Weekend Update with Kyler: 34 Weeks

23 Sep

We continue to have really busy weeks here at the Jenkinson household. We are working fast and furious to get the playroom done and we made GREAT progress this week. I wish I could show a sneak peek but I am resisting 🙂 I feel so rushed because we work all day, come home and take care of Bug, and then get to work on the playroom. We do that right up to bedtime and then do it all over again. I am excited, though, because I finished all of my projects (minus painting the fan-need to get it done first!) and I can put away the sewing machine 🙂


Go to bed, Sweetie 🙂


I went shopping for a few more things for our trip. Kyler approves!

Sitting still for the moment. It’s a rare event now!


UGH. No picture 😦 I need to get better at getting some photos and I definitely need to get better at taking the pictures with a REAL camera.


Kyler doesn’t wear shoes too often because 1) She doesn’t keep them on 2) She doesn’t walk and 3) It’s hot out. I know I needed to get a few pairs of shoes before her trip because it’s going to be a lot cooler up there. Also because I feel weird with her out and about with no shoes on now so we got some shoes!

She likes them 🙂 Well, she may like the boxes but it still counts.


We finally got our new stroller!! Just in trip for our trip!


Grandma and Poppa came over and we went out to dinner! It was our first time feeding Kyler at a restaurant. The screw-on spoons to the baby food pouches are genius! She was such a good girl 🙂

Time to go home. I’m sleepy, Momma.


Today we ran some errands. She looks so big 😦 (sad face because where is the time going??!?!?!!)

Of course Target was included. We love us some Target!

Play time with the doggies!

We got to FaceTime with Matt before bed. He was showing off his guitar playing skills!

Well, I need to go to make my icing! Remember the peanut butter cake I made Chris for his birthday? Well I am making an Oreo version. Wish me luck!!




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