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Weekend Update with Kyler: 31 weeks

3 Sep

I know, I know…today is officially Monday and I am a day late. Since today is Labor Day, today is the end of my weekend in my head so it counts.

Kyler is officially mobile: She crawls! She started crawling somewhat on Monday and had the hang of it by Tuesday. By Wednesday, she was pulling herself up on furniture. That didn’t take long…

She has changed so much in the last couple of weeks it’s pretty crazy. Chris and I have been really busy with Kyler’s playroom and I am so excited things are starting to come together. My fabric comes in tomorrow so I can get busy and Chris is hard at work on the TV stand. Trust me, there will be a nice long blog post about the room 🙂


Crawling on Dad!

Just crawling around my room on Tuesday.


I think it may be time to remove the mobile…

Thursday fun time!

I was off work on Friday and debated sending Kyler to school so I could get some crafting done for her room. I elected to keep her home so I could spend some time with her. Man oh man did I have my hands full.

Later in the afternoon, I turn around and see this! She was really proud of herself.

Friday night, we went over to the Gilbertson’s to hang out with some friends. Kyler had a good time!

Saturday we had a big Ikea date with the Gilbertson’s as well. We needed some stuff for her playroom and they needed some things too. The store was packed (shocker, I know) but we got most of what we needed. As soon as I got home I realized I probably have to go back soon to get some other things. Sigh.

Sunday morning we packed up and headed back to Merritt Island for the day and night. We went to the beach with my parents and it was beautiful out!

She loved the sand!

Beach day with Dad

Sandy little fingers ❤

This picture makes me laugh. She isn’t angry but for some reason it looks like it here.

After a swim…. she passed out.

Having some fun in the water. We weren’t in too long because the waves were kind of scaring her.

Just lounging in the pool. Tough life kid 🙂

Chris and I FINALLY got out to see a movie Sunday night. We finally saw The Dark Knight Rises: very good movie!

I am going to include Monday because it’s part of our weekend 🙂 Today Kyler stayed home with Dad and Poppa and helped worked on the bookcase for her playroom.

When I pulled into the house, she was just standing watching the guys work. Too funny.

That was our fun week! Kyler and I are on our own next weekend as Chris will be out of town. Looking forward to some quality Mommy and Kyler time!

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