Weekend Update with Kyler: 38 weeks

23 Oct

Last week was a whirlwind. We got home late Sunday night and we both went straight to work the next morning. Last week consisted of playing catch up, a birthday party, and a game day for me.


We HAD to go to the grocery store on Monday. We had no food and we needed to go bad! Kyler got her first Publix balloon 🙂


She has this new half smile and it’s the cutest thing in the world. She snooches up her nose and grins. I love it 🙂


She missed her playroom and her toys!


We went over to The Gilbertson’s to check out the birthday party progress and the girls got to play for a little bit.


She also missed her doggies!


Kyler’s bestie Kenley turned 1 year old on Friday and had a birthday party on Saturday to celebrate!

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Kenley Dee!

Kyler partied hardy and wore herself out. She was ready to go home and crash when the party ended.


I worked the game on Sunday so Kyler had a day with Daddy!  I am so proud of his dressing skills. He put this Patriots outfit together by himself!

This week had already started and will be pretty busy for us as well. I am looking forward to the weekend! We are going to the community Halloween block party on Saturday and Kyler gets to dress up! I also need to photograph the playroom and post the blog about it.

What are your plans for Halloween????

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