Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

Happy Halloween!

Miss Kyler was a ladybug and a really cute one at that!

Today, she and Chris came to the arena to see me at work and play with some other kiddos for our Halloween Event.

Kyler and Hannah re-meeting for the first time.

Fun side note: Sarah (Hannah’s mom) and I were preggos at the same time. They have always been 3 days apart. Kyler was due on the 26th and Hannah on the 29th. Well as you all know (you better!), Kyler came on the 26th but Hannah came on the 23rd. Sarah and I are always swapping stories and tips with each other (Thanks Sarah!). They really seemed to like each other so we need to get on the ball and have play dates!

Some of the Magic kids!

This past weekend, Kendra came over with Kenley and got some great shots of the girls.

I love this one. It’s like a family photo haha.

Sweet Kenley was a strawberry!

Tonight, we tried to get some pictures of Kyler with dogs. Um…. not so easy 🙂

Ammo the turtle

All my girl bugs ❤

Caya the bumble bee

Just a ladybug hanging out with 2 bumble bees

The pups!

Happy Halloween!

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