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Weekend Update with Kyler: 32 weeks

10 Sep

So I am a day late again but I have an excuse! Chris was out-of-town this past weekend and we didn’t get home from the airport until later so thus why the post is coming today.

Kyler is on the move. She is getting pretty quick and really good at crawling, pulling herself, and just taught herself today how to sit back down. I suppose walking comes next. Everyone keeps telling me she will be walking in no time. I am not sure I am ready for that!

Well last post including Monday so I will be skipping that….


Crawling around.


Playing with some toys!


She is a puff eating machine!


Chris left for his trip to Atlantic City and Kyler and I were officially on our own. We went to Publix after work and we waited for it to stop pouring. She liked to watch the rain.

Sleepy girl.

We are eating small pieces of banana now!

Bath time!

Saturday morning, happy girl!!!!

I got some sewing and crafting done for her playroom and someone was supposed to be sleeping… yeah…

Up to no good!

We put on our Patriots dress from her newborn days and it barely fit.

Whole peas for dinner!

Saying night night to Daddy!

Sunday morning we headed back to Merritt Island to go to our cousin Parks’ 9th birthday!

Kyler and Poppa at the party

Playing at Grandma’s. She loves her piano!

She thinks this is pretty fun too!

I got Kyler ready for bed and headed to the airport to get Chris! It was hard work trying to keep up with Little One all by myself (especially with her being mobile) but it was nice and sweet quality time with my bug.




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