Weekend Update with Kyler: 8 Months!

30 Sep

Kyler turned 8 months old this past Thursday! She has changed SO much it’s hard to keep up. I went back to her 7 month post and it seems like so long ago to me!

Update from last month:

  • Crawling – She is so good at crawling! She is pretty fast too.
  • Standing– She loves to pull herself up on everything she can. She also learned after a day (of getting stuck in the standing position) to sit back down and pretty gracefully I might add. She is very stable which makes for a worry free Mama.
  • Chewing – Still no tooth yet…Gotta be soon, right?
  • Eating- Yep. She LOVES fruits (who doesn’t) and is getting better with her veggies. We are eating 3 meals a day now. For breakfast she usually yogurt, pieces of banana, or some other type of fruit. For lunch, she gets more fruit or sometimes a fruit and veggie combo. For dinner she eats mainly veggies with some chicken. She wasn’t a fan of green veggies although the past few days she has done a good job. She also gets an afternoon snack. On top of all that, she is still drinking the same amount of milk! Crazy! I am assuming her milk intake will go soon but I know that is the most important thing right now so no worries.
  • Sitting Up– Although she was doing that last month, she is now a pro at it. We don’t have to worry about her falling over (of course as I LITERALLY just typed that, she was bouncing up and down and fell over).
  • Talking- Funny because last month I said she was quiet. She says Mama, Baby, and Ball. She started saying ga on Friday but I am not sure what that translates to yet.
  • Waving– She has started waving hi.
  • Observant- This little one takes in the world. I know babies at the age do but it’s so fun to watch her process everything around her. She is just so aware of everything.
  • Dogs– She can’t get enough of em!
  • Mickey Mouse– Yep, it still continues. I guess it’s a good thing considering we live in Orlando?? She doesn’t even watch the show that much yet she loves the dolls and books. Oh well, I guess she could like worse 🙂

Onto the weekly update…


I love to read!


Just eating some lunch at Grandma’s!


Silly Caya!


I forgot to take her 8 month pictures on Wednesday so we took them Thursday!


Just having some fun with Grandma!


Kyler went to her first UCF game on Saturday!!!

Passed out at her first tailgate.

Tailgating with Mommy! I should have brought her sunglasses 😦

We stopped by to say hi to Marisa and Marissa.

It’s almost game time!

Let’s Go Knights!

Staying hydrated!

And just like that, she fell asleep. She stayed like that until we got to the car! We ended up leaving early because it was so hot out!

Happy girl.

Later that night, her friend Kenley came for a sleepover while her Mommy and Daddy went to a wedding. The girls had fun playing!!

Pretty Kenley had fun in the chair.

Kyler wasn’t so sure about her doggies being locked out.


We were super busy today getting the playroom together and only got 1 picture of her.

We leave for our trip on Friday and there is so much to do before then! Ahhh!!!

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