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Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

Happy Halloween!

Miss Kyler was a ladybug and a really cute one at that!

Today, she and Chris came to the arena to see me at work and play with some other kiddos for our Halloween Event.

Kyler and Hannah re-meeting for the first time.

Fun side note: Sarah (Hannah’s mom) and I were preggos at the same time. They have always been 3 days apart. Kyler was due on the 26th and Hannah on the 29th. Well as you all know (you better!), Kyler came on the 26th but Hannah came on the 23rd. Sarah and I are always swapping stories and tips with each other (Thanks Sarah!). They really seemed to like each other so we need to get on the ball and have play dates!

Some of the Magic kids!

This past weekend, Kendra came over with Kenley and got some great shots of the girls.

I love this one. It’s like a family photo haha.

Sweet Kenley was a strawberry!

Tonight, we tried to get some pictures of Kyler with dogs. Um…. not so easy 🙂

Ammo the turtle

All my girl bugs ❤

Caya the bumble bee

Just a ladybug hanging out with 2 bumble bees

The pups!

Happy Halloween!

Weekend Update with Kyler: 9 Months!

28 Oct

Kyler is officially 3/4th’s old. I only have a few more months before she is technically a toddler 😦 I have no idea where the time has gone but I try and soak it all in because I know she could be moving onto something new the next day.

Update from last month:

  • Cruising- She has started cruising around the furniture. I even caught her letting go of one thing and then grabbing onto something different a week ago. I know it is only a matter of time before she will start walking. A whole new ball game. 
  • Chewing – Well the chewing has slowed down and she has her first 2 teeth coming in! I had a feeling they would both pop at the same time. She makes it nearly impossible to look in her mouth but she has 2 white teeth making their way out!
  • Eating- Well her milk intake hasn’t slowed down so per the doctor’s orders, we are slowing it down for her. She was eating a good amount of food before but now we have really upped our game. I had to create a weekly menu to make sure we were giving her a good balance. Also fixes those moments where Chris and I look at each other and say “What should we feed her?” ” I don’t know, what is thawed out in the fridge?”
  • Talking- She is so vocal. She says Mama, Dada, and the occasional Baby, Ball, and a whole lotta gibberish.
  • Shaking her head- Somewhere along the way she has learned how to shake her head no. It’s funny but at the same time we try and curb that because I know that stage where everything is No isn’t really too far away.
  • Sippy- We have been working on her with the sippy cup and she is a pro at it now! She learned how to use a straw too. Such a big girl!

She is such a fun and happy girl. Chris and I can’t get enough of her (can you tell?).


Kyler wanted to help us put her clothes away, so sweet of her!


Kyler testing out her new cup. I have bought her at least 3 new cups this past week. I think we finally found some keepers!


Kyler had her 9 month check-up on Wednesday. She is doing great! As I said earlier, we are pulling back on the milk slightly and upping our solid food. I thought she was going to be really sad when we did that but it hasn’t fazed her one bit so I guess she is okay with it!

9 Month Stats:

19 lbs, 4 oz.- 60% percentile. She has slowed down in the weight department (for her). She is starting to lean out  and I have a feeling this will be the new trend.

29 inches long– 92% percentile. She is still super tall for her age and I can’t imagine that will change anytime soon with Chris being her daddy.


Having fun at Grandma and Poppa’s house!


Chris took this picture of the ocean while he was at work. Hurricane Sandy wasn’t too far out there!


My parents came over on Saturday so my dad could help Chris build a shed. Later, Kenley came over and Kendra took some photos of girls in their Halloween gear. So cute!

Kyler has caught up to Kenley in the height department. Slow down baby girl!


Today was our big day of errands. We made stop at Lowes, BJ’s, Ikea, and Publix. After we got home, we took some 9 month photos 🙂

I had big hopes of watching a movie tonight but 3 hours of making food for Kyler for the next few weeks went a little longer than I thought. Sigh. I guess there is always tomorrow night. I am crossing my fingers I can get the playroom post up within the week. I am also hard at work of thinking of a blog name for the site so PLEASE let me know if you have any suggestions!

Weekend Update with Kyler: 38 weeks

23 Oct

Last week was a whirlwind. We got home late Sunday night and we both went straight to work the next morning. Last week consisted of playing catch up, a birthday party, and a game day for me.


We HAD to go to the grocery store on Monday. We had no food and we needed to go bad! Kyler got her first Publix balloon 🙂


She has this new half smile and it’s the cutest thing in the world. She snooches up her nose and grins. I love it 🙂


She missed her playroom and her toys!


We went over to The Gilbertson’s to check out the birthday party progress and the girls got to play for a little bit.


She also missed her doggies!


Kyler’s bestie Kenley turned 1 year old on Friday and had a birthday party on Saturday to celebrate!

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Kenley Dee!

Kyler partied hardy and wore herself out. She was ready to go home and crash when the party ended.


I worked the game on Sunday so Kyler had a day with Daddy!  I am so proud of his dressing skills. He put this Patriots outfit together by himself!

This week had already started and will be pretty busy for us as well. I am looking forward to the weekend! We are going to the community Halloween block party on Saturday and Kyler gets to dress up! I also need to photograph the playroom and post the blog about it.

What are your plans for Halloween????

A New England Fall: Our 1st family vacation!

16 Oct

We took our first family vacation with Kyler and it was a long one. We left last Friday morning and got back this past Sunday night. 9 days! One of Chris’ friends was getting married and we decided to stretch it out and make a vacation out of it.

Kyler did great on the plane! She slept during takeoff and only became a little fussy on the landing. Poor thing caught a cold right before we left and slept horribly the night before so I will take it! We flew into Harrisburg, PA to visit his Nana for the we were able to go to the Penn State game.

Kyler’s first plane ride!

Kyler with her Daddy, Nana and Grandpa at her first Penn State game!

She was up for about a hour but she was so sleepy!

She took a good 2 hour nap and woke up just in time for the action in the 4th and the big win!

Back on the farm.

Kyler with her Nana and Great Nana.

Family photo!

Saying bye to the horses.

We stopped by my Uncle Cliff’s house on the way back to Massachusetts. It was so nice to see them and Kyler enjoyed the play time 🙂

iPad makes for a great TV in a crunch.

Monday was a day to relax and unwind from our long drive. We ran to the store to stock up on some food for the week.

Having some fun!

Hanging out with her Auntie Jenn

We went into Boston on Tuesday and headed to the aquarium. Kyler LOVED it!

Kyler and the penguins. I am obsessed with both 🙂

We walked to Quincy Market for lunch and got some lunch. Lobster Roll and Chowder for me and Lobster Mac and Cheese and Chowder for Chris!

After that, we headed to Boston Commons and let Kyler get down and explore the fall leaves. She had a good time 🙂

On the ride home! Someone is sleepy.

Kyler met her cousin Matt for the first time. They had a fun week together.

Wednesday night we had a little birthday party for Matt.

Kyler even got a little present too!

She loves balloons!

Thursday morning we headed to a New England pumpkin patch complete with a petting zoo!

After that, we took a trip up to the reservoir and it was beautiful!

Kyler and I got to meet Aunt Sue who flew in from North Carolina!

Friday morning drum session. She picked this up from her cousin.

The whole family went to breakfast on Saturday morning. Kyler enjoyed her yogurt while we all ate our breakfast 🙂

Saturday was the wedding day. The wedding was beautiful and we had a great time!

Saying goodbye to her cousin Matt! We won’t see them for a least a year. They are moving to Singapore in a couple weeks!

So sweet ❤

At the airport getting ready to come home!

She did great on the way home! After dinner she slept the rest of the way!

All in all, we had a fantastic trip and it was great to spend time with family and friends. 9+ days is a long time to be way from home and we were sure glad to get back. We missed out doggies and Fen and they missed us! Love my New England falls ❤

Last weekend update: 36 weeks

15 Oct

Well it’s over a week late but oh well. A 9 day vacation kept me busy and now I can’t really remember what we did so I will just post the pictures 🙂 Stay tuned for the vacation post next 🙂

Monday: Already figured out where all her toys are!

Tuesday: Loving on her teddy bear

Wednesday: She is too tall for her exersaucer so we turned it into the last stage 😦 She is growing up so fast!

No pictures for Thursday. Poor bug got a cold just in time for vacation so it wasn’t a good day.

I will include Friday and the weekend on the vacation post 🙂

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