Weekend Update with Kyler: 9 Months!

28 Oct

Kyler is officially 3/4th’s old. I only have a few more months before she is technically a toddler 😦 I have no idea where the time has gone but I try and soak it all in because I know she could be moving onto something new the next day.

Update from last month:

  • Cruising- She has started cruising around the furniture. I even caught her letting go of one thing and then grabbing onto something different a week ago. I know it is only a matter of time before she will start walking. A whole new ball game. 
  • Chewing – Well the chewing has slowed down and she has her first 2 teeth coming in! I had a feeling they would both pop at the same time. She makes it nearly impossible to look in her mouth but she has 2 white teeth making their way out!
  • Eating- Well her milk intake hasn’t slowed down so per the doctor’s orders, we are slowing it down for her. She was eating a good amount of food before but now we have really upped our game. I had to create a weekly menu to make sure we were giving her a good balance. Also fixes those moments where Chris and I look at each other and say “What should we feed her?” ” I don’t know, what is thawed out in the fridge?”
  • Talking- She is so vocal. She says Mama, Dada, and the occasional Baby, Ball, and a whole lotta gibberish.
  • Shaking her head- Somewhere along the way she has learned how to shake her head no. It’s funny but at the same time we try and curb that because I know that stage where everything is No isn’t really too far away.
  • Sippy- We have been working on her with the sippy cup and she is a pro at it now! She learned how to use a straw too. Such a big girl!

She is such a fun and happy girl. Chris and I can’t get enough of her (can you tell?).


Kyler wanted to help us put her clothes away, so sweet of her!


Kyler testing out her new cup. I have bought her at least 3 new cups this past week. I think we finally found some keepers!


Kyler had her 9 month check-up on Wednesday. She is doing great! As I said earlier, we are pulling back on the milk slightly and upping our solid food. I thought she was going to be really sad when we did that but it hasn’t fazed her one bit so I guess she is okay with it!

9 Month Stats:

19 lbs, 4 oz.- 60% percentile. She has slowed down in the weight department (for her). She is starting to lean out  and I have a feeling this will be the new trend.

29 inches long– 92% percentile. She is still super tall for her age and I can’t imagine that will change anytime soon with Chris being her daddy.


Having fun at Grandma and Poppa’s house!


Chris took this picture of the ocean while he was at work. Hurricane Sandy wasn’t too far out there!


My parents came over on Saturday so my dad could help Chris build a shed. Later, Kenley came over and Kendra took some photos of girls in their Halloween gear. So cute!

Kyler has caught up to Kenley in the height department. Slow down baby girl!


Today was our big day of errands. We made stop at Lowes, BJ’s, Ikea, and Publix. After we got home, we took some 9 month photos 🙂

I had big hopes of watching a movie tonight but 3 hours of making food for Kyler for the next few weeks went a little longer than I thought. Sigh. I guess there is always tomorrow night. I am crossing my fingers I can get the playroom post up within the week. I am also hard at work of thinking of a blog name for the site so PLEASE let me know if you have any suggestions!

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