 7 month post and it seems like so long ago to me!

Update from last month:

  • Crawling – She is so good at crawling! She is pretty fast too.
  • Standing– She loves to pull herself up on everything she can. She also learned after a day (of getting stuck in the standing position) to sit back down and pretty gracefully I might add. She is very stable which makes for a worry free Mama.
  • Chewing – Still no tooth yet…Gotta be soon, right?
  • Eating- Yep. She LOVES fruits (who doesn’t) and is getting better with her veggies. We are eating 3 meals a day now. For breakfast she usually yogurt, pieces of banana, or some other type of fruit. For lunch, she gets more fruit or sometimes a fruit and veggie combo. For dinner she eats mainly veggies with some chicken. She wasn’t a fan of green veggies although the past few days she has done a good job. She also gets an afternoon snack. On top of all that, she is still drinking the same amount of milk! Crazy! I am assuming her milk intake will go soon but I know that is the most important thing right now so no worries.
  • Sitting Up– Although she was doing that last month, she is now a pro at it. We don’t have to worry about her falling over (of course as I LITERALLY just typed that, she was bouncing up and down and fell over).
  • Talking- Funny because last month I said she was quiet. She says Mama, Baby, and Ball. She started saying ga on Friday but I am not sure what that translates to yet.
  • Waving– She has started waving hi.
  • Observant- This little one takes in the world. I know babies at the age do but it’s so fun to watch her process everything around her. She is just so aware of everything.
  • Dogs– She can’t get enough of em!
  • Mickey Mouse– Yep, it still continues. I guess it’s a good thing considering we live in Orlando?? She doesn’t even watch the show that much yet she loves the dolls and books. Oh well, I guess she could like worse 🙂

Onto the weekly update…


I love to read!


Just eating some lunch at Grandma’s!


Silly Caya!


I forgot to take her 8 month pictures on Wednesday so we took them Thursday!


Just having some fun with Grandma!


Kyler went to her first UCF game on Saturday!!!

Passed out at her first tailgate.

Tailgating with Mommy! I should have brought her sunglasses 😦

We stopped by to say hi to Marisa and Marissa.

It’s almost game time!

Let’s Go Knights!

Staying hydrated!

And just like that, she fell asleep. She stayed like that until we got to the car! We ended up leaving early because it was so hot out!

Happy girl.

Later that night, her friend Kenley came for a sleepover while her Mommy and Daddy went to a wedding. The girls had fun playing!!

Pretty Kenley had fun in the chair.

Kyler wasn’t so sure about her doggies being locked out.


We were super busy today getting the playroom together and only got 1 picture of her.

We leave for our trip on Friday and there is so much to do before then! Ahhh!!!

Weekend Update with Kyler: 34 Weeks

23 Sep

We continue to have really busy weeks here at the Jenkinson household. We are working fast and furious to get the playroom done and we made GREAT progress this week. I wish I could show a sneak peek but I am resisting 🙂 I feel so rushed because we work all day, come home and take care of Bug, and then get to work on the playroom. We do that right up to bedtime and then do it all over again. I am excited, though, because I finished all of my projects (minus painting the fan-need to get it done first!) and I can put away the sewing machine 🙂


Go to bed, Sweetie 🙂


I went shopping for a few more things for our trip. Kyler approves!

Sitting still for the moment. It’s a rare event now!


UGH. No picture 😦 I need to get better at getting some photos and I definitely need to get better at taking the pictures with a REAL camera.


Kyler doesn’t wear shoes too often because 1) She doesn’t keep them on 2) She doesn’t walk and 3) It’s hot out. I know I needed to get a few pairs of shoes before her trip because it’s going to be a lot cooler up there. Also because I feel weird with her out and about with no shoes on now so we got some shoes!

She likes them 🙂 Well, she may like the boxes but it still counts.


We finally got our new stroller!! Just in trip for our trip!


Grandma and Poppa came over and we went out to dinner! It was our first time feeding Kyler at a restaurant. The screw-on spoons to the baby food pouches are genius! She was such a good girl 🙂

Time to go home. I’m sleepy, Momma.


Today we ran some errands. She looks so big 😦 (sad face because where is the time going??!?!?!!)

Of course Target was included. We love us some Target!

Play time with the doggies!

We got to FaceTime with Matt before bed. He was showing off his guitar playing skills!

Well, I need to go to make my icing! Remember the peanut butter cake I made Chris for his birthday? Well I am making an Oreo version. Wish me luck!!




Weekend Update with Kyler: 33 Weeks

16 Sep

It’s going to be a pretty quick post tonight because I have some sewing to do! The playroom is about 50% done and I am hoping in 2 weeks, it will be all put together! The goal is to have everything done and in place before we leave for our trip in October. She is such a busy girl now. She can’t keep still. She crawls EVERYWHERE! She’s got places to go!

Monday: Silly girl!

Tuesday: Feed me please!!

She hates when I hang the phone up. She has to take it off immediately!

Wednesday: Changing her diaper and clothes is such a chore now!

Thursday: Playing with her toys at Grandma and Poppa’s… so hard to get a good picture of her now since she is on the move!

Friday: She loves her Caya! She is so gentle with her and Caya is so gentle back ❤

Saturday: Getting ready for bed!

Sunday: Testing out some fun toys with Grandma and Poppa at the toy store.

She loves the computer!

See ya next week!




Weekend Update with Kyler: 32 weeks

10 Sep

So I am a day late again but I have an excuse! Chris was out-of-town this past weekend and we didn’t get home from the airport until later so thus why the post is coming today.

Kyler is on the move. She is getting pretty quick and really good at crawling, pulling herself, and just taught herself today how to sit back down. I suppose walking comes next. Everyone keeps telling me she will be walking in no time. I am not sure I am ready for that!

Well last post including Monday so I will be skipping that….


Crawling around.


Playing with some toys!


She is a puff eating machine!


Chris left for his trip to Atlantic City and Kyler and I were officially on our own. We went to Publix after work and we waited for it to stop pouring. She liked to watch the rain.

Sleepy girl.

We are eating small pieces of banana now!

Bath time!

Saturday morning, happy girl!!!!

I got some sewing and crafting done for her playroom and someone was supposed to be sleeping… yeah…

Up to no good!

We put on our Patriots dress from her newborn days and it barely fit.

Whole peas for dinner!

Saying night night to Daddy!

Sunday morning we headed back to Merritt Island to go to our cousin Parks’ 9th birthday!

Kyler and Poppa at the party

Playing at Grandma’s. She loves her piano!

She thinks this is pretty fun too!

I got Kyler ready for bed and headed to the airport to get Chris! It was hard work trying to keep up with Little One all by myself (especially with her being mobile) but it was nice and sweet quality time with my bug.




Weekend Update with Kyler: 31 weeks

3 Sep

I know, I know…today is officially Monday and I am a day late. Since today is Labor Day, today is the end of my weekend in my head so it counts.

Kyler is officially mobile: She crawls! She started crawling somewhat on Monday and had the hang of it by Tuesday. By Wednesday, she was pulling herself up on furniture. That didn’t take long…

She has changed so much in the last couple of weeks it’s pretty crazy. Chris and I have been really busy with Kyler’s playroom and I am so excited things are starting to come together. My fabric comes in tomorrow so I can get busy and Chris is hard at work on the TV stand. Trust me, there will be a nice long blog post about the room 🙂


Crawling on Dad!

Just crawling around my room on Tuesday.


I think it may be time to remove the mobile…

Thursday fun time!

I was off work on Friday and debated sending Kyler to school so I could get some crafting done for her room. I elected to keep her home so I could spend some time with her. Man oh man did I have my hands full.

Later in the afternoon, I turn around and see this! She was really proud of herself.

Friday night, we went over to the Gilbertson’s to hang out with some friends. Kyler had a good time!

Saturday we had a big Ikea date with the Gilbertson’s as well. We needed some stuff for her playroom and they needed some things too. The store was packed (shocker, I know) but we got most of what we needed. As soon as I got home I realized I probably have to go back soon to get some other things. Sigh.

Sunday morning we packed up and headed back to Merritt Island for the day and night. We went to the beach with my parents and it was beautiful out!

She loved the sand!

Beach day with Dad

Sandy little fingers ❤

This picture makes me laugh. She isn’t angry but for some reason it looks like it here.

After a swim…. she passed out.

Having some fun in the water. We weren’t in too long because the waves were kind of scaring her.

Just lounging in the pool. Tough life kid 🙂

Chris and I FINALLY got out to see a movie Sunday night. We finally saw The Dark Knight Rises: very good movie!

I am going to include Monday because it’s part of our weekend 🙂 Today Kyler stayed home with Dad and Poppa and helped worked on the bookcase for her playroom.

When I pulled into the house, she was just standing watching the guys work. Too funny.

That was our fun week! Kyler and I are on our own next weekend as Chris will be out of town. Looking forward to some quality Mommy and Kyler time!

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